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The Top 10 WORST Hit Songs Of 2020

In this awful awful year, there was some really good but mostly really bad music. Here is a list of some of my least favorites. But first let me set some rules: 1) The selections are made from the year end list made by Billboard of the Hot 100. To narrow it down, I also applied the rule that the version I listened to on Spotify, would have to be from 2020, meaning that when I press on the album it’s being played from, it should be from 2020 2) To be as unbiased as possible I only started preparing for this is in the last few weeks. This way, time and amount of plays would have as little impact as possible 3) No country. I know too little to have an actual opinion on anything from the genre. Also it’s not a popular genre where I’m from. 4) This is just my opinion. If you like any of these songs, fine. I just don’t

I know this isn’t a hit song in the US but this piece of shit was HUUUUGE in the Netherlands, where I live. And what I said earlier about me just listening to the songs in December to be as unbiased as possible? I can’t be with this because I heard this almost DAILY. And it got old the very first time. Imagine Ed Sheeran, but not as quirky and odd. Some of the most awful, flavorless, corny and shitty acoustic pop music this year had to offer. This doesn’t even have any symphonic instrumentation, and I can’t even tell if that would make it better or worse
Life Is Good (feat Drake)

What am I supposed to say here? It’s another mediocre, boring, phoned in Drake song, like many in these last couple of years. But now he’s collabing with Future, who I have never seen the appeal of. Besides the lazy and generic beats and awful and cringy bars, they were so lazy with this song they didn’t even try to combine their two parts. Instead they split the songs into two parts. Drake gets the first part and Future gets the second and unfortunately longer part. Just whatever, I hope Future goes away and it already seems like Drake is starting to fade out
8Lewis Capaldi
Before You Go

Now I’m gonna bend my rules a little bit, because the original version didn’t come out in 2020. But I don’t care, it’s my list, I make the rules. At first I didn’t think this would make the list. This isn’t as bad as Someone You Loved, but that still doesn’t make it any good. Instead of the four chords of pop piano, it’s now the four chords of pop acoustic guitar. The vocals are still really bad, but not as bad as Someone You Loved. But there is one thing that changed, that in some ways make this worse than Someone You Loved. It’s about suicide. And the way he handles it is the most basic, boring and uncaring way. I didn’t even notice it at first. But once I did I couldn’t stand it anymore. He does it with the same attitude as 13 Reasons Why, the worst show I’ve ever seen. Please people, let Lewis Capaldi stay a two hit wonder, I don’t know if I can handle a third
7Lil Baby
The Bigger Picture/We Paid/Sum 2 Prove/Emotionally Scarred

I actually have very little to say about these overal. Not because they’re good or anything, they’re just Lil Baby tracks. They suck because he makes an appearance on them, and he’s one of the worst rappers I’ve ever heard. The one track I will single out is The Bigger Picture. Now I won’t go too far into my politics, because I’m sure that’s the last thing anyone wants to hear right now, but I gotta say; to make a song like this, in these times, with what’s happening right now, seems really predatory and a really cheap way to cash in. If I didn’t look up the lyrics on Genius I wouldn’t have even noticed what Baby was trying to say because HE SUCKS AT RAPPING AND I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD
6Cardi B
WAP (feat Meghan Thee Stallion)

Either you totally agree with me or you’re pissed off right now. But the thing is, people’s arguments as to why are usually really stupid. The defenders will claim it’s fun and omg they are so empowering or whatever and the haters will call it gross and sexist. I don’t agree with both groups although the censored version (“wet and gushy”) does sound kinda gross. I hate this song because of just how serious everyone takes it. The fact that there is a censored version should say enough. Meghan Thee Stallion may bring some comedy (“if he ate my ass, he’s a bottom feeder”), but it still isn’t enough to save this. The lyrics are just so stupid and juvinile. Besides that, there is very little to talk about in the music department because other than a barely heard bassline and some boring drums, there’s nothing here. This also uses one of my least favorite production techniques in the worst way; vocal samples, so you got vocals on vocals with fast flows. This just wasn't pleasant to hear
Toosie Slide

Drake stopped trying. Before he realised that wouldn’t make him money and returned to making actual songs with Laugh Now Cry Later. But this song had the most minimal effort put into it. The beat is lazy, the melody’s are monotone and boring and the lyrics are some of the most repetitive and redundant lyrics I’ve ever heard. It sounds like he gave up halfway through writing it. That’s because this isn’t a song. It’s a product. The only reason this song exists is to profit off the TikTok-dance-hit trend that’s hot right now. No one will be listening to this in 2021, I promise you, because than his rabid fanbase will flock to the next mixtape, or 25 track album he dropped
4Jack Harlow
Whats Popppin

That title should already alert you about what you’re getting yourself into when pressing play. Whats Poppin? What is this, a JayStation youtube video? Besides being grammatically incorrect, the hook is just so stupid. I feel like he’s trying way too hard to be like the Lil Dicky type character of nerdy/corny white rapper, meanwhile just like Lil Dicky, bragging and wanting to be taken seriously. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work when Dicky did it, although it at least was original. No joke, Jack Harlow (what a boring name btw) decides to make a Jimmy Neutron reference followed by a line about how he doesn’t need an expensive matrass to fuck women. Do I need to say more? Well the features on the most famous version are also pretty trash. DaBaby who I actually kinda like, doesn’t bring his A game here and professional lizard man, Lil Wayne sucks as always. Also the piano arpeggio’s that are basically the whole song also get really annoying, real quick
3Black Eyed Peas

So guys, bad news; Black Eyed Peas are back. It doesn’t seem like they changed much. They still ruin samples of good songs, this time Corona’s euro-dance hit, Rhythm Of The Night, thanks for reminding us assholes. The instrumental by itself is also extremely annoying, a pattern that’s found in everything touches. The lyrics are still really bad and stupid, the most forced rhymes imaginable show up, and a Lion King reference? Come on guys, try harder. But the big thing that changed, is the language. Out of all the pop artists to chase after the reggaeton invasion, I would have never in a million guessed it would be and the two other guys. And just like that goddamn Hello Kitty song, Avril Lavigne did a while ago, I’m certain people who actually speak Spanish cringe every time they hear this, their pronunciations are so bad. I know music videos don’t factor into things, but I feel personally attacked by the butchering of the retro sunset aesthetic in the video
2Justin Bieber

You knew this was coming. I have no fucking clue why, but after taking 5 years off, Justin Bieber returned with this. Imagine how disappointing this must be for his fans, who must have grown up at this point, he’s been going for 10 years now. Yummy came first, only two days after the New Year. Yummy has already been torn apart limb by limb by like everyone. But no one really talks about Intentions. I dare you to go to the Genius page for this and keep track of how many lines it took for you to cringe. With lines like: “Stay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own bread” (seems kinda sexist but ok), “Shout-out to your mom and dad for makin' you, Standin' ovation, they did a great job raisin' you” among others, this song is just the cheesiest of love songs. Also, Quavo is on this thing, because why not. I’m not even gonna talk about the instrumental, because it is as non-descript as you can imagine. Justin begged to go to #1 but the people have spoken!
1Jason Derulo
Savage Love

Earlier this year I really got into Pink Floyd, and one of my favorite Floyd songs is Us and Them. The chord progressions are amazing, the lyrics are really sharp and well written and the chorus is one the best EVER. Everytime I hear the choir come in with the drum fills, the organ and all the layers of vocals and instrumentation, it just gives me goosebumps every single time. This has song the same effect on me but in a negative way. This song makes my skin crawl. Not kidding about that. Everytime I hear it, I just kinda shrivel up and place my hands on my face as a defence mechanism for this 9/11 level assault on my eardrums, because this song does genuinely make me feel insane. I may hate WAP or Whats Poppin, but none of those songs release the same primal hatred in me as this song does. Fuck you Jason Derulo, you suck and good riddance to 2020
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