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VacantPlanet's 2021 AOTY List

Comment below with anything I missed and / or your favorite cumbia.
For the Glory of Your Redeemer

** EP **

(Black Metal)

Highlight: Rope and Hammer"

** EP **

(City Pop)

Highlight: Time Travel
Are You Happy

** EP **

(Electronic / R&B / Experimental)

Highlight: Barely Reason For A Smile
52Lexie Liu
Gone Gold

** EP **


Highlight: 了
51Pa Salieu
Afrikan Rebel

** EP **

(UK Drill / Afropop)

Highlight: Style & Fashion

Three very different tracks, all fire.
50Charnel Grounds
Molecular Entropy Examined in the Bowels of a Grea

** EP **

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Desecration of the Host: Madness Complete

Artificial Brain methadone
49Elori Saxl
The Blue of Distance

** Honorable Mention **

(Ambient / Electronic / Experimental)

Highlight: Wave I

Samples of flowing water and blowing wind processed to mimic warbling modular synths (and vice versa). Not one I'll revisit often but it is a very cool concept and worth checking out at least once.
48Brand of Sacrifice

** Honorable Mention **


Highlight: Vengeance

Solid deathcore elevated by the use of fat synths (similar to those used by Mick Gordon in DOOM's OST) and subtle industrial elements.
47Tyler, the Creator

** Honorable Mention **


Highlight: MANIFESTO

Love to see Tyler riding aggressive beats again. Don't love DJ Drama's semi-frequent interjections but it's not a dealbreaker.
46Sun-El Musician
African Electronic Dance Music

** Honorable Mention **


Highlight: Amateki

House music from South Africa with lots of polish and hypnotic good vibes. Great for long scenic drives.
45Really From
Really From

** Honorable Mention **

(Math Rock / Jazz / Emo)

Highlight: Quirk

Cool blend of sounds but unfortunately the vocals and lyrics can be pretty weak relative to everything else. Excited to see what they do next.
44C. Tangana
El Madrileño

** Honorable Mention **

(Latin / R&B)

Highlight: Ingobernable

I just want a full album of flamenco inspired pop like "Ingobernable". Rest of the album is ok.
43Gold Necklace
Gold Necklace

** Honorable Mention **

(Pop / Math Rock / R&B)

Highlight: I Felt It Too

This mix of genres just works. I would prefer a little bit more risk taking but overall this is quite solid.
The Machine Is Burning...

** Honorable Mention **


Highlight: The Machine Is Burning

Post rock is dead (now with synths and orchestral arrangements)

** Honorable Mention **

(Blackened Death Metal)

Highlight: Adamastor

Production is awful and songwriting can be a little uneven but there's a lot of very cool and unique ideas in here. Definitely a project to keep an eye on.
40Nubiyan Twist
Freedom Fables

** Honorable Mention **

(UK Soul / RnB)

Highlight: Tittle Tattle

Tittle Tattle is one of my favorite tracks of the year and a clear album highlight - the rest of the album is still pretty good although lacking a bit of punch for my tastes.
39Valerie June
The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers

(Soul / R&B / Folk)

Highlight: You And I

Powerful, mesmerizing voice.
38Plebeian Grandstand
Rien ne suffit

(Blackened Mathcore / Industrial)

Highlight: Part maudite

(see #32)
37Thy Catafalque

(Black Metal)

Highlight: Gömböc

Thy Catafalque albums are always weird, but this one benefits by also putting some solid riffs front and center.


Highlight: family name PvP版

90 min gauntlet of high energy J-Pop bangers. Recent drama is kind of a bummer but the music rules so...
35Wolves in the Throne Room
Primordial Arcana

(Black Metal)

Highlight: Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)

Larger emphasis on riffs rather than drawn out builds is highly appreciated.
Preserved in Torment

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Exhumed from Mortal Spheres

Not usually a fan of death-doom but these guys really know how to use dynamics to make the most of each bludgeoning riff.
Formula of Love: O+T=<3


Highlight: Cruel

Bend the knee.


Highlight: Glacial Plasma

This band would be unstoppable if they figured out how to use dynamics, but alas...
Lei Line Eon


Highlight: Sylph Fossil

Enjoyable, but doesn't hit as quite as hard when sober.
30Raphael Weinroth-Browne
Worlds Within Live

(Post-Rock / Experimental)

Highlight: Tumult I-II-III

Huge sounds from a single cello and a loop pedal.
29Atrae Bilis

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Bacterium Abloom

Fellow riff-fiends, look no further. 20 Buck Spin stays undefeated.
28Arooj Aftab
Vulture Prince

(Jazz / World / Minimalist)

Highlight: Mohabbat

Empty spaces.
To See the Next Part of the Dream

(Shoegaze / Indie)

Highlight: White Ceiling


(Death Metal)

Highlight: Gorgonhead

Half court buzzer beater. Go back and edit your AOTY lists.
25MouthBreather (USA-MA)
I'm Sorry Mr. Salesman


Highlight: Cotton Short

Karada Portable


Highlight: ムーヴ

Off-kilter J-pop backed by jazzy keyboards that never stop moving. FFO: Hakushi Hasegawa
Certain Death Austerities

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Beyond Blood Potential

One of those albums that feels like the band itself is just moments from losing control of their own monstrous creations.
22Vince Staples
Vince Staples


Highlight: TAKE ME HOME

"I preach what I practice, these streets all I've known
And there's no place like home
No place like home"
21Every Time I Die


Highlight: Hostile Architecture

Infectuous energy.
Protozoan Battle Hymns

(Noise / Post-Hardcore / Experimental)

Highlight: Garden of Earthly Delights

Weird as hell.
19She Said Destroy

(Post-Hardcore / Black Metal / Punk / etc)

Highlight: Sharpening the Blade

What this lacks in cohesion it more than makes up with creativity.
FFO: Rolo Tomassi
18Sallow Moth
Stasis Cocoon

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Phantasmal Sphere of the Shadowmage Infiltrator

Chunky knuckledragging death metal riffs with just the right amount of proggy / technical flair. Also peep their split with swampy avant-garde weirdos Vmthanaachth.
17Renata Flores

(Latin / Hip-Hop / Pop)

Highlight: Francisca Pizarro

Exciting debut from emerging Peruvian artist with feminist and anti-colonial messages. Renata switches effortlessly between Spanish and Peru's indigenous Quechua language across the entire album.


Highlight: Forger

More albums should use heavily processed samples of chainsaws during breakdowns.
15Suffering Hour
The Cyclic Reckoning

(Blackened Death Metal)

Highlight: Obscuration

Surprisingly trippy.
14Rochelle Jordan
Play With the Changes

(R&B / Pop)

Highlight: Next 2 You

Everything from bouncy dance, sultry R&B, and sweaty dnb-ish tracks.
Bleed the Future

(Death Metal)

Highlight: A.U.M.

Proving that treading water at the speed of light can still be thrilling.
Screen Violence


Highlight: How Not to Drown

Punchy, focused, and catchy as hell.

(Hip Hop / Industrial)

Highlight: BURN TO ASHES

Brutal and disorienting
Twin Dream


Highlight: Absolute Virtue

Heavier, weirder, and more dynamic than anything they've done before.
9Ethereal Shroud

(Black Metal)

Highlight: Chasmal Fires

15 year gestation period pays off.
8Trophy Scars
Astral Pariah

(Post-Hardcore / Blues)

Highlight: Mother

You will reincarnate as a vengeful cowboy.
7The Armed

(Hardcore / Noise Rock)


Time to mosh in a ghillie suit.
6Parannoul / Asian Glow / sonhos tomam conta
Downfall of the Neon Youth

(Shoegaze / Post-Rock / Noise)

Highlight: Insomnia

come to brazil (and korea)
The Idyll Opus (I-VI)

(Emo / Prog-Rock / Folk)

Highlight: Where June Meets July: III. at a Dance Where the Stars Cross

This ambitious concept album had some of my favorite musical moments of the year, but it doesn't always justify its bloated runtime. High points are undeniably spellbinding though.
4Sleepwalkers (JPN)
Noč Na Krayu Sveta

(Experimental / Black Metal)

Highlight: Boundless Love / Resilience

Fever dreams
3Moral Collapse
Moral Collapse

(Death Metal)

Highlight: Suspension of Belief

Chunky OSDM + occasional bursts of modern dissonant experimentation. Surprisingly cool uses of saxophone and violins (!)
Kamil Manqus

(Electronic / Experimental)

Highlight: بالحَرف الواحَد (Bilharf Alwahad)

Classical Arabic music samples and field recordings from Palestine (e.g., the scraping of metal gates from Israeli checkpoints) are twisted, mangled, and crushed into thrilling and evocative soundscapes.
1Kayo Dot
Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike

(Avant-Garde / Death Doom)

Highlight: Epipsychidion / The Necklace / Spectrum of One Colour

Kayo Dot's spookiest, heaviest, and most memorable since 2013's Hubardo.
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