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Every Ulcerate Song Ranked (once again)

Continuing the tradition I suppose.
Demo 2003

Smash the Deceitful -- D tier, aka. narrow passes
The Coming of Genocide

Scorn the Dethroned -- If you think their album titles are on-the-nose, read the lyrics to this.
Demo 2003


Fall to Opprobrium -- Just an interlude. Don’t dislike it but it’s hard to rank it any higher lol
Demo 2003

Burnt Offering

Odium -- Intro that sets the tone for Vermis’ title track I suppose, but still kinda skippable.
Of Fracture and Failure

The Coming of Genocide

The Coming of Genocide -- C tier – This song would end up getting re-recorded for Of Fracture but this version is still worth a spin.
Demo 2003

Subversive Supremacy
The Coming of Genocide

Unhallowed Ascension

Weight of Emptiness -- Basically a post-metal song with a DM veneer. While good in its own right, it’s a bit too plodding to stand up to the rest of Vermis, let alone most of Ulcerate’s catalogue.
Of Fracture and Failure

The Coming of Genocide (re-recording)
The Coming of Genocide

Second Death
Of Fracture and Failure

Shrines of Paralysis

Bow to Spite -- The best interlude they’ve ever made. I remember reading it described as “molten slabs of bass” which is right on the mark.
Shrines of Paralysis

Shrines of Paralysis -- Lot of people name this as Shrines’ best track which, despite me enjoying it quite a bit, is bonkers to me. One of the few instances where I can understand the allegation that JSM “overplays”. Combine this with the suffocating production and this song’s finale sounds a tad messy.
Of Fracture and Failure

Ad Nauseam -- B tier
The Destroyers of All

Dead Oceans -- This song is tense almost to a fault, in large part thanks to disparity between the shrill whirring of Hoggard’s guitar parts and JSM’s high-octane drumming.

Clutching Revulsion
Of Fracture and Failure

Praise and Negation
Of Fracture and Failure

To Fell Goliath

Of Fracture and Failure

Martyr of the Soil -- This song’s gradually crept up in my estimations over the years, sounding more like the band’s Gorguts-inspired later material than the more Cryptopsy-esque songs that surround it.
The Destroyers of All

The Hollow Idols
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Visceral Ends -- Bit of a tricky placing. As a standalone song, I can’t really nudge it into A-tier, but the album’s better off for its inclusion, because it creates such a good sense of continuity with ‘Drawn Into the Next Void’.
Of Fracture and Failure

Becoming the Lycanthrope
Shrines of Paralysis

End the Hope -- Ulcerate’s trend towards melancholy closers was really cemented here. Interesting to listen back after hearing their latest and picking up on the seeds of what their sound would become.

Confronting Entropy
The Destroyers of All

Beneath -- A slow burner, not unlike ‘The Weight of Emptiness’ but with a more discernible sense of weight and progression.
Shrines of Paralysis

Yield to Naught -- One of Ulcerate’s more overtly “prog” songs, alternating between a handful of different ideas as opposed to umpteen variations of one, all woven into one surprisingly cohesive whole.
Of Fracture and Failure

The Mask of the Satyr -- A tier – My current favourite Of Fracture song, which will probably change when I revisit this little tradition in another 3 or 4 years. While ‘Martyr of the Soil’ is probably the more impressive song composition-wise, this gets the nod from me for unadulterated intensity.

Await Rescission
Everything Is Fire

Tyranny -- On just about any other album, this song would rank among the top, but we’re talking about Everything is Fire here – and the surrounding flame simply burns a tad hotter.
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Exhale the Ash -- One of Ulcerate’s catchiest songs and great use of polyrhythm.
Everything Is Fire

The Earth at Its Knees
Shrines of Paralysis

There Are No Saviours -- Absolute whirlwind of riffs that took many attentive listens to really grasp for me. Maybe it was the solemn little clean section that stole my focus, but I’d consider that just another boon for it.
The Destroyers of All

Cold Becoming
Cutting the Throat of God

Undying as an Apparition
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Drawn into the Next Void -- Love the palm-muted chugga that calls on the aforementioned ‘Visceral Ends’ and leads into the closer. This one is just as good as a standalone listen as it is part of something bigger though.
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Inversion -- Most metal door chime there ever was.
Shrines of Paralysis

Chasm of Fire
Stare Into Death and Be Still

The Lifeless Advance -- Dearest Casavir described the opening riff to this as “stately” which is bang-on. The highlight has to the be the riff about four and a half minutes in though.
Everything Is Fire

Caecus -- This was my first favourite Ulcerate song on account of its intensity bordering on the absurd. While others have eclipsed it since, it’ll always remain a nostalgic listen, as well as an A+ song.
The Destroyers of All

The Destroyers of All
Cutting the Throat of God

Transfiguration In and Out of Worlds -- Hearkens back to Shrines in terms of songwriting and isn’t as immediately gratifying as the two songs that bookend it. I imagine it’ll probably climb up this list as the years go on.
Everything Is Fire

Drown Within -- S tier – The iconic intro to what is now rightfully considered a death metal classic.

Vermis -- Songs like this occasionally make me long for sludgy Ulcerate to return. I’ve never really known how to describe the riff at the end, but that’s Vermis for you.
Cutting the Throat of God

The Dawn is Hollow
The Destroyers of All

Burning Skies -- Crazy intense opener that still gives me goosebumps to this day.
Shrines of Paralysis

Abrogation -- Considering how aggressively this song opens, it feels odd to describe it as a slow-burner, but it’s still kind of apt in a way. But for the break in the middle, it just continues to dial up the ferocity before culminating in one of Ulcerate’s peak moments.
Everything Is Fire

We Are Nil -- I don’t wanna overuse the word “iconic” but the breakdown at the end of this monster, well...
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Dissolved Orders -- Maybe the most accessible Ulcerate song. Melodic and percussive with elements of Ulcerate’s usual dissonant flair peppered throughout. Probably a good choice if you’re looking to introduce someone to the band.
Cutting the Throat of God

To Flow Through Ashen Hearts -- In the years to come, we’ll probably look at the opening melody of this track in a similar light to ‘Drown Within’ although not for stylistic reasons, obviously.
Cutting the Throat of God

To See Death Just Once -- Ulcerate does black metal (almost) – Absolutely massive sense of scope that instils dread and awe in equal measure. While most of the songs on Cutting seem to contain glints of optimism, this one is steely-eyed and malicious from beginning to end.
Shrines of Paralysis

Extinguished Light -- The riff four minutes in is actually a field recording of a quasar.

The Imperious Weak -- The best song from the comparatively unappreciated Vermis. Takes full advantage of the sludgy production and contains riffs aplenty, embracing the bedlam and pummeling the listener non-stop.
Everything Is Fire

Soullessness Embraced -- I’m consistently amazed at how well-realised Ulcerate’s songwriting was so early on, with this one still being among the best shows in how to establish a theme, unravel it and peace it back together into a recognisable headbanger.
Stare Into Death and Be Still

There is No Horizon -- Was initially my favourite song on Stare and remains in the top two for now. Built around an ear worm of a riff that creeps back into my noggin with some degree of regularity.
Everything Is Fire

Everything Is Fire -- S+ tier – A mainstay of their live shows for good reason. The eponymous Everything is Fire is one of the most ferocious metal songs ever written and does justice to its title.
Cutting the Throat of God

Further Opening the Wounds -- I thought ‘There is No Horizon’ would always be the closest Ulcerate ever got to an open-air rocker, but the latter half of this is probably the most infectious thing they’ve ever written. If you can listen to this and continue to mutter “riffless” then you should get your ears syringed.
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Stare into Death and Be Still -- Eclipsed ‘There is No Horizon’ as my top pick from its namesake some time last year. It reminds me of a more melodic ‘Burning Skies’ in a way.
The Destroyers of All

Omens -- One of the simplest songs on The Destroyers of All but its execution is nothing short of perfect. The word “atmospheric” gets thrown around a lot but this practically embodies the term in a metal-centric context.
Everything Is Fire

Withered and Obsolete -- I pondered long and hard before putting this song in second place. It’s long been my favourite Ulcerate track and a contender for my favourite song of all time. The little break about two minutes in, which is broken by the maelstrom of riffs and drums has dumbfounded me from the first moment I heard it. It’s still, however, the benchmark for intensity within their discography.
Cutting the Throat of God

Cutting the Throat of God -- I’m sure there’s something poetic about the concept of a divine’s death spurring mortals on to create their most divine work, but if you’ve read this far then I appreciate you enough to spare you from my waxing. This is the culmination of a more-than-a-decade-long stylistic escapade, in which Ulcerate sought to meld complexity, dissonance and technicality with melody and emotional resonance. They’ve succeeded, emphatically. For such an ostensibly bleak piece of work, ‘Cutting the Throat of God’ spans quite the range of moods, from foreboding and malevolent, to melancholic and, almost… sanguine? All conveyed through arpeggios and melodies that glisten in stark contrast to the rapid-fire drums and thunderous bass, weaved into a monster of a track that belies the thought and delicacy with which it was written. Masterpiece.
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