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SlightlyEpic's End Of The Dickade

you guys this is the big one the last decade before the world ends you'd better make it count or something askdlalakjalskdj gargle balls
1City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

This list isn't really in all that much order I love the first couple of albums or so equally, choosing a definite favourite would be like choosing which of my children I'd like not to be killed. Obviously I'd choose the most attractive kid. Sup City of Caterpillar.
2Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To

I do actually prefer Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada, but that wasn't released this decade and this is still pretty much perfect all the same what with being GY!BE and having violins and apocalypses and shit.
3Brand New
The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

This album makes me cry. It brings tears to my eyes. Lol homo.
Jane Doe

Nevermind, too busy being angry to cry rararararar FUCK YOU I'M A PANTHER
5Elliott Smith
New Moon

On second thoughts I'd quite like to cry. This man might've been my favourite person in the whole entire world and he's dead and he'll never make an album again and I'll never meet him or even see him live or anything gughgshldkfj
6Mesa Verde
The Old Road

DESPAIR. Seriously you guys this is actually kind of perfect.
The Moon Is A Dead World

Kind of trippy but kind of skramzy but kind of HOLY SHIT DID YOU HEAR THAT DRUM FILL
8At The Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Pretty sure if I had a decent memory this album would definitely bring back memories.
9Elliott Smith
From A Basement On The Hill

So good he deserves to have two albums on this list.
Brother, Sister

Decision made purely on the basis that the last song has a HARP
11Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

Experimental Chaotic Screamo at it's best. Or was it chaotic experimental screamo? I can't recall.

Sort of joint with the two albums before this but this one has a squid somewhere on the album cover I think.
13Say Anything
...Is A Real Boy

ADMIT IT! Max Bemis is almost on par with Waior when it comes to using long words.
14Modern Life Is War

D. E. A. D. R. A. M. O. N. E. S.
15Pg. 99
Document # 8

Punk rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything you like, playing whatever you want as sloppy as you want, so long as it's good and has passion.
16Sed Non Satiata
Le Ciel De Notre Enfance

You know french music is really quite beautiful. I've been listening to lots of french music recently. I would use the word 'pretty' but somebody recently told me off for using that to describe music because it's too 'wishy washy'. Yep. Too wishy washy.
17Poison The Well
You Come Before You

Will always have a bit of a soft spot for this album. Definitely got me more into heavier music.
18Funeral Diner
The Underdark

I think it's fairly obvious I'm still in that little screamo phase thing.
19 Rx Bandits
...And So The Battle Begun

It makes me smile. Music that makes me smile is kind of hard to come by.
20Minus The Bear
Planet of Ice

This is the same as above. I don't know why I associate this stuff with smiling. It's just makes me feel kind of carefree I guess, I don't know.
21Streetlight Manifesto
Somewhere In The Between

oh hey qwe are you irritated yet. my opinion is wrong :(

I think I agree with you on this album though. slightly better than collapse.
A Retrospective

Sort of overrated but not really this is the bombbbb.
24Hot Cross

The Argument

These guys probably influenced so many of my favourite bands and for that alone they'd deserve to be on this list.
Blackwater Park

list needs..... no nevermind.
No Wings To Speak Of

This pretty little EP made me realise that having a kind of, well, lame name meant you could still have awesome music.
28Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
I Have Made My Bed In Darkness

This only furthered that point. I'd pet THAT exotic animal if you know what I mean ;)
29The Fall Of Boss Koala
Reference Points

You might not have heard of this, as opposed to the rest of the list, so check it out. It's post-rocky screamo with BOSS KOALA, DUDE
30The Dillinger Escape Plan
Irony Is A Dead Scene

Dillinger with Mike Patton is a winning combination.
31Sigur Ros
( )

He just makes the same noises over and over again throughout the album why is it so good

His Hero Is Gone break to form an even better band it's like, woahhhh.
33A Wilhelm Scream
Career Suicide

dweedle weedly dwee HORSEY HORSEY HORSEY
34Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

This is a bit of a violin overload but in the best possible way.

There's something about this that keeps me gripped. I'm not sure what it is but it makes me want to listen to this a lot. Anger? I don't know.
36The Appleseed Cast
Mare Vitalis

In my opinion this is much better than when they became a numbingly boring post-rock band. More indie/emo influenced.
The Eye Of Every Storm

Because Neurosis are cool. I'm running out of things to say this is kind of worrying.

Managing to be awesome at screamo without having all that post-rock dynamics bullshit oh my god what it this
V - Halmstad

Because nothing says gr1m and frostbitten like self-harm and suicide
Full Collapse

Nostalgia pt.1
41Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Nostalgia pt.2
42Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

Nostalgia pt.3 (blame this one on my girlfriend)
43Moving Mountains

This album is chill, I'd say it has a chill factor of 7 or 8 because of the indie and the post-rock and what have you
44Year Of No Light

Post-metal that isn't mind-numbingly boring omg this is ridiculous
45Film School

Only discovered this very recently but it rules hard.
46Misery Signals
Of Malice and the Magnum Heart

List was lacking in crushing breakdowns
47 7 Angels 7 Plagues
Jhazmyne's Lullaby

See above. Br00tality achieved? I think so.
48The Pax Cecilia
Blessed Are The Bonds

I'm just as pissed as Balls that I can't get my hands on a copy of this.
49Suis La Lune
Heir EP

Because this list doesn't have enough screamo as it is.
50The Secret

Apparently I only picked 49 albums so here's a tasty gift of breakdowns for you to throw the fuck down to
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