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09.23.09 Musical Evolution... Well, Sort Of.

Musical Evolution... Well, Sort Of.

Reading this, I realised: I listened to all kinds of crap. My ears were almost raped :(
1Avril Lavigne
Let Go

I'm not proud to admit this, but when I was 10/11 years old, naive and stupid, she was my idol. Now I can't stand hearing her voice anymore.
2Green Day

While everyone was talking about how ''American Idiot'' was the album of the year, I couldn't stop listening to this album. Although I don't listen to Green Day anymore (and hate 21 guns with all my heart), I still listen to this once in a while.
3My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

People couldn't stop talking about how ''Helena'' was great and bla bla. So yeah - I decided to give MCR a chance to get into my ears and ended up buying the album. I still think that some songs from this album are rather good, but not like before when I was like ''OMFG MCR ISH GREAT!!!1111''
4 Simple Plan
No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls...

Is it just me or I listened to all kinds of crap music? Anyway, I stopped liking Avril Lavigne to start loving Simple Plan. Great evolution, huh? I don't have any feelings for them anymore - not even hate. But I have to admit that this album is kinda cute...
5The Strokes
Room On Fire

This one really is something. I remember when I couldn't stop listening to ''Reptilia'' and ''Meet Me In The Bathroom'' and my mom got hardcore pissed off because she hated Julian's voice. Still love this album.
6Death Cab For Cutie

Beautiful. That's all I have to say about this album. ''What Sarah Said'' makes me feel depressed everytime single time I hear it.
7Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

It has been a REALLY long time since I ever listened to Snow Patrol again and their new album isn't thaaat great, but ''Eyes Open'' is really good. ''Make this go on forever'' still touches my heart.
All We Know Is Falling

I think that the best thing I ever did in my entire life was to ask my brother-in-law to buy this CD for me. Three years have passed since then and this album is still my favorite. And it will always be, no other album coming from them will ever surpass this one.

Thanks to Paramore, I was addicted to female-fronted bands. And that's how I met Flyleaf. I didn't like them at the beggining. But when I listened to ''So I thought'', I totally changed my mind.
10The Birthday Massacre

Synth-rock with some psycho-looking girl who has a really sweet voice on the vocals? Hell yeah - I'm totally into this kinda of thing. I feel goose bumps everytime single time I hear ''Blue''.
11 The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls

The songs on this album are not the happiest ones - in fact, ''Bad Habit'' is anything but happy. Nevertheless, their songs are fun to listen and its strange sense of humour makes you wanna crack a smile.
Black Holes and Revelations

Oh Muse... What can I say about Muse? This album is amazing. Everytime I play Guitar Hero: World Tour, I HAVE to play ''Assassin'' or if it is the Guitar Hero 3, I have to play ''Knights of Cydonia''. It's like a tradition.
13Death Cab For Cutie

I dare to say that this album is better than ''Plans'' and any other album that DCFC may release. Who doesn't feel overwhelmed while listening to ''Transatlanticism'' or ''A Lack Of Color''?

Again, me and my female-fronted bands obsession. Definitely one of the finest EP's I've ever heard, VersaEmerge deserves more attention because they sure have talent. Can't wait for the CD!
Oracular Spectacular

One word: ''Kids''. I'm listening to this song right now. This whole album is definitely something. You'll find yourself whistling at least one of those songs if you ever listen to this album.
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