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✨ January Song of the Day

Dearest all, welcome to the January 2021 Song Of The Day thread! Participate by recommending a track that makes you feel absolutely euphoric, that makes you spontaneously burst out giggling and that blows up a balloon in your belly because of happiness. We need this right now. A warm snugly feeling. The track that makes you dance around weirdly and without shame when you're all alone (or not!). Tell me the euphoric tune, the name of the artist, the album, and provide a youtube link (preferably, but bandcamp and as a last resort spotify are allowed too), and put your song in the google doc down below. Now you can rate and participate! Enjoy this January filled with euphoric music and let's start 2021 on a happy note!
DRIFT Series 1

Appleshine (All The Lights)

A track that makes me so H A P P Y ! ! ! ! ! ! Especially the 20 minute version, you can find that on the complete series set, an edit of 9 minutes can also be found on the Sampler Edition of the project. Eternal bliss.

ArsMoriendi: 3.0
Divaman: 3.3
budgie: 2.8
dedex: 3.6
Pheromone: 3.4
normaloctagon: 3.0
Nolerthebowler: 2.6
Egarran: 3.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.5
garas: 2.5
Scheumke: 3.2
Leddsledd: 2.7
Mythodea: 3.0
Jesper: 3.3
YoYoMancuso: 3.5
Sinternet: 3.9
rifkadm: 2.5
Pangea: 3.8
Gyromania: 5.0
2Dorian Electra
My Agenda

Lil Mariko - Shiny feat. Full Tac

ArsMoriendi: 1.0
Divaman: 2.8
budgie: 1.0
dedex: 3.3
Pheromone: 1.0
normaloctagon: 3.5
Nolerthebowler: 5.0
Egarran: 1.2
Leddsledd: 2.0
Mythodea: 4.0
JesperL: 2.8
YoYoMancuso: 2.5
Sinternet: 3.6
rifkadm: 2.0
Pangea: 3.3
3Sigur Ros


This is a perfect for my favourite song of all time. It always fills my heart with happiness and gives me the biggest smile

budgie: 3.0
dedex: 5.0
Pheromone: 3.4
ArsMoriendi: 3.0
Egarran: 4.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.6
garas: 3.3
Divaman: 3.5
Scheumke: 4.7
Leddsledd: 3.9
Mythodea: 2.5
JesperL: 3.1
normaloctagon: 4.0
YoYoMancuso: 5.0
Sinternet: 4.7
rifkadm: 3.5
Nolerthebowler: 4.4
4Charly Bliss
Young Enough


budgie: 2.3
ArsMoriendi: 3.0
Egarran: 2.5
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.7
garas: 3.4
Divaman: 3.9
Scheumke: 3.3
dedex: 3.3
Leddsledd: 2.2
Mythodea: 2.0
Pheromone: 3.7
normaloctagon: 2.5
YoYoMancuso: 3.5
rifkadm: 1.5
Nolerthebowler: 1.5
Pangea: 3.2
Sinternet: 2.8
Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Imaginary Folklore

budgie: 3.7
ArsMoriendi: 4.0
garas: 3.0
Divaman: 3.7
dedex: 5.0
Mythodea: 3.0
JesperL: 3.5
normaloctagon: 3.7
YoYoMancuso: 4.3
rifkadm: 4.0
Scheumke: 4.0
Leddsledd: 4.2
Nolerthebowler: 4.0
Egarran: 3.3
Pangea: 3.0
Sinternet: 4.6

Archie, Marry Me

budgie: 3.9
dedex: 3.9
Divaman: 3.7
JesperL: 4.8
Pheromone: 4.0
normaloctagon: 2.8
YoYoMancuso: 3.6
rifkadm: 3.2
ArsMoriendi: 3.0
Minushuman24: 4.0
Scheumke: 2.5
Leddsledd: 3.0
Mythodea: 3.5
Nolerthebowler: 3.1
Egarran: 3.7
Pangea: 2.2
Sinternet: 4.4
7Jethro Tull
Living in the Past

Life Is A Long Song

This is a song that makes me feel euphoric from my favorite band of all time.

budgie: 2.9
dedex: 3.6
rifkadm: 3.9
ArsMoriendi: 3.5
Scheumke: 4.3
Leddsledd: 3.8
Mythodea: 4.0
normaloctagon: 4.0
YoYoMancuso: 3.5
Nolerthebowler: 4.6
Egarran: 3.0
Best Before 1984

Big A Little A

I'm going to rec something good, start the year off with a bang.

budgie: 3.6
ArsMoriendi: 4.7
Divaman: 2.8
Scheumke: 2.0
Mythodea: 4.0
normaloctagon: 3.8
YoYoMancuso: 3.7
rifkadm: 2.3
Nolerthebowler: 3.3
Egarran: 2.0
dedex: 3.7
Disengage the Simulator EP

Disengage The Simulator


ArsMoriendi: 3.6
Divaman: 3.0
normaloctagon: 3.3
YoYoMancuso: 3.5
rifkadm: 3.0
Nolerthebowler: 2.9
Egarran: 3.0
dedex: 3.6
10Major Parkinson
Songs From A Solitary Home


Are songs at least so far unattached to an album alright? Cuz if they are Major Parkinson dropped the single Jonah back last January and it’s been a reliable fix of warm fuzzies and too-fast driving ever since, with very little tolerance built up. But it still a year on has no album to go with it.

Egarran: 3.0
Divaman: 3.5
dedex: 3.4
normaloctagon: 3.9
YoYoMancuso: 3.8
rifkadm: 3.1
Nolerthebowler: 2.1
11Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra
Dream Until You Die

Take Your Skin Off and Dance

Made me dance out on the balcony once, with all the neighbours giving me strange looks.

Egarran: 3.5
Divaman: 2.9
dedex: 3.2
normaloctagon: 2.8
YoYoMancuso: 3.0
rifkadm: 4.3
Nolerthebowler: 3.4
12Damien Rice
My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Trusty and True

pretty much the most beautiful thing created by humans up to this point

Egarran: 4.0
Divaman: 3.5
dedex: 3.8
rifkadm: 3.6
Nolerthebowler: 4.7
13The Go! Team
Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Huddle Formation

Is wonderful even by itself, but there's a fan video for it (which i'll put as the link but feel free to go for a slightly higher quality one) which is basically every spot in my hometown me and my friends used to hang in college and so is super nostalgic for me. plus one of the band member's grandmas worked in my secondary school and was lovely.

Egarran: 3.7
Divaman: 3.8
dedex: 3.8
Nolerthebowler: 3.8
14Animal Collective
Water Curses

Water Curses

joyous, bouncy, watery.

Egarran: 3.0
Divaman: 2.8
dedex: 2.8
15bree runway

Damn Daniel

2020 soty contender

Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test

Those synthesizers are pure dopamine.

YoYoMancuso: 5.0

LTM (Paola Iezzi - LTM.... featuring MYSS KETA)

thought i'd kick off the new year with something a little new, a little unexpected, a little edgy, a bit sexy
18Os mutantes

Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí

Amazing psych-pop from Brazil that makes me feel pure joy.
19Jerome Sydenham And Kerri Chandler

Rising The Sun

the chords and pads in this tune make me feel like i'm being lifted up from the chest by a celestial being...euphoria is a good way to describe the feeling, and while I don't often giggle or laugh when hearing this as per trif's description, it certainly fills my belly up with happiness. House Is A Feeling
20Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Semi-Charmed Life

doin' crystal meth'll lift you up until you break

YoYoMancuso: 5.0
First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection)

20 Buck Spin

This song always makes me (try) to sing along. And those riffs are fantastic.
22Polaris (USA)
Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pe

Hey Sandy

Snow Brigade

I had many a happy time to Snow Brigade by Mew. This song live adds years to your life.

Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time)

Works much better with the song prior to it on the album (the opener) so definitely seek that out if you're so inclined and would like to experience maximum euphoria
25Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
And Now for the Whatchamacallit

My Friend's A Liquid

such a danceable melody and everything about it oozes the fun vibrance that comes very easily to this band
26Snarky Puppy
We Like It Here

What About Me?

This might be one of my favorite pieces of music ever. Larnell Lewis = god. the musicality of this song is out of this world and never fails to bring a stupid grin to my face.

Advice from Scheumke himself: watch the video with the song. Seeing it played enhances so much what's actually going on!

Breadcrumb Trail

I'm not much the happiness type in music but I always drive a little too fast to this one. :)

YoYoMancuso: 5.0
28Slingshot Dakota


distorted dreamy pop punk with super sugary vocals from their frontwoman have made it one of go-to happy songs for the past few years
29The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

I Am the Resurrection

There’s a lot that make me tingle but only a handful that make me want to raise my arms into the air and dance with abandon. There’s one in particular that takes me to a higher state. Should I be walking along the pavement and it makes an appearance on the old I-pod I will without any hesitation start dancing/shuffling along with it because it has an impact on me whereby it’s impossible not to cut some rug. It engages the mind, body and soul and elevates to nirvana.
Teeny Shiny

Warp, backspin

As per Diva's request I bring you Melt-banana - Warp, backspin, it's a short burst of crazy japanese noise punk riding an euphoric beat nonetheless.
31The Slits


This is the closest I could get to something that will make me happy usually, that won't get my feelings hurt here
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