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Lets Rank the Straw Hats

i love them all dont hate me also im not counting yamato since shes not an official straw hat yef
1Daniel Johnston
Hi, How Are You

ive got a whole list of reasons as to why hes the best but I'll keep this short
he slept with big mom

best moment-its not really a moment but i love his personality and design and hes a great musician
The White Album

momonosukes a lucky prick 10/10

best moment-luffy help me
3Harley Poe
Lost and Losing It

badass swordsman with a great sense of direction 9/10

best moment-i will never lose again or his fight with king
4The Wonder Years
Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing

yeah i dont have much to say about luffy other than the obvious reasons that other people like him 9/10

best moment- i still have my friends
5My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

loved him throughout the story and loved him even more after whole cake 9/10

best moment-his nosebleed in fishman island or when he confronts judge
The Mollusk

jinbei is one of the strongest members of the straw hats and hes also pretty wise,his backstory with tiger and the sun pirates is amazing and was also great in marineford hes also the best helmsman 8.5/10

best moment-when he stared down big mom
7Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against the Machine

the manliest straw hat with really good inventions 8/10

best moment-his fight with senor pink
8Tiny Tim
God Bless Tiny Tim

Nico Robin
out of the straw hats she has my favourite devil fruit and has a really great design i also like her dynamic within the straw hats of being the mature smart one 8/10

best moment-i want to live
9Heart Attack Man
Fake Blood

i really like his backstory and his transformations and hes a fun character although i prefer his pre time skip design 7.5/10

best moment- when he gives the mushroom to the doctor
10Sex Pistols
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

i love usopp pre time skip but after he went through that 2 year training with hercules he still came out as a coward which was pretty underwhelming but he still has his moments 7/10

best moment- his love for the merry and the fight with luffy or his fight with the mole lady in alabasta
Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit

what did you expect 4/10 (mainly due to carew)

best moment- When she took care of nami i guess
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