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10.11.21 Best Italian Metal 1980-200010.09.19 Best Italian Metal Albums post 2000 (in

Best Italian Metal 1980-2000

The album are sorted in chronological order. The last four albums are renowned masterpieces; however, I have never particularly loved them: for this reason they have no vote and are at the bottom of the list. Please enjoy it and go rate what you like.
A Race with the Devil

One of the best hard&heavy records in Italy. A great performance of all the members, with Scotto and Tessarin in a great condition. 8/10

One of the earliest Italian metal bands. It sounds very similar to NWOBHM. 8/10
3Black Hole
Land of Mystery

Psychedelic Horror Doom Metal with downtuned organ for a very underground work of art. 8.5/10
The Day of Wrath

The best album by the pioneers of '80 black metal. Lyrics are very original and funny. 8.5/10
5Fil di Ferro

A little masterpiece from the '80s. Fil di Ferro play similar to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but with a certain dose of originality. The songwriting is at an high level. 8/10
6Unreal Terror
Hard Incursion

A NWOBHM-influenced little gem, with a great bass player. 8/10
7Dark Quarterer
Dark Quarterer

A beautiful Epic Metal album, it was totally remastered in 2013. 9/10
8Paul Chain
Opera 4th (as Paul Chain Violet Theatre)

A psychedelic record by the genius of Italian Doom Paul Chain. The first half is a 30 minutes psychedelic suite, the second half contains three doom metal pearls. 8/10
9Dark Quarterer
The Etruscan Prophecy

Another masterpiece by Italian best Epic Metal band. It's more refined than the debut, but less gloomy. 8.5/10
10Firehouse (ITA)

A great melodic heavy metal album, with great melodies and arrangements by the founders of Arachnes. 8.5/10
Pictures of War

One of the best Italian HM albums from '80s. 8/10
12Upset Noise
Nothing More to Be Said

One of the best crossover albums of the decade: perfect lyrics, melodies and rhythms, overwhelming anger and the right balance between hardcore immediacy and thrash structures. In two words, a little gem to be rediscovered. 8.5/10
13Crystal Phoenix

It's a very strange album by a one-(wo)man band. It bleds '70s prog, doom, epic and folk with the dark voice of Myriam Saglimbeni. 8.5/10
14Death SS
Black Mass

A masterpiece by the Italian Mercyful Fate. "Cursed Mama" is a jewel. 8/10
15Moon of Steel (ITA)

The Italian answer to Crimson Glory. A powerful album. 8/10
16Paul Chain
Life and Death

Another pearl by the master of doom Paul Chain. This album is more traditional than the previous, but It contains some amazing songs like "Kill Me" and "Antichrist". 9/10
17Strana Officina
Rock & Roll Prisoners

One of the best Class Metal bands in Italy. The band splitted up due to the tragic death of Cappanera brothers. 9/10
18Devil Doll

The first Devil Doll's masterpiece. Classical arrangements and Gothic atmospheres. 9.5/10
19Broken Glazz

A great debut for the Turinese band. They blend technical thrash with a certain dose of classic heavy metal to compose melodic and proggy thrash metal songs. 8.5/10
20Death SS
Heavy Demons

Another masterpiece of the band. It's more classic metal-oriented than the previous albums, but more obscure. 8.5/10
21Paul Chain
Whited Sepulchres

Paul Chain emendates the excess of his previous album and releases one of his better works. Psychedelic Blues and experimentations at the highest level. 8.5/10
22Broken Glazz
Withdraw from Reality

A fantastic technical thrash metal album, in the vein of Megadeth and Annihilator. 8.5/10

A bizarre juxtaposition between the dark and obsessive new wave of Red Temple Spirit, the dark prog of Jacula, Black Widow, Dark Quarterer & co., and the experimental doom of people like Paul Chain. It's just to try. 8.5/10
24Devil Doll
The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms

Another pearl by the genius of Mr. Doctor, a soundtrack for an unfoundable movie.8.5/10
25Garden Wall

The first masterpiece by one of the best prog metal bands of the '90s. 8.5/10
Above the Light

The incredible debut album by the Italian fathers of Progressive Death Metal. A masterpiece 9.5/10

A great progressive thrash album. The songwriting is very various and solid, It could remind of Voivod or Anacrusis, or even the most technical Megadeth. Possibly the best Italian thrash metal album ever. 9/10
Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana

Mediterranean black metal album. 9/10
Wish I Could Dream It Again...

Novembre's debut, though it's a bit rougher than their most famous albums, is stil a very fascinating work, capable to take in a lot of different influences without loose its deep originality. And if you are going to say "hey, it's a clone of Brave Murder Day!", don't forget WICDA was released two years earlier than Katatonia's masterpiece. 8.5/10
30Opera IX
The Call of the Wood

Pagan Black Metal with female singer. 9/10
31Presence (ITA)
The Sleeper Awakes

An incredible prog metal album with the amazing singer Sofia Baccini. 8.5/10

Doom metal meets the darkest progressive rock. Interesting. 8/10
Seeds of Rage

Power/Prog with the great pianist Oleg Smirnoff. 9/10
Guarda dentro te

One of the best Italian thrash metal albums ever released. Metallica's influences are obvious, buy they are revised with originality and with the help of very inspired Italian lyrics. 8.5/10
In Absentia Christi

A band which mixes darkwave and Doom metal with middle-eastern and mediterranean sounds. 8/10
36Paul Chain

After a seesaw album like Dies Irae, old master Paul Chain enlisted the help of his fan Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) to package his more accessible album. Far from the psychedelic experiments started at the time of "Opera 4th", this platter shows the influence of the English doom of the early 90s (Cathedral and Paradise Lost above all), with excellent results. 8/10

When you say "progressive death metal" you often have to listen virtuosistic non-sense bands. In this album, the sound of Death meets a true progressive attitude, in a very original platter. 8.5/10

A great album of death/doom, full of sick melodies and great gothic arrangements. 9/10
39Time Machine (ITA)
Act II: Galileo

The album which open the path for Italian melodic power/prog tradition. 8.5/10
40Altered Vision

Incredible progressive metal album, featuring a lot of power metal and fusion jazz. 9/10
41Cruentus (ITA)
In Myself

I am amazed that "In Myself" is not counted among the classics of Prog Death. Released in 1996, this album is a crazy kaleidoscope that mixes together Death and Cynic, Voivod and Coroner, acoustic arpeggios and jazzy passages, avantgarde keyboards and jazz passages, Anthrax and Power Metal cues. A hidden diamond. 9.5 / 10
42Devil Doll
Dies Irae

An unique album. Industrial experimentalism, classical partitures, progressive, odd gothic metal mixed together in a true and total masterpiece by the most mysterious band in the world. 10/10
Our Lady of the Bones

The most mature work of Malombra. Elements derived from folk, psychedelia and classical music are added to their original doom/dark prog phormula. A fiercely avant-garde album and, still today, a unicum in the metal scene. 9/10
Abyss Calls Life

A great step ahead of their previous album, a BM recording full of complex rithmic patterns, obliquous and dissonant melodies and classic HM shades. 8.5/10
Arte Novecento

The less known record of November is a perfectly balanced mix of darkwave and gothic/doom, full of a prog attitude that can only leave you speechless. A fundamental piece in the band's mosaic. 9/10
46Presence (ITA)
Black Opera

A great step ahead for Presence, which improves the dark prog of the previous album in a magniloquent opera. 9/10
47Crown of Autumn
The Treasures Arcane

A piece of art. Melodic Death Metal, Gothic and black metal, with sumptuous folk, Symphonic, Epic arrangements. 9.5/10
48Cultus Sanguine
Shadows' Blood

Katatonia's "Brave Murder Day", Cradle of Filth's "The Principale of Evil Made of Flesh", Emperor's "Anthems of the Welkin at Dusk", Ancient Rites' "Fatherland".... This and much more in a kaleidoscopic album wich fuse together Black, Gothic and Doom. 9/10
The Age of Purity

A very good Gothic/Doom Metal album, in the mood of early Anathema. 8/10
50Will 'O' Wisp

The debut of Will 'o' Wisp is an incredible kaleidoscope: the base is represented by a death / doom with strong progressive accents, which recalls what Sinoath did a couple of years earlier. Added to this are experiments that draw from avantgarde black to tech-death à la Sadist. A disc to discover. 9/10
Gaze into the Light

Great prog metal for a very unlucky band. 8.5/10
Labyrinth of Fears

Very dark prog metal and complex suites. 8.5/10
El Nino

A great progressive metal album, with thrash and power influences. It could remind some stuff by Watchtower. 8/10
Land of Crystals

After a mundane death/doom album, Insider chnge direction adding psych & prog elements to its proposal. 8/10
55La Caruta di li Dei
Mediterraneo Atto I

An odd album which blends black metal, progressive rock, mediterranean folk and lyrics sung in Sicilian dialect. Very original. 8/10
Return to Heaven Denied

Power/Prog with the great guitarist Olaf Thorsen. 8.5/10
Ars Magika

An incredible way to play symphonic BM. Only four, long suites in which BM and gothic atmospheres are perfectly balanced. 9/10
Kali Yuga Bizarre

Absolutely scaring Industrial Black Metal. 9/10
59Cele Kula
The Moonlight and the Misty Night

Altought is more an EP than a full-lenght album, "The Moonlight and the Misty Night" Is a very good example of Gothic/Doom metal, with some good New Wave issues in the way of Monumentum and Canaan. 8/10
Inner Wastelands

Bizarre album that mixes symphonic power and gothic rock. 8/10
Still in the Grey Dying

It could be the best of Lacuna Coil, a perfect example of smart Gothic metal. There are no weak tracks, and the phormula used by the band is perfect balanced. Much more better than Within Temptation contemporary stuff. 8.5/10
62Lacuna Coil
In a Reverie

It could be the best of Lacuna Coil, a perfect example of smart Gothic metal. There are no weak tracks, and the phormula used by the band is perfect balanced. Much more better than Within Temptation contemporary stuff. 8.5/10

The third album of the band is that of the maturity. A mix of death, doom, gothic and prog that cannot leave indifferent and that places the Roman band in the Olympus of Doom Metal. 8.5/10
Born of Undead

A little, hidden pearl of Deathrash Metal. 8/10
65Theatres Des Vampires
The Vampire Chronicles

A very good melodic black metal album, which blends the Gothic/Black Metal of Cradle of Filth and some influences by the Mediterranea scene (Rotting Christ, Cultus Sanguine, Opera IX). The songs are well written and the members proficiency is high. 8.5/10
66White Skull
Tales from the North

Power metal in the style of Grave Digger, but with more guitars and a (wonderful) female voice. 9/10
Fragments of Insanity

A milestone of proto-black metal. S.V.
Irae Melanox

Althought a very bad production, this is a very interesting epic/prog metal album. S.V.
Main Frame Collapse

A chaotic and violent album which anticipates various features of Black Metal. It shows a grindcore-like approach. S.V.
Inside the Unreal

A very technical deathrash album. S.V.
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