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01.03.10 Best Of 09

Best Of 09

Albums released in 2009 that, in my opinion, were best
Axe To Fall

This album is completely flawless, full of high energy and intensity. Easily the best album of the year.
The guitar riffs and furious drumming are out of this world. Every listen makes me love this album even
2Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

Perfect summer/spring album, and easily one of the best albums of the year. This album made me
change my whole perspective on Animal Collective, and it still surprises me to this day after over 600
listens. This album perfectly shows how much talent this band really has. "Brother Sport" is one of their
3 Modest Mouse
No One's First And You're Next

I was anxious for this album's release considering Modest Mouse's nearly perfect release before this,
and I was expecting for this album to disappoint me. Completely the opposite, this album did not
disappoint and surpassed my expectations. Some of Modest Mouse's best songs are featured on this
release, and it still captures the insanity that they have displayed in their earlier albums. Such a
pleasant surprise this album was
4Grizzly Bear

Easily the best Grizzly Bear album. So calm and relaxing, yet meaningful and direct. My mind wanders
all over while listening to this album, and provokes me in so many ways. Nearly perfect album
5Do Make Say Think
Other Truths

One of the best post-rock releases of the year, even with some major competition. This release is
absolutely breathtaking, and every song is beautifully composed. This release captures the intensity of
post-rock, but still manages to make it sound so beautiful-- which is exactly what good post-rock
should do
6Animal Collective
Fall Be Kind

I did not have high hopes for this release, but it quickly changed my mind within the first listen. Animal
Collective manages to combine all of their previous sounds from every single one of their albums and
combine them into one, superior sound that is this EP. Such a chilling, yet quirky album that compels
so many emotions within me. I can't even explain what goes on in my brain and body while listening to
this stunning piece of work, and nobody will understand until they listen to it as well. "What Would I
Want Sky" is undoubtedly one of their best songs ever
Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony

I just started listening to this band, but they are quickly climbing up to be one of my favorite post-rock
artists. The heavy, dark and angry beats in the album coincide perfectly with the political message that
the band is trying to spread. This type of post-rock provokes emotion in a dark and brooding way,
rather than the typical beautiful and atmospheric sound that most post-rock artists create. This album,
although dark and heavy, still is an absolutely beautiful piece of work
8Passion Pit

I can already tell this band is going to get huge after this release. The electronic beats and catchy
synths make this album unforgettable. Such an optimistic album, it is very hard not to love it.
9And So I Watch You From Afar
And So I Watch You From Afar

Such a unique sound this band is bringing to the math-rock world. The first few songs of this album
are unbelievable, but the album still finishes strong. The chaos and intensity in this album are
indescribable, and seem to grow with each and every listen
10Fuck Buttons
Tarot Sport

Easily one of the best electronic albums of the year. This album blows their first album away. The band's
"noise" level is not as dynamic compared to their first release, and is a lot easier to listen to. Perfect
album if you are looking for a unique drone sound, that does not bore the hell out of you. A strangely
bizarre album, but still worth listening. If "Surf Solar" doesn't impress you, I don't know what will
11Russian Circles

Russian Circles' best album to date, and proves that they are an upcoming force in the post-metal
world. This album does a perfect job and combining the beauty and eloquence of post-rock, with the
rough and brutal riffs of post-metal.
12If These Trees Could Talk
Above the Earth, Below the Sky

This album has the typical post-rock sound, but nowhere near typical. There is something about this
album that wows me, and I cannot quite explain it. It is simple post-rock, but still completely
captivating and so easy to listen to
Beacons of Ancestorship

Such an exciting album, and so unique. Tortoise has a way with mixing the sounds of so many genres
and artists, but still keeps their sound unique to them. If you are looking for an experimental
masterpiece, this album is it
14Dan Deacon

A nearly perfect synth-electro album, that never fails to impress and charm me. With a bit of pop,
dance and indie genres combined in the album, its almost impossible for anybody of any musical
background to not enjoy it
Wavering Radiant

Isis never fails to let me down, and this album proves they are one of the tops in sludge-metal. Even
after so many releases, Isis never gets old and their sound matures, improves and broadens
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