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The Oasis Feuds

“We’re the best at giving verbal abuse.” – Noel Gallagher. It’s true that every band is going to have heated opinions about other groups that they have brushed up against, whether on tour or in publications. But as one of the more hilarious drama queens in music, this list hopes to catalogue the Oasis brothers notorious and ever-continuing quest to throw shade and assert dominance.
No Line on the Horizon

vs U2 - It's worth mentioning that these two groups have been friends since touring together for The Joshua Tree and them meeting up together in pubs. After a three-day drinking binge with Bono, Noel recounts being out-drunken by Bono to the point of him waking up on the U2 singer's property, unaware of events before. He then describes his attempt to escape unnoticed and avoid further subjection to intoxication, only to be caught by Bono in the act and dragged into a private jet for further luncheons, boozing and concerts. Liam hears of this multi-day binge and leans to sever the friendship from his end, while simultaneously accusing his brother of brown-nosing, and saying he would personally rather “eat shit” than listen to U2, who he then claims are a "naff band," and “full of shit," among various other insults via Twitter.
12Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

vs Arctic Monkeys - When the Arctic Monkeys debut was set to outsell Oasis’ Definitely Maybe as the fastest selling debut in the UK, Noel asserted that his cat was more rock n’ roll than the Arctic Monkeys, with further remarks that fame was “wasted on these people” and that he wanted to see more artists that were using drugs. After his brother Liam insulted the singer’s accent, he did bury the hatchet with the singer over a round of pints.
Reasonable Doubt

vs Jay-Z - Noel said it was wrong to have hip-hop at Glastonbury in 2008, saying it would deter people from going. This prompted Jay-Z to pretend to play the guitar and sing Wonderwall. Noel shrugged it off before saying he shouldn’t brandish a white Stratocaster in public.
A Rush of Blood to the Head

vs Coldplay - It would make sense that Oasis would butt heads with the group that stole the spotlight at the close of the 90's. Oasis had said the group was “the personification of the colour beige” and that Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin “looked like a geography teacher.” As an Oasis fan himself, Chris Martin played their songs at concerts, prompting the ire of the group as an encroachment on their territory rather than a compliment. After Liam attacked a photographer snapping him and his son together, Noel came to his brother’s defense, and used the opportunity contrast with the Coldplay singer’s fatherhood skills, saying “Liam should be given a knighthood! You couldn’t imagine Chris Martin from Coldplay laying out on a photographer.” To be fair, Liam joined Chris to play “Live Forever” together at a One Love Manchester benefit concert and hugged on the stage afterward, and said that he took back everything bad he ever said about him. And then insulted his brother Noel instead.
9Sam Smith
The Thrill of It All

vs Sam Smith - It probably isn’t too great for Oasis that Noel likes to sound off his opinions on radio interviews. In 2015, Noel first opinionated that "[Smith] just stands there like Boy George in a coma." Years later on Dutch radio station Kink, Noel said pop could be “alright” if the stars weren’t “fucking idiots,” and quickly called out Sam Smith as the biggest one, saying to "just look at him.” Sam Smith is non-binary and identifies by they/them pronouns, and gave their thoughts in an interview with Apple Music without directly replying to the group, saying, "The amount of hate that came my way was just exhausting... I’m famous, I’m a pop star, can you imagine what other kids, like queer kids are feeling? And it’s just so sad that we’re in 2023 and it’s still happening."
Anyone Can Play Guitar

vs Radiohead - First calling the group “a bunch of whingers,” Noel appeared to show insecurity during an interview with Gigwise after being asked if he was aware of a hierarchy of UK bands, immediately bringing Radiohead to his mind: “I’m aware that Radiohead have never had a fucking bad review. I reckon if Thom Yorke fucking shit into a light bulb and started blowing it like an empty beer bottle it’d probably get 9 out of 10 in fucking Mojo; As soon as Thom Yorke writes a song as good as fucking Mony Mony, give us a fucking shout.” He described being bored with his girl at one of their “post-techno” concerts and derided them for not using a guitar enough. However, this one appears to be a one-sided disdain rather than a mutual feud, as Thom has done an admirable job not returning with his opinion or commenting back.
7Screaming Trees
Ocean of Confusion

vs Screaming Trees - Tensions grew as these two groups toured together in 1996 when Liam jokingly called the group the "Howling Branches," but then derided Mark Lanegan as "an uptight junkie." Mark then called Liam a "A dickhead that was trying to make like [he was] hard." Lanegan explained that behind the scenes, the him and Liam were mounting for a fight that would happen at the end of the tour, which caused Oasis to cancel the rest of their nights so Liam would avoid him. "Like all bullies, he was also a total pussy," Lanegan said, before labeling him as "an obvious poser" and "playground bully."
6Bloc Party
Alpha Games

vs Bloc Party - After Noel called them “indie shit,” Liam was quick to side with his brother against the group, calling them “bobbins,” and stating that their only redeemable feature was that they had “party” in their name. Later Liam said he had been continually asked if Bloc Party was the “new Oasis,” and quickly snipped “I couldn’t give a fuck; They’re like a band from University Challenge.” Bloc singer Okereke then called Oasis the most overrated and pernicious band of all time; [making] stupidity hip,” and then called them “repetitive Luddites.” Oasis pulled out of headlining Paris’ Rock En Seine in 2009, with Bloc Party jesting on the stage that they would do the honor of taking their place, and began to play the start of Oasis’ Supersonic, dedicating it to “anyone that really wanted to see those inbred twins.” Both Okereke and Liam released solo albums on the same day (Fatherland/As You Were) to further test out their dukes.
5The Beatles
Let It Be

vs The Beatles - It takes a massive sense of self-aggrandization to want to throw barbs at the The Beatles members themselves. After the Oasis brothers told of feeling "embarassed" to be compared with the Beatles, George Harrison admitted in an interview that he didn't find them to be a particularly interesting group, and that they could do without the “silly one,” referring to Liam. Liam then said it took the Beatles eight years to do what Oasis did in three, and threatened to punch Harrison with "a good right hook." Hilariously, Ringo Starr’s son Zak would eventually become Oasis’ drummer after White’s departure.
4Take That

vs Take That - Despite a brief friendship as two of the top selling groups in the UK, with playing charity football together and sharing the music stage, things were quickly turned around after hearing Liam refer to Robbie Williams as "the fat dancer from Take That.” The two sparred on who could sell out the most nights in a row during the mid-90's, and at the height of their tensions, Robbie asked if anyone would like to see him fight Liam, and criticized Liam's relationship with his wife in addition to claiming Liam cheated on her. At the Q Awards, Liam rubbed his new laurel directly into the pop singer, saying "This one's for Robbie, he understands the letter Q." After Williams and Appleton broke up their engagement, Appleton and Liam began dating. An awkward scene of events sparked in public, with Williams claiming that she never changed her perfume, and Liam throwing the mic and award into the audience.
Elegantly Wasted

vs INXS - An insult is hurled at the INXS singer at the 1995 MTV Euro Awards with a brawl nearly ensuing over his relationship with Paula Yates. “I heard Liam wants to pick a fight with me,” Michael Hutchence says to the group while giving them their award for Wonderwall at the 1996 BRIT awards, riling up the emotions again and prompting Liam to spit while leaving the stage, “Has-beens should not be presenting fucking awards to gonna-be’s.” The two later encountered in a verbal altercation at a pub, quickly escalating until U2’s Bono broke it up. A buzzed and upset Hutchence then charges into the studio to carefully change the lead single's chorus in INXS's upcoming release from “I am elegantly wasted” to “I am better than Oasis.” The band wasn’t aware of the change until months after it was released, and just before Michael’s untimely death.
The Magic Whip

vs Blur - Behold, the two biggest contenders in the Battle of Britpop. Oasis and Blur both had symbolic scorched earth policies in the 90’s of wearing each other’s T-shirts during their award performances, trying to outdo each other with each single, which was only exasperated and blown up by the press into a nationwide rivalry between who could rule as the voice of the UK. Hailing from the southern UK, Blur was disparaged for their education with being called “art school wankers,” and Liam wishing they “would catch AIDS and die.” Blur expressed a weariness of the drama at the later end of the decade. It was often said that Blur won the battle by their performance at Top of the Pops, and that Oasis won the war in the long haul. But Blur used guerilla warfare (or rather that should read as Gorillaz warfare), to edge out the group’s influence for years with a secret identity, until Noel was invited on the single We Got The Power which, of course, sparked the ire of Liam.
Definitely Maybe

vs Oasis - There is no greater feud than the one within itself. Noel once famously said of his brother Liam, “He’s the angriest man you’ll ever meet. Like a man with a fork in a world of soup.” And Liam has outrageously questioned whether Noel was the father of his own daughter, comparing his brother to a potato on Twitter, leading to potato peelers being banned from their individual shows after they were thrown around. One of the their spats even occurred during an interview with a journalist, which was hilariously released to become a hit single called Wibbling Rivalry under the name “Oas*s.” Their history includes an ever increasing list of bashing each other in public and on the stage with tambourines, cricket bats, plums, ashtrays, and almost guitars. After mistaking crystal meth for cocaine at a concert backstage in the US, they felt convinced to cancel their tour there. Today, Liam’s twitter reads like the schitzophrenic scrawlings of a British Trump, but obsessed with football.
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