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Personal Favourite Albums

This is a list of albums which i can listen to every song without getting bored or skipping a track, i'll probably get some stick for this list, but its my own opinions :)

This is my favourite album at the moment, and its only been out for a few days. I know there are problems with it, like mustaine's vocals are losing their ferocity, and broderick's solos, as brilliant and as perfect as they are, are all very similar. But every song is great, if you haven't got it yet, i'd really recommend it.
Fav songs. This Day We Fight!, Head Crusher, Endgame, The Right to Go Insane.
Rust in Peace

Probably my favourite album of all time and for good reason. Its a 40 minute kick in the teeth, every track is awesome, a true thrashterpiece from the best thrash band.
Fav songs. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, Take No Prisoners, Poison Was The Cure.

Again, i'll stick to my guns and say that this album is very well written. There are a few duff songs i'll conceed, but whats there is good stuff. Trivium are still moving in the right direction, after Ascendancy they've moved towards a more thrashy style of music, and thats the best way to go XD.
Fav songs. Kirisute Gomen, Down From the Sky, Throes of Perdition, Shogun.
The Formation of Damnation

The best album of 2008 by a mile, all songs have a sence of purpose and are all really well written. There isn't really much room for improvement with this album, every member played their parts perfectly.
Fav songs. More Than Meets the Eye, F.E.A.R, Henchmen Ride.
5Machine Head
The Blackening

Now i've gotten into Machine Head after i heard them at the MEN with metallica, the 1st song I heard and i just thought... wow i'll have to find that later... That led me to hearing the whole album and loving every single second of it, although most songs are too long, they don't get boring.
Fav songs. Clenching the Fists of Dissent, Halo, A Farewell to Arms.
6Judas Priest

I was always more of a maiden fan until i heard this album, as soon as i heard this, i was totally sold. There's few bands that can deliver an album of pure speed, but only these could pull it off. There's no duff parts, there's no problems with the album, the solos are sublime, the riffs are inspiring and its just a simply brilliant album.
Fav songs. Painkiller, All Guns Blazing, A Touch of Evil
Master of Puppets

Well, i can't say much about this, there isn't one bad song at all, and since it was before metallica went mainstream, it has to be good, Hammett doesn't abuse a wah pedal, the riffs aren't boring by any means, and every song runs together perfectly. Metallica's best album by far.
Fav songs. Battery, Master of Puppets, Orion
Countdown to Extinction

Again, another Megadeth album, this was the 1st hard rock album by megadeth. After Rust in Peace this is much more relaxing, more like a stroll than RIP's sprint. But its still a great album, nothing wrong with it at all.
Fav songs. Skin of My Teeth, Symphony of Destruction, Captive Honour, Ashes in Your Mouth
Feel The Fire

In my opinion, the best 1st thrash album i can think of. Its a true thrash album, the gallopping riffs, the solos, the great vocals, there's nothing wrong with this at all.
Fav songs. Rotten to the Core, Feel The Fire, Overkill

Trivium's best album according to all my friends. All the songs are great to listen to, the choruses of every song are something to sing along to, especially if you can't scream. A really really good album.
Fav songs. Rain, Like Light to the Flies, Declaration
11Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold

Now i didn't think much of this for a good few years, until i sat down n had a real close listen to it, and i'm glad i did, there's some real blinding songs on this record. All the band work together oh so well, they've created a really worthy album.
Fav songs. Critical Acclaim, Afterlife, Brompton Cocktail

Now... after all the heavy metal, this may look strange, but this album was my original favourite, this was the 1st album I bought after hearing it, and at the time Korn was my favourite band. This album isn't as overplayed as Follow the Leader, but its still the best album by them, the songs are really good, and is a good listen when you're feeling ambitious.
Fav songs, Falling Away From Me, Wake Up, Make Me Bad, Counting
Death Magnetic

Now i was hyped when i heard Cyanide for the 1st time, i thought the album would be good, and i was right, it was fantastic... for a while, now i guess i've played it out of goodness, the album is great compared to most of their stuff from the 90's-00's, but i think money has gotten to Metallica far too much, they really need a flawless album next to give them their respect back as the best metal band.
Fav songs. That Was Just Your Life, Cyanide, The Judas Kiss
Seasons In The Abyss

Everybody says Reign in Blood was Slayer at their peak... Wrong... after then, Araya started to sing in South of Heaven, and then Slayer mixed both those albums into Seasons in the Abyss, so the mix of slayer's speed with some real singing made this album such a joy to listen to.
Fav songs. War Ensemble, Expendable Youth, Seasons in the Abyss
Traced in Air

Now this album is interesting. For a Death Metal band this has got to be the most soothing music i've ever heard, its so relaxing listening to this, its make you think whats so good about music. It makes you feel happy, and this album is always perfect if you're either stressed or depressed, its just there to put you back on track.
Fav songs. The Space for This, Evolutionary Sleeper, Adam's Murmur
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