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Ministry Ranked

All studio albums ranked from With Sympathy to best
With Sympathy

„It's not bad just because it's different!“. Guess what, it's both. The phony british accent should be enough. Yeah, 80s cheese can be fun but this one has no passion, character or ambition at all. Who needs this when Depeche Mode, Prince and pretty much everything else from this era exists?

Best: Effigy
Worst: The entire second half

2,5 dated haircuts out of 10


Al comes back, rehashes the overdriven sound of the Bush trilogy in the most annoying way possible and sings like he's recording while vomiting. Superflous.

Best: Ghouldiggers
Worst: Double Tap, United Forces, Relapse

4 whiskey bottles out of 10
From Beer to Eternity


More adventurous than Relapse, still underwritten and plagued by tired thrash and gimmicky samples.

Best: Thanx But No Thanx, Perfect Storm
Worst: All Hail To His Majesty, Side FX

4,5 self indulgent album covers out of 10


Not nearly as terrible as I feared. Yeah the lyrics make me embarassed to be a leftie, but the music improved by a mile compared to the two prodecessors. I like the callback to the slow burning Filth Pig days paired with excessive sampling. And to those who complain about the production...have you heard Relapse?

Best: Victims Of A Clown, Amerikkkant
Worst: I Know Words, Antifa

5,5 cofvefes out of 10


Still searching for an artistic identity, Al removes the worst aspects of the debut and introduces the vocal samples and a dark atmosphere. Interesting, but very patchy and repetitive in the second half

Best: The first half
Worst: The second half

5,5 quaaludes out of 10
Houses Of The Molé

Overrated „back to the roots“-album that sounds like a sped up version of Psalm 69 with its way too many callbacks. The justified anger against a certain US president and the punk vibes definitly have a charm though.

Best: Waiting, Warp City, Worm
Worst: WTV, WKYJ

5,5 war crimes out of 10
Moral Hygiene

Better than it has any right to be. Al's vocals are not getting better at this point, but the newave elements give this a pleasant diversity and the songwriting is consistent enough. Still has potential to grow on me

Best: Believe Me, We Shall Resist
Worst: Death Toll

6,5 angry old men out of 10
Rio Grande Blood


Even faster and angrier than „Houses“, without too many references to the band's past. Could have used a little less filler material.

Best: Rio Grande Blood, Fear, Yellow Cake
Worst: Gangreen, The Great Satan

7 democratic election defeats out of 10
The Last Sucker


Intended as a career closing statement, soundwise it's same story as „Rio Grande Blood“ but a little more consistent.

Best: Watch Yourself, Roadhouse Blues, End Of Days 2
Worst: The Last Sucker, End Of Days 1

7 fake career endings out of 10


Plagued by inner band fights, a messy production and Al's heroin withdrawal, this album makes up for everything with damn good songwriting. Driven by the anger and guitars of „Psalm 69“ and the angsty experimentation of Al's grim heroin days, this deserves to be rediscovered.

Best: Animosity, Impossible, Leper
Worst: The Light Pours Out Of Me

7,5 times Al insulted ex-bandmates in his book out of 10
Dark Side of the Spoon


Recorded close to Al's absolute lowpoint, he decided to channel his inner goth and made his darkest album yet, even sludgier than Filth Pig while adding noisy experiments. An acquired but unique and rewarding taste.

Best: Bad Blood, Nursing Home, Kaif, Vex & Siolence
Worst: Supermanic Soul, Step

8 syringes out of 10
The Land of Rape and Honey


Finally becoming an industrial band, this one lacks the heavy guitars and rather focuses on paranoid and uneasy soundscapes. A little all over the place here and there, but fascinating nonetheless.

Best: Deity, Golden Dawn, You Know What You Are, I Prefer
Worst: Destruction, Flashback

8,5 radio noises out of 10
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste


The one that brought in the metal riffs. Songwriting wise, this might be their best, but the live versions of these tracks on „In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up“ make the album cuts sound tame and sterile. The rather atmospheric deep cuts are undeservedly overlooked

Best: Burning Inside, Cannibal Song, Breathe, So What, Dream Song
Worst: Faith Collapsing

8,5 distortion pedals out of 10
Psalm 69


The well deserved commercial highpoint. Punchier than everything before without sacrificing the atmospheric elements of the past. Could have done without the two noise collages at the end though

Best: NWO, Just One Fix, Hero, Jesus Built My Hotrod, Scarecrow
Worst: Corrosion, Grace

9 lollapalooza gigs out of 10
Filth Pig


A stylistic turnaround away from industrial towars doom and gloom, this is basically the sound of a man giving up his life and realizing the terrible mistake of choosing the path of heroin. Angsty, uneasy, ugly, fascinating, nerve wrecking, unique.
Misunderstood and hated upon its release, fortunately time was friendly to this unfriendly album that has gained its deserved appreciation way too late.

Best: Reload, Filth Pig, Useless, Gameshow, The Fall, Lay Lady Lay
Worst: Lava

9,5 drug raids out of 10
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