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Limp Bizkit albums ranked

7Limp Bizkit
Results May Vary

Long, uninspired and frankly boring. Results May Vary was released just as Limp Bizkit’s popularity imploded on itself and the band went from one of the biggest on earth to everyone’s favourite musical punching bag. An album like this couldn’t have helped things. With Wes and his insane guitar trickery out and a revolving door cast of guitarists (including Fred himself) working on the album, LB lose a vital part of their sound, resulting in an album full of soppy, boiler plate ballads, a bloated runtime and a basic sound that which made them like what their detractors had always said they were. Thuggish by the numbers Nu metal. It doesn’t help that a number of actually good songs were relegated to B-Sides or left off the album entirely

Best track: Gimme the Mic
Worst: Head for the Barricade
6Limp Bizkit
The Unquestionable Truth - Part I

For an album (or EP I guess) that was released with zero promotion, and by a band now widely ridiculed, TUT did surprisingly well for itself. Taking a much more experimental, raw approach, the resulting record is one of the band’s more unusual outings. The deliberately rough production matches well with the more mature songwriting, with the group tackling organised religion, political manipulation and mental health. Still, you can’t help but feel the band are maybe out of their comfort zone with this one. Still, I have to applaud them for doing something different, and the varied sound of the record is appreciated, as well as the return of Wes (at the cost of John Otto who is filled in well by Sammy Siegler). If you can, watch the short film, ‘The Truth’ that the band produced around this time. It’s actually; genuinely funny and well made

Best track: The Truth
Worst: The Surrender
5Limp Bizkit
Still Sucks

After a decade of very little new material, LB suddenly returned with their 7th major release. The ensuing album is a short, but energising burst of fun with a surprisingly wide variety of sounds. As the disorientating guitar work of ‘Out of Style’ kicks off the album, with Durst yelling “DJ LETHAL!”, it almost feels like they never left. While the tracks themselves are fairly short and there are some notable cases of filler, there’s a strong sense of self awareness and fun that move through these tracks. Stuff like ‘Dad Vibes’, ‘Dirty Rotten Bizkit’ and ‘Turn It Up, Bitch’, as well as the extremely tounge in cheek ‘Love the Hate’ are not just great party tracks, but also cue in that the band are fully aware of their image. But the thing is, they’ve always been self aware and self degrading, it’s just that everyone else caught up

Best track: Pill Popper
Worst: Empty Hole
4Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

What a title, eh? Released at the height of the band’s popularity, Chocolate Starfish feels almost like a deranged joke at times. The band clearly knew too, judging by the atrocious title and completely ridiculous tracks like ‘Hot Dog’, the remix of ‘Rollin’’ and the 10 minute outro which primarily consists of a loop of Ben Stiller laughing. Still, this is a fun album and one crammed with back to back hits. Defining Nu Metal tracks like ‘Rollin’’, ‘My Way’, ‘Take a Look Around’, ‘Boiler’ and ‘My Generation’ make up a bulk of the album. That’s a hell of a lot of hit singles on one record. Is this the ‘Thriller’ of Nu Metal? Like it or not, it is. Oh yeah; and the music is pretty good too. Go apeshit

Best track: Take a Look Around
Worst: Hold On
3Limp Bizkit
Significant Other

The one that propelled the band into stardom. Having built up a steady fanbase with their constant touring; wild live shows and their debut album, Significant Other polished up the band’s sound and made them fit for radio. Classics like the immortal, riot causing ‘Break Stuff’, the dumpster funk of ‘Nookie’ and the surprisingly quite deep ‘Re-Arranged’, the Bizkit bring the heavy riffs, the funky rhythm and the wild party sound. It worked, and sold a hefty 16 million copies in the process. God damn. It was a hit for a reason, and it’s easy to see why. Full of hits, cathartic angry riffs, tight playing and some genuine humour and witty lyrics. Give it a try, though you likely might have already heard it.

Best track: Re-Arranged
Worst: A Lesson Learned
2Limp Bizkit
Gold Cobra

How the fuck did they pull this off? After a 6 year hiatus, the Bizkit suddenly reappeared with one of their heaviest, loudest and downright fun albums. Gold Cobra may sport a horrible cover, but don’t let appearances deceive. This fucker is absolutely packed with some of Wes’ best guitar work, boatloads of humor and some of the nastiest nu metal riffs this side of ‘Iowa’. Yes, I said that. The band are clearly having a blast too, and they’re clearly playing into the absurdity around their image; but that just makes these tracks even more fun. Stanky party tracks like the titular song, the blazing ‘Shotgun’, the thrash-y ‘90.2.10’, the self degrading ‘Loser’, the absurd ‘Shark Attack’ and the mind blowingly good ‘Walking Away’, Gold Cobra is the band firing on nearly all fronts. And it’s fucking awesome.

Best: Walking Away
Worst: Why Try?
1Limp Bizkit
Three Dollar Bill Y'all

Angry, brash and fucking loud. That is Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$. This album is out of control. Never mind the absolutely pummelling riffs, the surprisingly experimental sound, some of Fred’s best rapping or the back to back brilliance of this album, the star of the show is Wes Borland. The man is in his element here, throwing off crunching riffs, ridiculous guitar trickery and doing post-rock before GY!BE. That’s right, Limp Bizkit invented Post Rock. Mogwai? Explosions in the Sky? Swans? (Okay maybe not Swans). They all owe it to Limp motherfucking Bizkit. While the lyrics are juvenile and sexist, beneath the dejected and angry writing is one of the rawest nu metal albums you’ll ever hear. You’ll never have more fun than turning off all the lights and blasting ‘Counterfeit’, ‘Leech’ and that hilarious ‘Faith’ cover as loud as possible. Turn it up loud and go nuts, because this album was made for it. Kill the pollution! POLLUTION!

Best track: Pollution
Worst: Indigo Flow
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