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My Top 10 Albums Of The 00's

Put simply, my Top 10 albums since the turn of the century. In order...
Death Magnetic

The only reason this is my favourite album is simply because in terms of improvement, this album's improvement over St. Anger would wipe the floor with any band's return to form album for possibly many years to come, or until Metallica ruin it with something that doesn't match this. Its also such a joy to listen to, every song has its good part and then it's amazing part, Hetfield's voice has improved, Ulrich's snare is working properly, there are Solos!! and Trujillo has made such an impact on the band, or else they really would have written St. Anger 2... This album really is a Metal Masterpiece and it really is as good, if not better, than the Black Album.
Fav Songs: That Was Just Your Life, Cyanide, The Unforgiven III, The Judas Kiss, Suicide and Redemption
The Formation of Damnation

My favourite band of the moment, primarily because of this album. The Best Thrash Metal album of 2008 and possibly since the turn of 2000. Each song is just so perfectly written and Chuck Billy Vocals are amazing on the record.
Fav Songs: More Than Meets the Eye, THe Evil has Landed, Henchmen Ride, F.E.A.R
United Abominations

Ahh, Megadeth, my favourite band of all time, the masters of technical Trash Metal from the late 80's... Well this is another return to good form for a band, the whole album is so good to listen to, solos are great, music overall is perfect, Mustaine's vocals do this album good justice too, they match the music so well.
Fav Songs: Sleepwalker, Washington is Next, Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms, Gears of War

Another musical masterpiece from trivium, the songs are all very well planned and they all sound so good, such a shame that the album is packed with such ridiculous names (Kirisute Gomen and Torn Between Scylla and Charibdis come to mind). But that aside an incredibly complex technical album from Trivium.
Fav Songs: Kirisute Gomen, Down from the Sky, Shogun
First Strike Still Deadly

Another re-recorded Greatest Hits album, but only using the first two records Testament made. The Results are amazing, i love this compilation, its makes the poor quality past albums (The legacy and The New Order) so much easier to listen to, a fantastic album.
Fav Songs: Over the Wall, The Preacher, The New Order, Reign of Terror
Christ Illusion

A superb return to form from a classic Thrash Band, The music is very reminiscent of that late 80's period, from Reign in Blood to Seasons in the Abyss. For a kick ass record that'll make your ears bleed, this is the album to do that, and do that it will.
Fav Songs: Flesh Storm, Jihad, Cult

The 1st Band I started listening to with Screaming Vocals, I didn't think much of them at first, but the chorus vocals were great in every song, and the music overall was sublime, a really good album overall.
Fav Songs: Rain, A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, Declaration
The Greater of Two Evils

A Greatest Hits with each song re-recorded and i think the result is impressive. The Solos are better, the music is heavier and John Bush's Vocals sound good with the songs, although they may not be as good as past Anthrax vocalists.
Fav Songs: Deathrider, A.I.R, Panic

A much heavier attempt than their previous albums, but still a great album nonetheless. Some songs are a little wet, but there are some really solid songs which I really approve of.
Fav Songs: Indestructible, Inside the Fire, The Night.
Snakes & Arrows

I've had a soft spot for this album since i first heard of it last year. It's not like a lot of rush i've heard in the past, but they're always changing their style, but i still think this albums great.
Fav Songs: Far Cry, Spindrift, Malignant Narcissism
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