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Listening list for October 2021

Albums I will listen to in October and review on this list after I have listened to them.
1The Graduate
Only Every Time

Opener starts pretty chill but then gradually gain more and more energy in a cool, subtle way. It just gets better from there. Stuck Inside My Head is a standout. Good balance of emo and alt rock with some progressive elements creeping in there, but nothing obnoxious or jarring. Very life-affirming rock. Pull Me In, Permanent Tourists, are standouts as well. Great singing and instruments throughout.

White Noise

Cool, badass electronic pop/rock with female vocals. St. Patrick and My House are a good combo early in the album. Sounds like female, modern NIN in a good way. Album drags a little in the middle but comes back strong with Fire. The singer's vocals are sassy but not in an overly done way. Eyelids is a good mixture of a lot of things that I like on the album. Ghosts has a rhythm to it that I gravitated to immediately. Good closer as well. This would have made a killer EP instead of full length imo, few songs that just don't click with me.

Serotonin II

My gf recommended this one to me. Interesting electronic + dream pop that weirdly reminds me of stuff from the last 2000's. I don't even really know why though. Eva was one of my favorites. This is the kind of dream pop that I like to hear, where there is a large but calm atmosphere throughout. Pixel Affection is such a cute and dark song at the same time. Pretty Bones has a similar vibe and both songs have great use of drums. Reverie going into dark ambient territory which was a cool change as well. Definitely a few songs that don't really do anything for me on this, but the good ones that I mentioned are very satisfying to listen to. An Angel Held Me is so pretty and warm.

4Hooded Menace
The Tritonus Bell

Good doom/death metal with songs that are long (8 minutes average) but have plenty of fun and spooky moments to fill up the time. Album cover is so dope. They know how to mix melody, riffs, and atmosphere into their songs. Each song has its own personality but still blends well into the album as a whole. Corpus Asunder is so groovy. Album feels like you're running through a haunted castle, good for this time of year.

5Studio Killers
Studio Killers

High energy dance music. Was pretty turned off of this after the 1st song actually, but the 2nd song (Eros and Apollo) was so good I decided to stick with it. Vocals are good at times but I wish this was mostly instrumental. All Men Are Pigs has good energy but lasts too long. Who Is In Your Heart now has the best lyrics and is probably my favorite overall on the album. Jenny and Funky At Heart slap on the album. A lot of the songs get old quick however, and I'd only ever re-listen to the four I like.

6Angels and Airwaves

Opener (Timebomb) has some cool electronic stuff going on before Tom comes in with lower, more chilled vocals. Reminds me of the Killer's sound actually. Euphoria is a solid song from start to finish, with lots of genres mixed together in a satisfying way. Spellbound is a quieter, more romantic song that works well. Losing My Mind starts out sounding like post 2000 NIN, but then it goes back to a cool combination of grunge and pop punk, really great stuff. Automatic sounds like The Cure and Blink's Self Titled love child in the best way. Restless Souls has lots of energy and is probably the most accessible song on the album. Rebel Girl has both atmosphere and fun pop punk energy that feel like you're the protagonist in an 80's movie. If you want a cool shake of Blink 182, Starset, and the Cure check out this album. Kiss and Tell is still a great song, I can't believe it came out like two years ago.

Moral Hygiene

Album starts surprisingly very good with Alert Level. Al blends lots of samples with a moody riff that gains more and more momentum as the song goes on. Good Trouble comes in pummeling you and then mixes a decent melody in there as well. The album continues to kick ass with Sabotage is Sex and Disinformation. Disinformation especially is brutal and in your face. Search and Destroy mixes things up a little and is weirdly inspiring (or at least less vile). Believe Me almost reminds me of The Fragile era NIN in a good way, mixing heavy riffs with softer more melodic but angsty moments. Didn't care for the last four songs on the album. I appreciate the creativity and funky sound on Death Toll, reminds me of Dalek actually. Closer is a good end as well.

8Blood Youth
Visions Of Another Hell

Opener is full of atmospheric, brooding energy. Major the Plot in You's Happiness in Self Destruction album vibes. Iron Lung is chunky numetal and industrial with a sweeping, epic chorus. Kaya's vocals are righteously angry, at times channeling Corey Taylor in Slipknot. Most songs have the heavy as f#ck then chill with melodic sequence formula, but Blood Youth pull it off better than most bands. Colony sounds like a love letter to 90's balls to the wall nu-metal in the best way possible. Open Window is the most straight-forward soft song on the album, and it's good to break up the heaviness. Cool use of choir vocals and opportunity to show off Kaya's vocal capabilities. Synthetic has some Fear Factory vibes going on with modern metalcore mixed in. Human Blur has my favorite soft chorus on the album probably. Really epic closer to the album that is about seven minutes long, good song for Kaya to go out on, but I really hope he comes back.

9Full of Hell
Garden of Burning Apparitions

Full of Hell going full on grind pretty much (mixed with noise ear destruction type stuff as well of course). Eroding Shell, Burning Apparition, and Guided Blight are highlights, but the album is 12 songs in only 20 minutes so not a huge investment to listen to the whole thing. Industrial Messiah Complex and Reeking Tunnels are good songs that break up the grind tracks.

10Wage War

Album starts strong with Relapse, a song that balances the thick riffs with the melodic moments/singing well. Title tracks has a cool intro with more spoken-word/rap type vocal delivery that works well. The chorus explodes in a super sassy/angsty way, almost reminds me of ghostemane. Circle the Drain is a basic but well executed metalcore song that has major BMTH That's the Spirit album vibes, same goes with Godspeed. Never Said Goodbye has good use of acoustic guitar and clean vocals. Overall, serviceable metalcore but nothing that stands out too much.

The Act of Forgiveness

Opener was cool, nice use of instruments and different vocals then I usually hear. Friends had good lyrics and pretty melodies that I gravitated to immediately. Movie screens has such a great, intimate atmosphere where everything comes together really well. Heat of Desire is another standout track. I am interested to check out his earlier albums because I just didn't vibe that much with the lo-fi alt rock electronic sound. Still an ambitious album that stood out. NYC was a shorter, faster paced song that helped the end of the album along with Magic. Album is WAY too long.

Glow On

Album starts with lots of positive energy in the opener. Didn't like the next two songs, but UNDERWATER BOI is really groovy and fun. HOLIDAY has sick punk energy that got my attention, along with ENDLESS. Fly Again has a cool mix of hard riffs and melody in the chorus. I didn't care much for the softer moments on the album, and by the end of the album the riffs/song structures start to get stale.

Screen Violence

Opener is pretty long for a CHVRCHES song, but lots of dynamic stuff going on to make it that long. Most of the songs are pleasant sounding and good, but extremely forgettable and not taking any real risks. How Not To Drown was cool though and Robert Smith added to the song in a nice way. Good Girls is a banger. Nightmares starts to get into more experimental territory that I appreciate, darker edge to it but not forced at all it seems.

14Ion Dissonance
Cast the First Stone

Opener kicks your teeth in HARD. The truth will set you free is math and disjointed af in the best way possible. Ill Will has disgusting grooves that make me want to destroy and break things like a primal animal. Vocals match the music perfectly. Best to just listen to the whole album though, it is a 35 minute beat-down. Primal mathcore slugfest.


Wanted to start to listen to Autechre, so I started from the very beginning of their LP's. Bike has wonderful, warm bass throughout and fun drum and keyboard. It's simple but effective. Basscadet is glitchy and hypnotic. Eggshell has a pretty melody with the bells and pads that makes me nostalgic. Windwind is a trip - 11 minutes long but it feels short at the same time. 444 is a really good, high energy closer.


The opener, Pallid, starts as a glitchy mess but focuses itself into an inspiring track. Return is another pretty song that sounds inspiring. The production on the album is pristine. Atomontage helps the album near the end, with high energy drum beats and sparkling synths. I wish more songs on the album stood out. Done Processing is a great closer for the album at almost 10 minutes long.

Northern Light

Nice change to hear IDM with vocals, unexpected for sure. Opening track is a good start. Invisible & Silent is a pretty, brooding track that has great vocals and moving instrumentals. Prometheus is a cold, sexy song with moments of brightness. However, a lot of the album didn't do anything for me. Too repetitive, monotone, and lack of dynamics. Scared is probably my 2nd favorite on the album - unnerving, eery dance music perfection. Reminds me of NIN Hesitation Marks era but darker.

18Title Fight

Opener, Coxton Yard, is a burst of pop-punk/post-hardcore energy. Shed comes in strong as well, with more melody snuck in there with the heaviness. Sounds like a combo of Saves the Day + Knuckle Puck. Crescent Shaped Depression mixes things up a little - a bit more of a melancholy vibe but with the same loud guitars as the last few tracks. Safe in your skin is the softest song on the album, it feels like an interlude almost. Where Am I? is a more straightforward song that has softer vocals as well. Your Screen Door feels like you kind of are getting hit by a door - probably most aggressive song on the album and one I enjoy quite a bit. Closer is good conclusion to album.

19See You Next Tuesday

Certainly an infamous album and I can see why. Vocals are equally good and annoying at times. Weird mix of cool, skull-crushing moments and quirky meta jokes. How to survive a vicious cock fight was probably the standout track of the album but Paraphilia (a softer/melodic track) was also a nice surprise. As a whole though, it was gimmicky and not in a good way most of the time. Man Dude v. Dude Brah is good and the album closes strong. I'll stick with Seeyouspacecowboy though.

Number One

Opener, Parole, immediately grooves hard as fuck with Metallica/Pantera vibes. There is plenty of chugging but also pretty melody thrown in there. Turbulent comes in and follows the same style. Grey Flap slows things down a little and gets softer with great melody and pace. Eight sides sounds like Type O Negative mixed with Pantera in a fun way, it's probably my favorite song on the album. I'm Afraid of Life has some grunge elements creep in seamlessly that mixes things up a little. Electra Complex speeds things up again with high energy, rapid riffs. Down and Out is another solid track.


This was a big let-down. I expected some great riffs and songs, but it was painfully boring and complacent. Songs always sound like they're going to go somewhere cool, but they never do. Soul on Fire stands out and is very pleasing. Mother is another good song that I had actually heard before this album.

22Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

Opener is quite good, there is pleasing vocals and a solid song structure with subtle goth elements peaking in there at the right moments. Track 2/Hallowed Lands starts with a great hook of a riff and just rolls from there. Seriously, Hallowed Lands kicks ASS. Once Solemn is a great, fast paced thrashy song that chugs hard. There are satisfying softer moments on the album peppered in. Hands of Reason has a cool grove that is immediately fun. I See Your Face is badass and triumphant.

Static Age

Listened to this while I walked to the bank and back this morning. Really blew me away how many good songs they could put together on this. The pacing is perfect as each song doesn't overstay its welcome but is still able to develop further. Riffs are so catchy and fun, vocals grow on you as the album progresses. This and American Psycho are the one two Misfits albums I've listened to, but they've both been great.

24Skinny Puppy
Too Dark Park

Convulsion is a frightening way to open the album, full of samples, aggressive drums, distorted vocals, and just a general mess of noise that is approaching you very fast. Spasmolytic is similar to Convulsion, but there is more control in the chaos, more focus. Great use of bass on both songs, super groovy and unsettling at the same time. Nature's Revenge slows and softens things down a little, it would fit into a cyberpunk 80's action movie perfectly. Shore Lined Poison injects more melody in there to great effect, the soft sounds hidden under the electric hell stir up emotions in you. Grave Wisdom is the most danceable song thus far, almost sounding uplifting and empowering. The album reverts back to the industrial + punk sound with TFWO, a song exploding with energy throughout like you are in a cursed carnival in hell. Morpheus Laughing has a precise, simple drum beat with more and more synths/pads being layered on top of it. The Closer, Reclamation, is just noise. Fitting.

25The Cure

2nd Cure album I've ever listened to. Wish is one of my favorite albums so I had high hopes for this. I liked hearing this other side of the Cure - moodier, more atmospheric, and longer songs. Almost every song on the album is phenomenal - vocals, melodies, song structures etc are all working in harmony throughout. I can see why this is their highest rated album. For sure will keep listening to this and explore more of the Cure.

26The Chameleons
Script of the Bridge

Don't Fall opens the album up impressively where the song has a cool mix of things going on that progress naturally. Monkeyland has good shifting from softer/melody to explosions of emotion. Up The Down Escalator is an upbeat, high energy song with atmosphere that breaths some more life in the album. Pleasure and Pain is another standout that has a great, emotional second half. Back half of the record is a little weak/slow, but not bad by any means. Closer makes up for it though with very pretty guitars and melancholy atmosphere.

27Sonic Youth
Bad Moon Rising

Love the simple, short intro track that opens up the album. Brave Men Running is a beautiful, fragmented shoe gaze type sound that is pleasing to the ears. Society is a Whole is an uneasy, desperate song that is both pretty and unnerving at the same time. I Love Her All the Time has interesting vocals and an overall atmosphere that is bleak but has warm melody intertwined. Ghost Bitch is a truly frightening song with shrill riffs, creepy spoken word vocals, and then hard drums coming in. I'm Insane has more interesting vocal deliveries that keep your interest. Justice Is Might is a cool pseudo-interlude type track worth checking out. Death Valley '69 is an energetic, punk closer to the album. Halloween is a good bonus track and Echo Canyon is a good bookend to the deluxe album.

28From Autumn To Ashes
Too Bad You're Beautiful

Not a fan of the vocals and heavier parts of this album. Songs don't have enough interesting instrumentation going on to hold my interest. These guys sound much better when they commit to the emo/softer sound (like on Chloroform Perfume) instead of the heavier post/hardcore sound. Mercury Rising is a really cool interlude with the spoken word, stream of consciousness delivery. Reflections has a really great last two minutes. Overall, disappointed in the album though.

29Bell Witch
Mirror Reaper

Didn't realize the album was literally one song that is 80+ minutes long but I don't mind albums that have unconventional pacing/structure. I appreciated the slow, methodical progression of the song and how there is strong but evolving emotions throughout. They space out the changes and sequences well where there is time in between each one to play out but not too long where it gets stale. Absolutely beautiful, heavenly instruments the last twenty minutes of the album.

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Landmark doom metal album. First two songs are solid, fun doom metal but not too memorable. Crystal Ball is where things change for the better, it has meaty, menacing riffs and a strong atmosphere. Black Stone Wielder follows it up nicely, and the vocals tuck in better with the tone of the song. The last two songs are phenomenal. The closer starts slow and soft and then explodes into a higher energy and has some more melodic moments at the end.

31Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals

Opener Great Big White World is a moody, medium-tempo song that opens the album up in an open way. Rock is Dead has good punk energy that is infectious. Disassociative is where things get more serious and Manson's singing is the most highlighted in my opinion. Posthuman ramps things up again with very aggressive industrial rock/metal in its best form with harsh noise, pummeling drums, and obscene lyrics. I Want To Disappear is a good one that has the same style. New Model No. 15 goes hard. The more industrial/heavy songs on this definitely stick with me more and hold my attention than some of the softer/more acoustic songs. The Last Day on Earth helps the second half of the album, it starts to linger a little too much by the end. Coma White is a great closer to the album.

32A Textbook Tragedy
A Partial Dialogue Between Ghost and Pri

First song was an impressively beautiful and melodic instrumental, but the rest of the album I just didn't vibe with. Reminded me of Sawtooth Grin in that I'm simultaneously enjoying but being kind of annoyed by it. Stay Class, San Diego is a high point of the album where all of the band shows off how good they are. I might try out the two other releases theses guys put out, but this one was a little rough to get through. Dance, Nils, Dance is a highlight too along with the American Psycho reference Dorsia song lol. Closer is quite beautiful and epic.

The Wilderness

Soft, hazy shoe gaze album that is very consistent. Each song has interesting melody and matching vocals but half the time they get better as the song goes on and half the time they don't. Each song is good, but there aren't really any standouts. It is a solid album to listen to all the way through, but there aren't a lot of highs or dynamics.

34Iron Lung
Sexless // No Sex

Hardcore + power violence album. A little bit of a headache inducing album with the rough production and grating, grinding songs. It has its moments but I was a little underwhelmed by the album after hearing how nuts it was.


Recommend to me by my cousin. Track 2, I luv u, slaps. Production could be a little beefier, but at least it stands out because of that. Kind of funny to hear nu-metal vocal styles 2020, but I dig it. Garbage is the deformed mix of Linkin Park and Slipknot but you know what it's welcome. Cinephile introduces some industrial sounds that helps the album for sure.

36Knocked Loose
A Tear in the Fabric of Life

Excited to hear new music from these guys, even if the EP didn't blow me away. Lots of good parts in the songs, but overall just sounds like B-sides from the last two albums. God Knows is the best song on it. Return to Passion is also a nice, short song. Appreciate more melody/atmosphere throughout as well. Solid, fun EP. Closer is pretty epic.

37Dimmu Borgir
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Black metal recommended to me by my cousin. This is the kind of Black Metal I like, higher production, cool atmospheres, but rich with riffs. Feels like you're being chased in a haunted mansion in Eastern Europe. Great mix of gothic elements in there. Incredibly consistent album throughout.

38Dimmu Borgir
Death Cult Armageddon

Very similar to Puritanical, TOO similar. It is basically that album but not as good and more repetitive. Definitely still a solid album, but this literally just feels like Puritanical Part 2.

Night Versions

Cool synth pop EP. Our Last Night is a pretty, romantic song that is well constructed and progresses consistently. Song feels like a perfect summer night. Last two minutes of the song are just instrumental and very dreamy. I like the singing though. Second song is full of cool electronic bells and whistles.

Måsstaden Under Vatten

Opener is beautiful and heavy at the same time. Toxin is a standout with the soft moment in the song that is super pretty and scary. Brannmarkt has thick, filthy riffs but develops into a melodic, emotional song. Masstadens nationalsang is a another chunky song. Heartsmear is worth checking out. Detta dromars is epic. Sunset/sunrise has a menacing presence as well as positive/bright vibes that the whole album balances extremely well. Last 20-30 minutes of the album drag it down a little.

41Under The Pier
An Exercise In Discontent

Opener is full of mathcore goodies, just what I wanted. Subtext and Make Believe Fact is incredible with the spoken word lyrics and the angry, cathartic release of the second half. Fetch Me Wanna Dem Personalities is so Danza it's not even funny, but I appreciate that. Glower has the best of everything - vocals, lyrics, instruments, riffs etc. Breaking Point 1 Karen 0 is dummy heavy and fun. This album is SeeYouSpaceCowboy + Danza + Ion Dissonance in mostly good ways. Left In The Lurch has more unnerving atmosphere to it that I like. Thorns and Roses is fucking ridiculous, the vocal delivery is so unhinged and righteous and the song feels like a truly disturbing confrontation. Closer is a solid ending.

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