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05.14.21 Top 15 Reunion-Era Dinosaur Jr. Songs01.05.20 Some stuff I'm Jamming
11.10.19 Low LP's Ranked

Top 15 Reunion-Era Dinosaur Jr. Songs

Been a bit since I've done this. Since Sweep It Into Space came out, I been thinking about how consistent the quality of Dinosaur Jr.'s reunion era albums have been. So here's my favorite tracks. They're subject to change (especially cause Sweep It... is still very young) but this is what they are as of right now. (also bear with me, I'm typing these writeups on the spot and it's the middle of the night lol)
16Dinosaur Jr.
Ear-Bleeding Country

HONORABLE MENTIONS: We're Not Alone, I Ain't, Take It Back, Left/Right, I Don't Wanna Go There
15Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

I Walked for Miles

Big mountainous riffs.
I don't have too much more to say about it other than that.
It feels like the musical equivalent of the cover art, more than any other track on the album.
14Dinosaur Jr.


Another fantastic opener. I feel like this one sets the tone for the album really well too. It's a rocker for sure, but something about it feels spacious and grand and TOWERING like the giant creatures that adorn the album art.
I want to drive fast when I hear this.
13Dinosaur Jr.
Sweep It Into Space

Hide Another Round

Again, this album is still young so other tracks might grow on me more but...this one is just pure fun.
Loving that guitar fill that comes in between J's lines in the chorus. Just upbeat and fun as hell. That's about it.
12Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Be A Part

Mostly straightforward, but it's always been a go-to when I pop this album on.
A straightforward emotional ballad from J. Something about the way he earnestly sings "Come on and be a part of me, come on and feel if it could be, brokenhearted" just..gets me every time. He sounds tired but desperate.
11Dinosaur Jr.
I Bet on Sky


Lou's most rockin' track in the reunion era. That chorus riff absolutely kicks ass and I adore the little acoustic passage after the line "wind me up and watch me spin".
I can't say for certain, but the lyrics read like Lou venting his frustrations at J's controlling nature still, which is ballsy of him if it's true.
I Bet on Sky had a lot of really big high points for me apparently.
10Dinosaur Jr.
Sweep It Into Space

You Wonder

More Lou Barlow here.
A very moody closing ballad from the man really stole the show for me on this album, though it's hard to pick a proper favorite from the new album seeing as it's still very new.
The opening chords remind me a bit of a low-key Nirvana song, but Lou's vocals and lyrics are of particular note.
"My religion is an image of you humming in my ear"
"Forget about the holy rollers, there's the heart of God in you"
Lots of heavy hitters in the lyrical department. Lou's songwriting is as strong as ever.
9Dinosaur Jr.

See You

This is the first song by the band that clicked with me...and it led to Farm being the first album I owned by them.
I feel like this could have been a very good ending for the band had it been a closer or at least a penultimate track.
It just feels like saying goodbye to someone...but not in a depressing way. Just a very bittersweet goodbye and a moving on to greener pastures. Lovely.
8Dinosaur Jr.

Said the People

Another epic from Farm. It's funny, because it's possibly my favorite album of the reunion era but there aren't as many individual songs from it that I'd rank as highly I suppose. Ah well.
This one is desperately sad. I honestly find J's creaking voice crying out the lines "Of all the people, all the people to let me down, of all the people, all the people, why now? Save me, save me" to be kind of gut-wrenching. Simple lyrics but highly effective.
Also I adore the riff that calls back to the opening track Pieces. It almost gives the whole album a conceptual feel.
7Dinosaur Jr.
I Bet on Sky

Pierce the Morning Rain

One of the most energetic tracks from this entire era!
Those riffs are so much fun to listen to honestly. This honest-to-goodness sounds like the most fun J Mascis has had on a song in his entire career.
Not much else to say, just a blast all around.
6Dinosaur Jr.
I Bet on Sky

Watch the Corners

It's not much, but those familiar crunchy guitars and the more melancholy mood wonderfully follows up the energetic opener that is Don't Pretend You Didn't Know.
Lyrically, this is one of J Mascis' better tracks in my opinion. It seems almost to be exploring childhood problems and growing up.
Just a quality song overall.
5Dinosaur Jr.


I'm not sure why I love this track so much but...once you get past Beyond's foot-stomping opener, reintroducing the band to the indie rock scene, you get this lovely melancholic mid-tempo rocker. It feels equal parts longing and total resignation to that state of being.
Also a short but sweet solo in the middle that's a standout in their catalog for me, focusing more on lower notes than the wailing high licks we usually get from the man.
4Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Love Is...

Lou Barlow's tracks are always a treat and a welcome stylistic change from the usual. This one is on another level for me, however.
It's simple enough but still. I love that thick, muddy bass, the acoustic guitar strum, that lovely and tasteful Mascis solo...and Lou's voice and lyrics. The bridge of this song is one of the most emotional moments in a Dino Jr. song. The whole thing calls for us to love eachother and I love the simple but earnest message behind it all.
My favorite Lou Barlow track after Poledo.
3Dinosaur Jr.
I Bet on Sky

Don't Pretend You Didn't Know

What an opener.
The quickly strummed guitar in the verses that give way for those big crunchy chords in the chorus.
The subtle keyboard in the background adds a textural touch you don't normally hear in Dino Jr.'s style.
This album overall had one of the cleaner and more detailed sounds of their material, at least to my ears.
2Dinosaur Jr.

Pick Me Up

The riffs on this thing are monstrous. The first half just kicks ass and gets right into it.
Then that second half where things slow down and you get this emotionally-driven guitar riff interspersed between J's quiet crooning...and that solo. That SOLO.
Possibly J's finest yet.
1Dinosaur Jr.


One of the best Dino Jr. tracks period. Love the laid back riffs at the start and the melancholy lyrics.
"I got nothing left to be, do you have some plans for me?"
One of their longer songs, this song is the perfect summation of Farm's more epic-in-scope sound.
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