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Which 5 rating to drop?

So I feel like I should drop one of these albums from my 5 ratings. But I can't choose. So you people tell me, which one is not worthy of my love and affection.
Restless and Wild

Super cool tracks like Fast As A Shark, Neon Nights, Princess Of The Dawn. Pretty ahead of it's time in a few ways too. But a lot of the middle sags and Shake Your Heads and Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away should not exist on a 5-d album.

Likelihood to drop: 8/10
2Angelo Badalamenti
Twin Peaks

Some marvellous movements but I'm not sure it merits a 5 for a few catchy themes it plays around with.

Likelihood to drop: 9/10
Piece of Time

Super energy and pretty much the only technical death metal band I can enjoy. This is thrashier than their followup and feels maybe just a bit demoish, like every kink hasn't been ironed out yet. But then again, that's part of it's charm.

Likelihood to drop: 5/10
Unquestionable Presence

No way I'm dropping this.

Likelihood to drop: 1/10
5Big Black

Probably the most ferocious fucking album I've ever heard. Strange Things sounds like a Ministry b-side though, and Bad Houses is just a tad too contemplative for such an explosion of an album. Still, Kerosene can hold an album together all by itself and Passing Complexion should be mandatory listening to any guitarist.

Likelihood to drop: 2/10
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

As time goes on, I find I have less patience for Varg's slow-burn composing, but the hypnotic highs on this album stick with you forever.

Likelihood to drop: 4/10
Mental Vortex

Yeah, not gonna happen.

Likelihood to drop: 1/10
The Sound of Perseverance

It certainly isn't easy listening. I mostly dislike the drumming, as it gets a bit too wanky which seems to overpower the intricate guitarwork. Late-era Death should've taken a page from Atheist's book and learned to ease up some instruments as others pull away.

Likelihood to drop: 8/10
In the Nightside Eclipse

Hmm. So overblown but so enjoyable. Emperor would pull some of these tracks off even better live, which is the only thing I can think against this album.

Likelihood to drop: 4/10

Nothing compares.

Likelihood to drop: 0/10
11Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

I never know if I'm overrating this or not. It was the first album that actually got me INTO music, so there may be a nostalgic factor to it. But then I jam the title track and get blown away. Can I Play With Madness is dull arena rock though.

Likelihood to drop: 5/10
12Judas Priest

Similar thing to SSOASS, it's a very nostalgic album to me. I kinda don't really care about the edge this album has anymore, but I absolutely respect how a "past-it" band can come out of the woodworks and smack all the young'uns in the teeth the way Painkiller did.

Likelihood to drop: 5/10
13Lightning Bolt
Earthly Delights

Listen. Yes, there's a wee bit of filler in the middle, but Sound Guardians, Colossus and especially Transmissionary are all top 10 tracks of all time. I can't in all conscience drop an album with those tracks. Frankly it's taken me colossal (hah) restraint not to 5 another Lightning Bolt album.

Likelihood to drop: 2/10
14Mercyful Fate

This is a tough one. I very rarely actually jam it, but I absolutely love it. There isn't a single weak point in this entire album, I just don't want to listen to it often.

Likelihood to drop: 4/10
15Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate

A Corpse Without Soul. That's the one. The bounciest, tastiest pair of riffs ever to be made. Also there are some other tracks on this EP I guess.

Likelihood to drop: 7/10
16Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

A lot of dead air on this one. It swims by me, but when you spin it a few tracks at a time, it's an absolute GOAT.

Likelihood to drop: 3/10
17Naked City
Grand Guignol

Such a motherfucker of a record. In the end, it's essentially Torture Garden with some longer pieces attached to it. My opinion on them varies by the day.

Likelihood to drop: 5/10
18Nuclear Assault
Game Over

Truly the most unfairly overlooked thrash band there is. The big four wishes it put out something as good. It starts off a bit slow but Radiation Sickness onwards, it does everything with speed that thrash metal ever could. The hardcore influences help a lot.

Likelihood to drop: 5/10
Execution Ground

Masterpiece. For what is essentially an ambiet improvisation, not a single second is wasted.

Likelihood to drop: 1/10
Sleep's Holy Mountain

The only problem with this one is that no speaker in the world can play it loud enough.

Likelihood to drop: 0/10
Persecution Mania

Such a evil fucking sounding album. Nuclear Winter is an opener that really tells you what to expect - breakneck riffing and some serious ass-pounding drenched in German sweat. It's one of those albums that you see the cover of and think, huh, I remember this being fairly full of filler and then when you jam it, you realize that you don't remember standouts because every damn song is so good.

Likelihood to drop: 2/10.
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