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Every Domestic Terminal Song Ranked

Riding the hype wave with my personal ranking of all 26 songs in DT's catalog.
26Domestic Terminal
I Could B Midnight Sides

"Gicky Stab" - A standard Domestic Terminal track through and through, featuring a lot of the attractive traits that the band tends to implement in their music. However, it's missing...something. Maybe it needed another hook, or perhaps its melody just isn't the catchiest to's still pretty good, but I think it's fitting as a b-side.
25Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"No Ride Home" - A brief but beautifully twinkly emo-rock instrumental, this song is a nice bridge between 'Raindrops' and 'The Second Chicago Fire'. Not too much more to say about it, but it exists and it's good.
24Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Melt Beneath the Sun..." - Gorgeous intrumental intro track with outstanding bass and shimmering keys. This might not be near the top of my list, but it still plays its role perfectly. It ties together the album's themes of rebirth (begins with the same ocean's waves that end 'To The Touch') and also features reprises from the previous album's closer, 'Saint Mary's Road'.
23Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"When the Oceans Ran Dry" - The lyrics here are really vivid and interesting, with post-apocalyptic imagery of a nuclear holocaust. The instrumentation and overall tempo is much more lively than your average DT song, which makes for a nice change of pace. I don't find it all that catchy/memorable/emotional/nostalgic compared to most of their other songs, but it definitely holds its own instrumentally and occupies a unique lyrical space for the band. An intriguing departure.
22Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Worms" - I'm a huge sucker for the wacky guitar tuning on this one. That is its own hook, and it makes the song stand out despite there not being a whole lot to it progression-wise. A simple song, but one that possesses a very cool vibe.
21Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Summit" - The guitar and overall acoustics on this are stunning, and the song itself represents a satisfying point of resolution/newfound trust within the album's loose-fitting story. Best lyrical excerpt is, "You’re a shining blade cutting at the threads / My heart is open, against my better judgment." Did I mention how much I love this band's lyrics? Well if not, you're going to hear about it a lot during this list.
20Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Sunset Hymn" - Re:lyrics, they're are the best part of this song for me with beautiful sentiments like, "The sky it opened up, the storm came all at once / We smiled as it cleansed us" and "Everything’s in bloom tonight / Such a flawless view, we’re alive." Instrumentally, this track also has a nice extended guitar section. Overall it's not the most catchy/memorable, but this is a very meaningful song.
19Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Flesh to Spirit" - The utterly breathtaking acoustic outro here would end up foreshadowing Stories' heavier reliance on acoustics. Overall, this is a very pleasant indie/emo track about missing someone you love(d) that is bolstered heavily by said outro. Listen to the outro. Outro.
18Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Shapeless" - A stunning track that truly does feel like "The Tallest Man on Earth going to space" (as the band coined it). 'Shapeless' contains swirling acoustics and soothingly melodic verses to go with an unexpected tempo change near the end. This is acoustic DT at/near top form.
17Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Capo 1 Song" - Created out of various ideas that Domestic Terminal "had lying around", this actually turns out to be one of their tightest and most dynamic sounding pieces. The song deals with the complexities of change, particularly when it comes to self-growth, and features one of Jack's most evocative vocal deliveries (I can't change on my own) with an outstanding key change, to boot. A latter album gem on All The Stories Left To Tell that shouldn't be overlooked.
16Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"The Second Chicago Fire" - Every few days, the line "now you levitate toward me" will just randomly pop into my head. I sang it loudly at my wife the other night while she was walking my way in the kitchen, sans any context, and never bothered to explain myself. This is an extremely memorable song all around, with unique and endearing lyrics. The music video is great, too. Hearing this song was the first moment I knew I'd stumbled upon something special with DT.
15Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Koi Pond" - One of those songs where you can clearly hear every individual band member's contributions: Kyle's prominent bass, Matt's outstanding drumming/lyrics (he wrote this one), Tim's shimmering guitar, and Jack's ever-mesmerizing voice. It all coalesces into something special here, in a pool of lush emogaze.
14Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Blessings and Curses" - This song sees DT dial up the energy big time, and the results speak for themselves. The drumming is deceptively intricate and adds an element of complexity to the music, while Jack's lyrics focus on repeated cycles of pain/suffering. It's a little bit of a grower (like most DT songs), but it's got a dynamic energy to it that few others (if any) possess.
13Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Indiana" - The reverse delay setting on the guitars create a hazy, tripped-out effect which is unlike anything else in the band's repertoire. Every DT song seems to possess a unique indentifier...a special moment or wrinkle that makes it stand apart from the others...and the one on 'Indiana' is probably the grandaddy of them all. Easily one of their most intriguingly different songs.
12Domestic Terminal
I Could B Midnight Sides

"Meet Me In Denver" - Very pretty song across the board, with some of DT's most memorable verses, personal/endearing lyrics, and a breathtaking swell of "ooh"s. This was technically a b-side for I Could Be Midnight Sky, but I feel it is actually better than some of the songs that made the cut. I also love that it is reprised on the follow-up LP.
11Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Flicker" - There's a very isolated, personal atmosphere on this one that brings the feels/loneliness pretty hard. With that said, it's also very melodic/memorable/catchy. There's a magical aura to this; a wistful nostalgia that really contributes to the "night driving" vibes I get from I Could See Midnight Sky. This one's a keeper for any fan of emo/indie-rock.
10Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Purple Envelope" - This one very much feels like the essence of I Could Be Midnight Sky extracted into one song. In other words, it's gorgeous. It's also a lyrical goldmine, with a thematic focus on self-discovery and leaving the past behind in pursuit of an uncertain - but promising - future. This song inspires me, and it also feels like summer caught in a bottle. Beautiful stuff.
9Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Raindrops" - A contender for the most gorgeous vocal melody in DT's discography, 'Raindrops' also features excellent bass and guitar contributions. When Jack sings "Be my triumph, be my victory song", it feels so uplifting and inspiring and romantic. Definitely one of the best songs from Midnight Sky and a top-10 Domestic Terminal song overall.
8Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Nickels and Dimes" - Iridescence defined by song. This is the sparkling, shimmering, glistening opener to I Could Be Midnight Sky, and it's awash in a dreamy haze of beautifully layered guitars, pace-keeping drums, and subtle bass. The chorus soars, and serves as an excellent way to kick off the band's debut. It's tough to hear this track and not want to wade deeper into the sound DT offers.
7Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Amped" - Prior to the release of 'Blessings and Curses', this was the DT song that packed the most energy. I'd still consider this one to be a bit more natural; it just has an effortless flow. The powerful guitars lend it an almost dream-grunge style, which when paired with the insanely catchy chorus makes for one of the best songs of DT's entire catalog. This is just a nice rush of dynamic rock in a shimmering sea of twinkling indie/emo.
6Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"To the Touch" - What begins as winding and despondent eventually emerges with a confident, emphatic, and triumphant tone. This is a slow-burner in every way, and the emotional payoff when Jack Mancuso sings "I wanna feel you, I wanna hear you, I wanna touch you / So tear me down" is massive. It could be interpreted in many ways (is he singing to someone else? himself? a higher being?...I prefer the former of those takes!) As the sound of the ocean's waves close out the album, they whisk you away right back into the 'Melt Beneath The Sun' opener. Just perfect execution musically, lyrically, and thematically.
5Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Capo 3 Song" - This was the biggest grower of Domestic Terminal's discography for me. It wasn't until I thoroughly read the lyrics that I realized just how special and insanely meaningful it was, not just for any listener but also for DT: "Start a band and stay together, hope and pray that we’ll succeed / Even if nobody listens, you’re still always who I need." The accompanying melody is so warm and heartfelt, selling the lines perfectly. It's also full of other perfect realizations, such as "Kindred spirits and hearts make for the ugliest fights." This song means so much to me now that only a few songs on this list could possibly eclipse it.
4Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"All the Stories Left to Tell" - Probably the biggest emotional hard-hitter on this list. It's all acoustic, and covers the topic of contemplated suicide very well -- from the depths of despair ("The escape was an illusion, a darkness made deeper still / Sought a cure for my confusion and my own depleted will") to gaining a new lease on life ("it’s for the odds I’d ever be here, and all the stories left to tell / it’s for the ones who never left me / and finally, it’s for myself"). The way the song ratchets up to a borderline joyous outburst by the end might make you well up if you've ever been through something similar yourself. An absolutely essential DT song which, as the title track of the new album, feels like a mission statement for life.
3Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Seven of Your Favorite Stars" - An astoundingly beautiful track that transforms several times - from instrumental intro to choral chants to starlit emo-rock to hushed confessional. This song just feels like a burden being lifted from your shoulders; it makes you happy just to be alive and shares that energy, joy, and zest for life with you. From a sheer songwriting perspective, this might be the best thing they've ever done.
2Domestic Terminal
I Could See Midnight Sky

"Saint Mary's Road" - I'd be hard-pressed to find any emo-rock curtain call as brilliantly nostalgic as this one. It's warm and buzzes with the energy of the summer nights that it so wistfully sings about, while shifting from pensive and singular ("The warm air felt just right / The slow buzz of street lamps gave off the purest light") to a triumphant group harmony ("The wind blew across my face / And this taste of heaven / Would never be here again"). Put this song on in the background of any mundane event and witness it transform into a cherished memory. 'Saint Mary's Road' is pure magic.
1Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

"Chalk Dust" - This song contains everything I love about Domestic Terminal while also giving me more than I ever bargained for. It possesses some of their heaviest lyrical/emotional content yet (how one might internalize bullying and even begin to blame themselves) and builds to Matt Ackman's shouted/borderline screamed lines of, "held hostage by my headspace / no way out / homeless, heading south" (seriously, who saw that coming??). It's easily the most intense thing that Domestic Terminal has ever created, and there is no other song even remotely like it in their 26-track discography. This is their best.
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