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dignity button

noticed I hit 500 ratings! wow! time to stress out about it and delete them all
1Fela Kuti
Alagbon Close

down to 4.5? I never listen to this, both tunes are so long and do one very good thing each, which isn't a reason to punish or change a score but I have memorized both those things
2This Heat
This Heat

fascinated by 24 Track Loop which makes me overrate some of the other stuff. probably still a 5 but it's like a 5 with a linchpin instead of a steady quality 5
3Blood Incantation

i have this 4.5'd but I can't face ever listening to it again lol, I'm so out of metal. i tried checking a lot of generally-agreed-upon-to-be-good metal at the end of 2022 and I was so fucking bored. metal doesn't do anything I can discern as exciting and virtuosity ain't it. I only truly like the pioneers of various genres like ND, Candlemass, Voivod, so don't ask me about this stuff. could probably just delete the rating entirely
4Christian Lunch
Shark Bait

i romanticized this album to the point where i wonder if I can ever hear it anymore. it's so bitty and jokey but still my exact sort of thing
5Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
Alles Ist Gut

am I brave enough to five it and admit my taste has completely reversed since I was a dance-averse proghead
6Front 242
Politics of Pressure

only the opener matters on this. even it's one of my favourite songs ever, 4.5 is just howling devotion. gonna discog rate f242 along with cabaret voltaire and meat beat manifesto and skinny puppy. and possibly attrition and a few others people don't know so much
7Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

dun ner ner ner ner ner ner ner She Sad ner ner ner ner ner ner one of those 4.5s i don't actually want to listen to
Puberty 2

i think i heard this once and picked a number out of a hat
9Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

need to explain to myself why this isn't a five. maybe cos I'd feel like I was marking it high because the first song is an all-timer. but maybe the other songs are also all-timers and I'm just starstruck by one
10The Birthday Party
Prayers on Fire

kinda wanna rate this lower. got a fondness for Nick the Stripper but this band generally um have a penchant for phrasing their songs in a way i find's the wrong type of annoying. like whether i enjoy abrasive punky music or not is entirely down to the sandpaper grade
11The Sisters of Mercy

this is a heart five and a soul five but it's a brain "1959 is unforgivably painful"
12Viper the Rapper
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack

delete rating stop being a memer
Close to the Edge

delete rating stop being a memer
14Akiko Yano

i seem to have convinced myself that this isn't city pop. but it is and im not rich enough to listen to it anymore
15Collectif Incertain
Analyze Non Standard

i grabbed this off bandcamp almost completely at random then 4'd it out of buyer's pride
16Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

is this a 4.0 or is it a 1.0 with an iconic intro? i think i'm too impatient to listen further in and have become averse to cinematic swell
17henry cow
Western Culture

should not be this low down the rankings
18kim gordon
No Home Record

willing to rate this max and then mount a defense of it that's more than "not bad considering she is old" which is really insulting and yet the narrative i remember. cherish this cd a bunch

rating is right but I need to listen to it a hundred times then review it! kinda unknown album from last year i found while scraping for anything fiery post-punk
20perennial divide

what is this
greatest hits

maybe delete this and listen to an actual queen album? lol but i just know nothing'll be good as a collection of their really fun singles
22saccharine trust

drill this into my head, it's too good for me to only remember the title. trembly punk goodness 4.9999999
23sonic youth
Daydream Nation

delete all sonic youth ratings and make a compilation cd with just kim singing
24Black Country, New Road
Ants From Up There

feel like i'm being pranked by the person I was last time I listened to this, every time I listen to this
Penis Envy

this is clearly better than 3.5 but the recording is even worse and more deadened than saccharine trust's is
26Daisuck and Prostitute
Shinu Made Odori Tsuzukete

delete rating? did I mistake myself for julian cope? i haven't even rated boredoms yet
27death grips
Year of the Snitch

could go all the way up to 4.5 5 5 50 50 pretty nine the stars are shining bright
28jethro tull
Thick as a Brick

i don't know what 3.5 means if this is one. i love his playful voice and the way he tastes it each time he sings
29Mark Stewart And The Maffia
Learning To Cope With Cowardice

so good, but after a while i look at the cd case and remember the length of the songs vs the time it takes for all the slogans to loop
30ode and elegy
ode and elegy

can i remove this now? i was never really that convinced =P
When I Get Home

to bump higher than 3.5. i dunno what it is about Solange but all her recent stuff has amazed me
32the raincoats

this needs another chance, album so cozy and so made out of wood and wool
Terminal Redux

either delete rating or shout "i told you about stairs bro" and then feel bad and delete rating
Ghost Stories

everything i've rated 2 or lower: delete rating? stuff should only be hear if I was relying on it being good. goddess knows I was not relying on weezer being good. that 40 Watt Sun 1.0 in particular was just me groaning at how slow sleepy sitting-on-a-stool singer-songwriter folk rich parents boredom has done the opposite of Going Away, chasing the groove out of already tenuous indie-ish stuff and making everyone's voice faker still and it's not really any one artist's fault in particular
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