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Every Enter Shikari Song Ranked

In what has surprisingly become my most personal and listened to band over the years, starting my political awakening and starting the path into new genres. Only fitting to do a definitive discography list. I'm excluding remixes, even though some of the Juggernaut and Sssnakepit remixes are arguably better than the original and yes, I forgot Red Shift and Quelle Surprise. Refer to comment #1 for those two.
80Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Pack of Thieves - Delete this song.
79Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Fanfare for the Conscious Man - What a disappointing end to a fantastic album. Leaves me confused emotionally and musically.
78Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

No Sleep Tonight - I’ve always thought the way the chorus starts is jarring and doesn’t quite feel right. Even though it’s more popular, I feel it’s a worse version of Wall.
77Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Elegy For Extinction - A pretty track that doesn’t really serve much purpose on the album. It breaks the great album flow and doesn't really fit in the overall mood of the album either IMO. By no means a bad song, but I do tend to skip this and judging it on its own merits independently, it's still just an ok song.
76Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

Bank of England - Absolute snoozefest
75Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

Never Let Go of the Microscope
74Enter Shikari
The Spark

Revolt Of The Atoms - This really should have been cut from the album and combined with Stop the Clocks for an EP. It ruins a really good streak of emotive, heartfelt tracks that should transition Undercover Agents into Jigsaw but instead we get this gimmicky track that breaks the rhythm.
73Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

There's a Price On Your Head
72Enter Shikari
The Zone

The Feast - It's just a little too rough around the edges to be enjoyable.
71Enter Shikari

All Eyes on the Saint
70Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Return To Energiser
69Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

The King
68Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Today Won't Go Down in History
67Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

66Enter Shikari

65Enter Shikari
The Zone

Acid Nation
64Enter Shikari
The Zone

Keep It On Ice
63Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Waltzing Off the Face of the Earth (I. Crescendo)
62Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

The Dreamer's Hotel
61Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide
60Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

The Pressure's On
59Enter Shikari
The Spark

Stop The Clocks - Single only release. A genuinely fun, upbeat song if you don't focus too hard.
58Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Search Party
57Enter Shikari

We Can Breathe in Space
56Enter Shikari
The Spark

Rabble Rouser
55Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Arguing With Thermometers
54Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Havoc A
53Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

The Jester
52Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here
51Enter Shikari
Rat Race

The Paddington Frisk
50Enter Shikari
The Spark

Take My Country Back - Whilst still a decent song, there's a bit too much oversinging. Frustratingly, the acoustic renditions of this are significantly better and bring out better qualities in this song.
49Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour
48Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

47Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

46Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

The Great Unknown
45Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

44Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

43Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Jonny Sniper
42Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

41Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

The Appeal and Mindsweep II
40Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Modern Living / Apocaholics Anonymous
39Enter Shikari

38Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

Dear Future Historians - Would be higher but I’m not so keen on the final third where everything gets loud and ‘epic’. Song would have been better if it just went with the minimalist, heartfelt ballad that it started with.

Lyric highlight: 'For when I dive into your iris, my brain erupts into biochemical mayhem'
37Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Ok Time for Plan B
36Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Marionettes I / II - Can’t help but feel this song was slightly let down by some very typical Shikari lyrics, rehashing messages we’ve heard before but not as good.
35Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Sorry You're Not a Winner
34Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

The Appeal and Mindsweep I
33Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

No Sssweat
32Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

31Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Crossing the Rubicon
30Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Havoc B
29Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

One True Colour
28Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

27Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Common Dreads / Solidarity
26Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Reprise / Labyrinth
25Enter Shikari
The Spark

24Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

23Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

22Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Satellites - One thing I truly cannot wait to do is grab a sweaty stranger and shout out ‘YEAH I THINK IT COULD BE LOVE’ with them, and just for a while, the world will make sense. It’s a shame lyrically this song is fairly poor by Rou’s standards. Its unimaginative and repetitive verse/prechorus is what brings is down slightly.
21Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

The Last Garrison
20Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Waltzing Off the Face of the Earth (II. Piangevole) - A very cathartic ending to the album and hopefully a favourite to play live in the future
19Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Antwerpen - Those DnB rhythms are DELICIOUS
18Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

17Enter Shikari


Best lyric: 'Your carpet is ugly and your veg ain't in season'
16Enter Shikari
The Spark

An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces (in two movements) / The Embers
15Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

14Enter Shikari
The Spark

Airfield - Sometimes you need to see a song live to truly appreciate a song. Singing the hook with thousands of strangers in a single room brought me to tears and showed the true beauty of this song.

Best lyric: 'Now the wind's against you, don't give up the fight'
13Enter Shikari
The Spark

Live Outside - For me, a song to encapsulate 2020. The constant noise of bad news, anxiety and wishing for doom clouding your thoughts, whilst also experiencing a nasty bout of insomnia. I too wish to live outside from the brain fog.

Best lyric: 'I can’t sleep with the noise in the house, why won’t they pipe it down?’
12Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

Torn Apart
11Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Stand Your Ground This is Ancient Land / Enter Shikari
10Enter Shikari
Rat Race

Rat Race.

Best lyric: 'When you finally reach the front of the pack, there’s nothing left but an endless barren track’
9Enter Shikari

8Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
7Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Halcyon / Hectic - 'Well thank god for the good days...' Particularly enjoy that this is potentially one of two or three songs where Chris, Rou and Rory each sing individual parts in.

Best lyric: 'All those halcyon days and halcyon nights...'
6Enter Shikari
The Spark

Undercover Agents - I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, nothing can replicate face to face communication with someone. No amount of zoom calls can replace it. So why not give into our primal social urges and embrace one another like we should and this song exemplifies this beautifully. A carefree energy of ‘fuck it, let’s go’ and it’s incredible. I feel the warmth of many friends with this song.

Best lyric: 'I don’t want the gloss, I want to see the truth; I want to see your body’
5Enter Shikari
Rat Race

Radiate - THE song that got me into Enter Shikari, just by sheer chance after stumbling onto it on radio 1. These couldn’t be the same hoodie wearing weirdos I used to see in kerrang, surely? They sound so… mature? And these electronic bits… they’re actually quite good. Simply put, a song that started an important path in discovering electronic music and harsh vocals.
4Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Step Up - The twin to Gap In The Fence, bemoaning the injustice and inequalities of a world that can do much better. A call to action in a sweeping, aggressive song which culminates in a call to take action, but not in an accusatory tone but one of brother’s in arms. Interestingly, the acoustic version of this brings out a more empathetic tone to this song’s message and I can’t decide which one I prefer, but either way, it’s top tier song.

Best lyric: 'We shelter ourselves from the outcries. We blinker ourselves from the eyesores’
3Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Gap In The Fence - Despite being nothing particularly special, the build up of this song to its ‘whoa’ climax really gets me, with anything after 2:30 minute mark being sheer bliss. Just something to close your eyes, feel in awe of the mixture of chords, sparkling synths that are almost hypnotic. Features one of my favourite Shikari moments too, which is Rob’s drum lick at the 3 minute mark, which I don’t know why, just feels so cathartic.

Best lyric: 'And yes granted we prosper, but the fact that we prosper is even taken for granted’
2Enter Shikari
The Spark

The Spark / The Sights - The Spark came out just as I moved country on my own and coming to terms with its difficulties and loneliness. It may not have been the album most fans wanted, but it was probably the one that spoke to me greatly at the time. There was something inspiring about The Sights, with its upbeat, poppy synths, acknowledging fear but relishing a new beginning. Even in musical terms, the bridge reprises the same bright chords from ‘The Spark’ intro, resembling the actual spark to kickstart anew, whilst overlayed with fear of the unknown. But it was when I was most anxious, most scared to put myself out there in a new country, that I’d repeat the same lyric from this song to give me some courage.

Best lyric: Now I'll boldly go into the great unknown'
1Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour

System... / ... Meltdown - In my opinion, this is political shikari at its peak, with its anger through its music, commentary through lyricism and all round a very interesting and chaotic blend of genres and styles. A literal dry drum & bass, almost jungle, beat that carries the track proving some real blood pumping energy that combines sweeping synths and an unusually ferocious Rou. Of all Shikari songs, this puts me in the best zone and mood regardless of the environment I hear it in.

Best lyric: ‘Countries are just lines drawn in the sand with a stick’
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