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Song of the Day March 2023:🕵️Betrayal and intrigue🗡️

A man was furtively eating a pastrami sandwich next to me in the diner, with slivers of food falling from the corners of his mouth. He had a fine nose and a wreath poked out of his coat pocket; when he turned to me his eyes bulged out as he intoned "Beware the Ides of March!". I did not know what an Ide was, but he paid in denarii, quite generous actually, he was a good tipper. As he left I saw a man with a dark brow slip out after him, dagger glinting in the lightning bolt of the Fast Chariot's neon sign. I considered what had happened, shrugged and then wondered what songs Sputnik would choose about betrayal, intrigue or secrets. *turns to Sput* so what songs would you choose about betrayal, intrigue or secrets? The spreadsheet is here if you need help unravelling the mystery: If you have not done this before, comment to rec a song. Include the artist and song name, and a link where we can hear the track (Youtube, Spotify, bandcamp, whatevs). Try to keep the song picks to under 8 mins. If you're feeling especially civic you can comment along on the songs and score them on a daily (or weekly or whatever) basis. Friends, Romans, countrymen, now is the time to rec songs.
1van der Want Letcher
Low Riding

March 1: van der Want Letcher - Special Agents (fogza)
Greatest Hits

March 2: 2Pac - Troublesome '96 (Drifter)
So Far, So Good... So What!

March 3: Megadeth - In my darkest hour (NOT REMASTER) (budgie)

so far so good so what

true bread for true breadheads
4Jimmy Nail
Growing Up in Public

March 4: Jimmy Nail - Ain't no doubt (Mort.)
His 'n' Hers

March 5: Pulp - Babies (ReefaJones)
6Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse
Dark Night of the Soul

March 6: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Revenge feat. Wayne Coyne (Egarran)

~You can't hide what you intend
It glows in the dark~
7God (AU)

March 7: GOD-My Pal (SlothcoreSam)

Ok got one, but had to add the band to the database, and they're a classic Australian punk band, Sput sleeping again.
This one was a single, but you'll find it on their compilation GOD, but let's go with the live version, it's even better.
8Slapp Happy
Slapp Happy

March 8: Slapp Happy - Casablanca Moon (Pheromone)

a lovely little song about a detective getting his head choppd
9Dog Fashion Disco

March 9: Dog Fashion Disco - Private Eye (PumpBoffBag)
10Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Henry's Dream

March 10: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - John Finn's Wife (JohnnyoftheWell)

murder, madness, infidelity, dance, highpowerlvl string coda yes good
11Matt Elliott
Failing Songs

March 11: Matt Elliott - Planting Seeds (porcupinetheater)

We have all been betrayed by the promises of capitalism so Komrads shh shh and take up your arms
Brown Sugar

March 12: Shit, Damn, Motherfucker - D’Angelo (ArsMoriendi)

A song about a wife who cheats with her husband’s best friend. So much betrayal
1312 Rods
Split Personalities

March 13: 12 Rods - I Wish You Were a Girl (robertsona)

"secret" desire, hard to read. good song
14The Wedding Present

March 14: Wedding present - Lovenest (anat)

I heard another voice this morning on the phone
But just the other day I thought you said you slept alone
And yes I knew that laughter, okay, now I see
You wouldn't even know him if it hadn't been for me!
15Oneohtrix Point Never
Betrayed in the Octagon

March 15: Oneohtrix point never - Betrayed in the octagon (Hyperion1001)

as much as I love OPN’s post-returnal albums (r+7 is in my top 5 oat), his early juno-60 progelectronic material is special to me in ways that most music isn’t. ive plumbed the depths of synth music looking for anything that comes even close to early OPN and honestly nothing feels the same. pure sublime escapism that I’ll never stop listening to.

also, not blurb, but I’m excited to participate again. i need some new music to dig and hopefully I’ll find something here I’ve never heard before. Cheers.
Ha Ha Heartbreak

March 16: Warhaus - Time Bomb (Trifolium)
(from Ha Ha Heartbreak)

Album is GOOOOOOOOD. Track is gooooooooood!
17Leonard Cohen
Songs of Love and Hate

March 17: Leonard Cohen - Famous blue raincoat (Ryus)

a cryptic song about a love triangle and infidelity by the master of suicidal folk
18Nancy Sinatra
How Does That Grab You?

March 18: Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (dedex)

he shot me down 😥
btw it's a cover! OG was from Cher!!
19Tropical Fuck Storm
Deep States

March 19: Tropical Fuck Storm - Reporting Of A Failed Campaign (MiloRuggles)
20Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Öyster Cult

March 20: Blue Öyster Cult – Then Came the Last Days of May (Vercetti)

From their debut album

The song is about a true event. Here is how Buck Dharma explained what happened: “Three Stony Brook students went to Tuscon, Arizona, to buy some bulk marijuana for resale. I don’t know how they got whatever contact they had, but it was two brothers. (…) They never intended to sell them any pot. They just wanted to rip ’em off and shoot ’em, which they did. They took them out to the desert and shot them. It was three guys, and one managed to survive and get back to the highway.” (
MTV Unplugged in New York

March 21: Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Unplugged In New York) (veninblazer)
22Fever Ray
Radical Romantics

March 22: Fever Ray - Even It Out (Egarran)

Continuing the revenge sub-theme, this Fever Ray song is made for it. AND THEN WE CUT
23Kristin Hersh
Sunny Border Blue

March 23: Kristin Hersh - Spain (fogza)
24Faced Out (USA-MO)
Faced Out

March 24: Faced Out - Jimmy the Anthill Prince (SlothcoreSam)

Lyrics are excellent too.
"When you're the middle child in a family of five million, you don't get any attention.

With the hilt of my magnifying glass
I will seize the day
With my emotions controlled and my inhibitions at bay
From its lease a rapturous cleanse sears the ground charcoal black
and burns away their sins....."
25The Wrens
The Meadowlands

March 25: The Wrens - Hopeless (Pangea)
26Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat
Everything's Getting Older

March 26: Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells - Glasgow Jubilee (Pheromone)
I Know Nigo

March 27: Nigo and Tyler, the Creator - Come On, Let's Go (dedex)

Tyler is betrayed by his girlfriend because she said she would be ready but she really isn't
28The Killers
Hot Fuss

March 28: The Killers - Mr. Brightside (JohnnyoftheWell)

it is betrayal and intrigue
29Moody Good
Moody Good

March 29: Moody Good - Grumbles N Sparkles (PumpBoffBag)

Slightly tenuous but the intrigue is defo there
30Jeru the Damaja
Wrath of the Math

March 30: Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes (PitchforkArms)
31Built to spill
Keep It Like a Secret
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