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fogza's Worst of 2021

Let's get negative for a change!

I think this is probably the album I'm most unsure of on this list. Perhaps there's some form of genius happening here that I'm too limited to grasp. To me it sounds like one to two musical ideas with perhaps two vocalisations per song repeated over and over again. I think a project like this will attract strong opinions and I'm sure Tirzah is ok with that; for me this a mess. Fully willing to accept that this opinion could be unpopular and misguided though.
11Bo Burnham
Inside (The Songs)

The special has one or two ok moments (the reaction video was fair, WWI was ok but an easy target joke), but mostly it's pretty cringe. Nice visual tricks for a one man show, gotta give him props, but it's not profound, believable, or funny. A bunch of insanely overhyped boring genre pastiche songs, and the lyrics don't sell them.
10Foo Fighters
Medicine at Midnight

Ok, I hate the Foo Fighters. Why do they have so many members? Why are they the designated rock band that gets to be big? They're like the homeopathic traces of rock music dissolved in water.
9Don Broco
Amazing Things

This makes me feel like this:
Solar Power

Full disclosure, I never thought Lorde was that great. There's a few good songs here and there but she just sounded like an over enunciator to me, and her stuff wasn't nearly as smart or heartfelt as the critics would have you believe. This record doesn't suprise me at all. The thin veneer of coolness Lorde used to have is gone. Vapid, dull, zero star power.
Trauma Factory

What is this? I don't even know what to say. Everything musical on this sounds like recycled weak sauce. The vocals are so unbelievably awful. The traumatic aspect of this album is listening to it.

Do you like jokes? Do you like music? Do you like joke music? Kinda like the Gilette of 2021. I'm betting no-one dusts off their Gilette singles anymore.
5Lil Mariko
Lil Mariko

Yeah, I don't get it. Maybe this will inspire something great, or maybe it's the next level springboard to a social media career mixing influencing / modelling / more amateur trap etc.
4Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is really, really good. He's got that affable nice guy thing down pat now. I wish he'd stop singing about how he doesn't fit in with the scene and all the trappings of fame don't matter. He continues to produce tactically fit for purpose songs that sound like they were generated by algorithm. He is also the Kwisatz Haderach of woman on a pedestal songs. Old Ed, he always says the perfect thing. Oh and he says perfect alot.
3Limp Bizkit
Still Sucks

This, like the Ed Sheeran vote, is probably more emotional than anything else. Don't get me wrong, this is incredibly dated and dunderheaded, but I know it's more about what LB represented to me in the 90's. Two things: I don't give a fuck if Wes Borland is talented or not, Adam Sandler is talented and he still made "That's my boy", "Blended", "Jack and Jill", etc. That actually makes it worse. Secondly, self-awareness that your band is a bad joke doesn't make it not trash.
2Insane Clown Posse
Yum Yum's Lure

I'd never really listened to ICP, despite them being the target of many jokes over the years. What struck me about this was that I couldn't really understand how people who have being doing this since 1989 could still sound so bad at what they do.
1Van Morrison
Latest Record Project, Volume I

This one hurts. Technically, most of the music on this is probably a solid 3.5 to 3, and once again, this is an emotional response from me. I know opinions on Van were probably mixed even before his descent into madness, but for me, he put out some of the best music of the 70's. He's like instinct personified on those records. Regarding this abomination, there was a soundoff that put it perfectly, and the gist of it is that Van has mostly stayed clear of politics on all the major issues through his long career. He decides to take a stand when he couldn't tour for awhile, because, well poor old Van likes to tour. Real sorry for you Van, I'm sure it's all about the kids and the music. This record is a travesty and should be deleted, and Van is not a maverick because he doesn't support vaccination. Disgusting.
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