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11.05.09 The Most Over-rated Albums Of All Time.08.26.09 Post Post Post Hardcore

The Most Over-rated Albums Of All Time.

I'm just tired of hearing about these albums. And not all of them are BAD, just not the INSTANT FUCKING CLASSICS that people make it out to be. Don't hate before you read, I DO LIKE SOME OF THESE! I just think they aren't as good as everyone makes them out to be.

Ok, I like Nirvana. They are not a bad band. But jesus fucking Christ people, if I hear 1 more person tell me Kurt Fucking Cobain is the greatest song writer of all time I'm going to slap them. The music is just nothing special. It's all been done before him, and better. His lyrics are nothing but depressing. I'm tired of white-boy heroin whining and just because he did it first doesn't mean he did it the best.
2Brand New

This album was supposed to redefine them as a band and really it did. They are now bad indie rock. It had it's moments, the opening track hooked me, but it just crescendo'd probably 7 or 8 times, kept jumping from one place to another while never maintaining a solid footing. I thought The Devil and God was better and this was not what it lived up to be.
3Taking Back Sunday
Tell All your Friends

I haven't heard much about this band in a while and it's probably because I left New Jersey, but the dude can not hit these notes live. His voice cracks all over the place. I don't know how many times I heard this album was the balls but it was just another generic pop-punk album that had been done over and over before it.
4Tegan and Sara

I don't see any real appeal of these two. It's really nothing special. The music is ok. but I hear people just praising them like they're the 2nd coming.
5Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

This is another band that I'm just annoyed at. They got popular because of the white boy whiney nonsense of the early 90's. Great, you did a lot of drugs and want to kill yourself (actually, according to "Today" he didn't want to anymore, but whatever). The song writing just isn't anything too special. And his voice is just so nasal. I just do NOT see what the appeal of his voice is.
6The Mars Volta
Frances the Mute

I'm sorry but these guys are just sloppy. They are so all-over-the-place it's hard to enjoy it. I don't want my music to fatigue me. I want to enjoy it. I don't think this is some huge step up from At the Drive-In. I think it's a step down.
7 Norma Jean
O' God, The Aftermath

The production went down, the song writing went down, and the vocals went down from a debut album... Something's not right. Bless the Martyr was everything this album wished it could be, yet this album (at least from what I hear) gets way way more praise. I don't see it.
8Every Time I Die
Hot Damn!

I LIKE THIS ALBUM!!! Ok, so don't hate on me yet, but this is NOT their best album by far in my opinion. The production is so sub-par compared to their later effort (obviously) but they were lacking the roundedness they have now. I think getting The Big Dirty out of their system paved the way for The New Junk Aesthetic to be a great blend of old and new. I still like Hot Damn, but to hail it as one of the greatest hardcore albums of all time as it is so often.... is a stretch.
9The Red Chord

As far as metal goes, I'm a big fan. But there's something about this band that just doesn't do it for me. And I hear my friends talk them up all the time. I guess it's brutal, I guess it's got some riffs, but I just never ever walk away from a Red Chord album with any of their stuff stuck in my head.
Silver Side Up

I needed one more album and, well... This was an easy pick. The fact that it sold 1 album and 1 person liked it made it way over-rated for what it was worth.
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