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Ranked: 1987 in Death Metal

I listened to a total of 47 (now 53) albums for this one. Surprised that '87 still had a lot of dm in its infancy than what I recalled. Gonna give a little more descriptions in a bit. Hit me up with what you think.
Scream Bloody Gore

Gonna use this as a moment to plug the Savage Death I discovered the other day from '85 which has a ton of resemblances to Death, least of so the mirrored opening riff of that with the one here from SBG.

Killer debut however, but I always have to rearrange the tracklist when I listen to it.
Divus de Mortuus


Phenomenal for the year that is definitely a personal favorite and comes with a high recommendation. Check tha link above for sure.


Love this band, and I love them more and more with each listen.

I debated including this per the thrash reasons, and I don't want it to totally swamp my rankings, but as it is so, a few are going to make it on the list regardless, even though I'm leaving a lot of the better ones off of this, Persecution Mania and Testament - The Legacy for example.

Personal rating: 4.5
On We Slay

Looking at my score, you could say I was rather impressed by this and will definitely come back for a relisten. Surprised of its low ratings tbh, but I've not yet "delved" into Atheist. I was surprised to see this hit more of my criteria than expected.

Personal rating: 4.5
December Moon

That gd guitar tone. Obviously this is more black metally than anything else I've displayed on these lists, but the song structures and underground rhythm section that drive certain songs are what do it for me in terms of a partial osdm classification.

Personal rating: 4.0
1987 demo

A brutal release, 'Mauled to Death' especially so.

Personal rating: 4.0
Grim Reality

Extreme and wild, though not particularly dm per say, at least on this, it's much closer to thrash grind. Very fun however.

Personal rating: 4.0
9Poison (DE)
Into the Abyss

Still an underrated band, but this sole full-length actually does well enough and delivered. I like their EP's more than most but I'd still give this a rec to those who might not have been into it.

Personal rating: 4.0
10Dead Conspiracy
Demo #1

Personal rating: 4.0


Seems to be an underrated band, and this second album is more fitting than the first that made it on my previous proto-death list. Pretty assaulting honestly.


Certainly some crazy vocals and I have spun this quite a few times. Definitely some of the darker more morbid tunes on this list, and I debated having it a little higher.

Personal rating: 4.0

A little bit on the thrash side obviously, but I still like to include it.

Personal rating: 4.0/3.5
Season of the Dead

Another one of my first dm listens that I have spun intermittently through the times. It's for sure plodding and a little dull, but it's has that old school charm nonetheless. It's definitely a weird one for me because it's not entirely good, but also good lol. I mean, it did come out before Scream Bloody Gore, so kudos are given to one of the earlier releases to do that whole zombie/horror fixation of the dead thing death metal is more than notoriously known for.
16Morbid Angel
Thy Kingdom Come

Abominations is wicked
Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment
Extreme cold weather

I like it, but I could see how others wouldn't dig it. Really feels like an EP rather than a full-length but the songs are still pretty tight.

Personal rating: Somewhere between a 3.5 and 4.0
Certain Death

I'm skipping Kreator 'Terrible Certainty' and Sodom's 'Expurse of Sodomy' that would have been here on my larger compiled list.
20Infernal Majesty
None Shall Defy
21Slaughter (CAN)

Personal rating: 4.0
22Napalm Death

You know what it is, but still lol.

Personal rating: 4.0
Campo de Exterminio

Personal rating: 4.0
Immortal Force

Underrated imo

Personal rating: 4.0
25Incubus (USA-FL)

evidently, this isn't even the same "Incubus" in the dm vein as that of the 'Serpent Temptation', 'Beyond the Unknown' fame. That band is of Louisianan origin, Metairie to be exact, whereas this one has been housed in both Atlanta (Ga) and Tampa (Fl).

The Eyes of Horror

Swing of the Axe.

Personal rating: 3.5/4.0
27Blood Feast
Kill For Pleasure

It's alright, but wears itself out by the end.

Personal rating: 3.5/3.0
Nocturnus (Demo)
29Nuclear Death
A Symphony of Agony

More really grind stuff, but the band goes hard. This is really like a comp rather than a complete release, check my soundoff.

Personal rating: 3.5
30Gehenna (MEX)
En busca del valle de Gehenna

I listened to this way back and didn't get to do a relisten yet, but it is pretty good for '87 I thought.
31Necronomicon (DE2)
Apocalyptic Nightmare

Personal rating: 3.5
32Nuclear Death
Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid

The last track as an instrumental is pretty sweet.

Personal rating: 3.0
33Blood Feast
Face Fate

Pretty much forgettable, but no biggie. 2 unreleased songs and 2 released on the prior debut.

Personal rating: 3.0
The Penance

Personal rating: 3.0
35Malfeitor (US)
Diabolic Youth (1987 Demo)

Just added this. It's really bent on the thrash side of things, but a cool find nonetheless. Last song is called Dark Funeral. So perhaps, the first mention of that. Check it out.

Personal rating: 3.5
36Yog Sothots
Demo 1987

Pretty much exactly the same as above except I liked that better.

Personal rating: 3.0
Destruction Till Death
Supernatural Death (Demo)

Stuff here on is stuff I came across too late and didn't listen to yet, but I still want it on the list.

Added to site
Revenge of the Unborn (Demo)

Added to site
40Rigor Mortis (NY)

Added to site
The Power of Darkness

Demo version. This band has some killer shit so far.

Added to site.
Ritual of Darkness

Did not think they went back this far at all, and holy hell at all those EP's.
43Sabbat (JPN)
Born By Evil Blood
44Panic (BRA)
Rotten Church
Terror Kingdom

Tagged Thrash
46Unknown Death
Rehearsal Demo 1987

Has 3 Death cover songs.

Added to site.

Tagged black/thrash
48Sadistik Exekution
Beyond the Winds of Sorrow

Added to site
50Bolt Thrower
Concession of Pain
51Black Death (NOR)
Black Is Beautiful

Added to site
Demo '87
Mother's Day
54Obscurity (SWE)
Damnations Pride
55Burnt Offering
Death Decay

Added to site
56Frightful Cross
Frightful Abortion

Added to site
Final Solution

Dioses muertos

Added to site.
Mordirivial Disemanation
60Leviathan (USA-NY)
Legions of the Undead
61Mutilator (FRA)
Omens of Dark Fate

Added to site.
All We Need Is Cheez
63Ripping Corpse
Death Warmed Over
Violent Termination
Behind the Black Door
66Mortal Terror
Humour Is a Matter of Taste

Added to site
Christ's Death
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