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Deezers FK You 2020 Top 50 List!

WITH TOP 5 EP HIDDEN BONUS DISK FEATURE! OH WOW! (50-46) 2020 sucked didn't it? Loads of peeps died. Mad wildfires and generally loads of other bad shit happened. On the plus I got paid to sit on my arse for a bit. Nice. And it didn't halt the amount of good music released. So in comparison to like...World wars, genocides etc it wasn't THAT bad, reallllllly. Although it probably WILL get worse. Stay positive kids. I wasn't gonna do a list this year and not gonna be as in depth as previous years because A- I can't be arsed B- I've been slack over the last few months after investing 'heavily' on a new hifi system and Turntable so been revisiting vinyl and older records, classics etc etc C- No one else is arsed Weird year. LOADS of good stuff but not loads of stuff I absolutely love. I DO love you though, Sput . Most of the time. Have a good Christmas and NY or as good as you can have right now. Luv x x

(EP) This only JUST dropped but Ive been bumping those 2 tracks for a while and I love this band so its getting on here. . Straight ahead, In your face HxC/Power Violence. (9 mins long!) Makes me wanna fking STOMP but I'm OLD and I would put my knees out. Gutted.

Bridge Nine Records
49Rejoice! The Light Has Come

(EP) Marstons magic hands. You generally know where were going when he has had input on a death metal record right? Usually pretty awesome tech death/blackened death. Slightly Krallice and definitely Gorguts-esque ( a go to comparison but very apt here). Would love to hear more stuff from them but apparently he said that wasn't a given. I had to remind him he had even put this out!

Self Released
Tech Death
Into the Necrosphere

(EP) Superb death meath metal album from Germany Hints of Portal now and then. Pretty suffocating. Standard Lewandawski Cover but pretty damn fitting for this EP I reckon. Cannot wait for a full length.

Total Dissonance Worship
Death Metal
Une Balle Dans Le Pied

(EP) Stellar EP from the consistently amazing Dehn Sora. Another year with multiple artistic endeavours. Videos for Dark Buddha Rising/Ulcerate among others. A dope sludge record with Oventroir and a new Throane EP between albums. Kind of more direct since less time on here but still that same Treha Sektori lurking vibe behind his hugely atmospheric Black metal. But not 'In the Forest atmospheric' More locked in your Bathroom with a razor and 4 voices in your head atmospheric. His best work under Throane to date.

Debemur Morti
Atmospheric 'Black' Metal
Also Sprach Futura

(EP) Greg Chandler just pumps out next level shit after next level shit like its absolutely nothing. After last years incredible Esoteric album, Lychgate release maybe my fave music by them. A Usual, madcap, head fk of a release that is absolutely impossible to pin down . It's like you know its black metal at it's core but there so many twist and turns even on an EP it leaves you dizzy. Then that Organ. They're like the Kayo Dot of black metal for me, Masters. One of the best releases this year regardless of length. No more writing now 'till 25. Go!

Debemur Morti Records
Avant garde Black metal
False Peace

Translation Loss Records
Death/Tech/Bit of core in there
From King To A God

Some of this is cheesy af but the harder, grittier stuff kills

Hip Hop
Echoes Of Life

Grave Mistake Records

Sounds like a more HxC version on the Exploited
Zero Bounce

Self Released
Devouring Ruin

Translation Loss
I mean bits of Hardcore/Grind tinges/Black/Death a real mixture.
40Cryptic Shift
Visitations from Enceladus

Blood Harvest

Self Released
Australian Black Metal
38Druon Antigon

Onism Productions
Atmospheric Blackened Glitch (Yeah!)
37Randall Collier-Ford

Cryo Chamber
Dark Ambient
To Dull the Blades of Your Abuse

Prosthetic Records(Spit)
Blackned core or whatever
35Small Bills
Don't Play It Straight

Mello Music Group
Hip Hop
34Subterraen (FRA)
Rotten Human Kingdom

Transcending Obscurity
33Dark Buddha Rising

Svart Records
32Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin
Stygian Bough Volume 1

Profound Lore
Funeral Doom/Folk Doom

Dry Cough Records
30Death. Void. Terror.
To the Great Monolith II

Repose Records
D.E.N.S.E & M.U.R.K.Y AF Death Metal
29William Basinski

Temporary Residence Limited
28Primitive Man

Relapse Records
Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional...

20 Buck Spin
Death Metal
þar Sem Skepnur Reika

Not Sure also should be top 25 but HEY theres no room.
Icelandic Black Metal
25Armand Hammer

All Armand Hammer records are slow burners for me apart from 'Race Music' which is still easily my fave. Maybe with other acts I would have quit this but It has got better and better over the year. My fave rap duo right now and I never have to worry I wont dig it. Also the making of the 'Charms' Video is incredible. I'd advise a watch of this if you haven't seen it.

Backwoodz Studioz
Hip Hop
24Light Dweller

Arizona one man wrecking machine put out 2 absolute beasts this year. I haven't really invested in the new one as much as this but this one is some killer blackened death metal with a slight tech Vibe to it. The song structures and writing in general are dope and it is up there with the best DM this year. No doubt.

Death Metal

I love all of Bens discography so the clamour for Cloudkickers 'Heavy' return was never a thing for me but not gonna lie it's pretty great to hear him playing solely that kind of 'Beacons' Era style for an entire record again. Never fails. Plus that opener man.....JESUS.....That's the heaviest thing he has ever wrote.

Self Released
Post Metal/Post Rock
22void rot
Descending Pillars

Nothing Particularly new in the Death doom sphere but the riffs and atmosphere are monstrous. Production on point. Has some of that Spectral Voice style feel for me.

Everlasting Spew Records
Death doom.

I've listened to a lot of death metal this year FAR more than recent years (as this list is showing) so needed something like this to come from out of the box and grab me. Theres not one label you could stick on this. Part noise, part metal, part techno even. It's mad as hell but it's inventive and fun. Maybe 2 kids out of Nairobi writing this stuff peaks my interest rather that 2 hipsters from London/NY or some shit which probably makes me some kind of smug hipster myself but ANYWAY, it GOES. I could put this at number one number 50 or not even in my top 100 depending on the day. Thats a good thing for me. Turn it up. For real though...turn it right up. Shits wild.

Nyege Nyege Tapes
20Hellish Form

Not everyones bag thats for sure. Start's off sounding like a Sunn 0)) record but turns more into that band doing a Sludge record pretty quick. Theres enough subtleties for the brave who stick with it to keep it interesting it. I love drone tinged Sludge. One of the dudes from Body Void and the other from Keeper.

Self Released

Another swirling, Psychedelic black metal masterclass from Skaphe. Probably my favourite out of the 3 records. Could name drop those usual 'dissonant' black metal acts (you know the ones) and although no doubt similar in feel , Skaphe are very much their own thing. More cohesive than their last album. I even let them off with those clean vox. Nobodies perfect.

Black Metal
18Plague Organ

Madness. I love it. I don't know what the hell it is but I love it. Repetitive, ritualistic death metal (?)Another that if your'e not going go balls deep don't bother. That atmosphere sears into your brain. Along with Duma the freshest 'Heavy' thing I heard all year.

Sentient Ruin
Ritualistic drone/metal
17Black Curse
Endless Wound

A relentless barrage of kicks in the balls. My fave vox of the year and I am not alone in these parts with that An extremely aggressive, cavernous recording. As you would fully expect for the member of this supergroup. Even the slower parts are monolithic.

Sepulchral Voice Records
16Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou
May Our Chambers Be Full

Expected this to be number one.I saw the Roadburn show. Knew what was coming and It's GREAT but I think I had my sights set even higher after they released the almighty 'The Valley' before release.

Sacred Bones

15Dragged Into Sunlight
Terminal Aggressor II

(EP) One cheat EP on the main list because I love it. I get that loads find the first half of noise and samples tedious but I don't. The pay off and last section of the record is phenomenal. I also walked up a mountain in this and played it twice so got some solid memories attached. I love the journey as a whole. I got no time for 'SkIP 2 ThE EnD foR da HeavY biTS brah' dorks.

Self Released
Noise/Death Metal
14Tigran Hamasyan
The Call Within

I love this Mfer. I love this album. Mad bastard. 'Levitation 21' one of my songs of the year. I adore his more contemporary Piano stuff but I dig this slight proggier branch out, massively.

Prog Jazz, Pysc (Fk knows, honestly on this one)
Nonesuch Records Inc.
Mass Cathexis

Marston AGAIN has had an incredible year. This might very well be my all time fave Krallice album. Usual technical mastery but I find this much more cohesive than the last few records. Arrangements are other worldly as always. Top of the chain.

Self Released

'Hell' mastermind doing his own thing with a perfect mix of Hell's sludge/doom and his own chilled out, ambient 'Cloud' releases. Beautiful and Crushing. As is standard with anything Matt writes.

Gilead Media
11Drown (US)

I think along with the last Esoteric and 'Mirror reaper' This is my favourite funeral doom album of recent years. A thing of pure beauty. Incredible emotional and never even remotely dull (as can happen with FD as we know) Just an underwater monster. Markov really is a talented dude who writes incredible songs across any genre he fancies.

Lupus Lounge Records
Funeral Doom
10Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Another surprise was this superb album. Described as Doom Jazz and Heavy Avant prog I read on a review. Its kinda Motorpsycho in parts with added Jazz. two keyboardists, no bass guitar, a pair of percussionists and trumpeter. Sold, huh? Shit RULES.

Rune Grammofonrune Records
9Oranssi Pazuzu
Mestarin Kynsi

I kinda 'grew off' this then came back around again. If feels more direct, more to-the-point while still keeping that Psych vibe but there is still a lot that reveals itself with repeated listens which confirms the mighty Fins haven't skipped a beat, again. That live stream was one of the highlights of the year in this time of non physical shows. Boooo.

Nuclear Blast
Experimental/Psychedelic Black Metal
Visions of Bodies Being Burned

They seem to have a constant split on this site but thats because 80 Percent of this site are massive Virgins. Album absolutely kills. Haven't been feeling Clipping much since 'Midcity' really so these last 2 records are more than welcome.

Sub Pop Records
Experimental Hip Hop
7Paysage d'Hiver
Im Wald

A 2 hour jaunt that is well worth the long cold ass ride. Typical Lo-fi, static-laced and barely produced (sounding) Paysage affair but it whirls you away into an Icey netherworld in no tim. Transport yourself to the forest with your face paint on and howl at the moon, Virgins.

Black Metal
Kuntstall Records
6Evaporated Sores
Ulcerous Dimensions

By far the filthiest, noisiest, ugliest and downright grim blast of heavy music I enjoyed this year. Heavy and abrasive death doom/sludge with Incessant noise intersections. Just utter, utter dirt. A debut too. Makes Black Curse/Primitive man and the Ilk feel childrens laughter and rainbow smiles.

Sentient Ruiin
Industrial noise death-doom
The All Is One

Probably the greatest modern day prog band? Can do absolutely not wrong. The 'N.O.X Suite' Is up there with anything they have ever done and that really is saying something. Phenomenal band. Phenomenal album again.

Stickman Records
Prog Rock/Experimental
4Neptunian Maximalism

I bought this on pre-order before knowing anything about them apart from a write up that said some stuff about drone, free Jazz, Improv, Crimson and Swans! and every one of those was true PLUS the Art was DOPE so I went for it. Didn't expect 2 hours worth of it but personally I don't struggle with the time here at all. It's a trip and you know that before hand. Just go with it.

I, Voidhanger Records
Drone/Impov/Free Jazz/Metal
3Imperial Triumphant

This is their masterpiece as far as I am concerned. 'Vile Luxury' was something else but this surpassed if, for me. Perfect dose of the manic and the Noir. Artwork is top drawer. Covers absolutely slay. I mean Spruance/Dunne/Haake/Marston all have their fingerprints on this on top of 3 of the most talented guys playing extreme music right now. Just a perfect Imperial Triumphant record with all the craziness that entails.

Century Media Records
Stare Into Death and Be Still

This Interchangeable with 1 and 3 really and more of a Joint number 2 for sure. Ulcerate come with the 'feelz' as the kids say. They come with that extra 'post' Its always been there in smaller doses but on this it enveloped across a whole album. It's their most accessible, sure, but for me it loses nothing of what makes this band so incredible and so special. That emotion was always there amongst the chaos anyway they just kinda brought it to the forefront and why not when you can craft songs like this around it. They now have a discography to hold up to anyone in the game. Legends.

Relapse Records
Death Metal
1Walk Through Fire
Vår Avgrund

I feel I am doing a huge disservice not putting 2 and 3 at number one but music is about feeling, right? and nothing quite made me curl up like this record. In the vein of their countrymen (and one of my favourite bands ever) Abandon. Swedens 'Walk Through Fire' echo that same bleak, miserable, sombre depression that no one seems to be able to replicate as well as those Scandinavians. THIS is the music I love. It sounds like absolutely no hope. Huge, slow, dark riffs accompanied by a guttural ferocity in the vocals that never wavers in its hatred but also takes a back seat when needed to let the sheer miserableness of it all drown you. You can't half arse this. You need to be in for the haul or don't bother. I saw a review say the 70mins runtime can feel like 70 seconds or 70 years depending on your mood. That's so true. It's like being locked in a room with them. Absolutely fking tremendous.

Wolves & Vibrancy
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