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100Taylor Swift

i gave so many signs
99Kevin Morby

i have fun with you
and i hope you have fun with me too
98Caroline Rose

you know it's hard to tell between love and panic in the first place

and yeah i'll take fake moans and dial tones
let 'em spill right down the microphone
A Beautiful Place to Drown

i drew a line just so i could see straight
Miss Anthropocene

i shot myself yesterday
got to heaven anyway
94Neck Deep
All Distortions Are Intentional

make peace with your demons
and hope that they leave you alone
and make peace with your feelings
admit there's a reason you're not letting go
93Phoebe Bridgers

but you know i'd stand on the corner
embarrassed with a picket sign
if it meant i would see you when i die
92Regarde Les Hommes Tomber

Silver Tongue

how could i be neutral
when you, who i've been waiting for
came in, hot, from the August night
as i was on my way out the door?
90Loathe (UK)
I Let It In And It Took Everything

looking through the eyes of a life lived twice
89Charli XCX
How I'm Feeling Now

you take your time
i'll take mine
we'll be fine
88Beneath the Massacre

whether the conflicts are real or not, their casualties are
87The Homeless Gospel Choir
This Land Is Your Landfill

my eyes are open
wider now than they used to be
they’ve seen the coming
of the glory of a war

the fictional frontline to which i've been drafted
will bend to my will if it ever should happen
but wartime cares not for joy of existing
i can't help but wonder the world i am missing
85Hayley Williams
Petals For Armor

in fact, no matter how deep i go into you
it looks like the water is crystal clear
84New Found Glory
Forever + Ever x Infinity

i'll keep loving you more and more
every day a little more than the day before
83The Secret Sisters
Saturn Return

it doesn’t matter when you bloom
it matters that you do
82Gil Scott-Heron and Makaya McCraven
We're New Again - A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven

sky is dark, think it might rain
where did the night go?
81Miley Cyrus
Plastic Hearts

we all focus on the winners
and get blinded by their shine
maybe caring for each other's just too 1969
80Yuri Gagarin
The Outskirts of Reality

79Jess Williamson

swearing love can’t die when i believed that
time did unfold like an infinite scroll
78Bartees Strange
Live Forever

it’s nice to think that folks are near
waking up was hard this year
Abscess Time

you can still bathe
in every dawn’s fanged limelight
here in paradise
76Hailey Whitters
The Dream

oh yeah, it's alright
when she's lookin' at you
like all the cool girls do
75Sallow Moth
The Larval Hope

hurling through the cosmic twine
74Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

christ what a mess
i think beckett said it best
try again, fail again, fail better

72Jeff Parker
Suite for Max Brown

there are no trap doors if you believe in fate
build a nest and watch the world go by slow
71Nadia Reid
Out of My Province

i feel that you are changing me
i cannot decipher exactly what that means
70Thy Catafalque

69Polaris (AUS)
The Death of Me

i never thought i'd feel so cold
until the fire faded out in me
68Nada Surf
Never Not Together

the good and the bad news will still be there
67Jason Isbell

take the body to the delta
hide the weapon in the weeds

like a dying satellite in the fjords of the afterlife
she'll be my last friend, my last home, my swan song

64Soccer Mommy
Color Theory

we learned to dance, and i was swaying all alone
you're stiff as stone
you lock your heart up in a place i'll never know
the distance grows
שרים טברנק

62Invent, Animate

stargazing under the darkness of my roof
the clouds blot out the pale moonlight
as surely as the sun rises
your cloud hovers over me
drawing the curtains closed
61John Moreland

well, i'm trying to keep it simple
but ain't these gods so damn fickle?
you're stiff and strong, then you're scared and sober
north carolina in east october
60Dua Lipa
Future Nostalgia

if you're feeling like you need a little bit of company
you met me at the perfect time
5913 Crowes
Solway Star

and i got a couple years left
before nature’s gave me
all she can give me
There Is No Year

i travel time, baby
sometimes i drift away
and i wish i could say that one day
it'll all be okay, we'll be okay
57The Suicide Machines
Revolution Spring

these shadows of you and me
i'm not half the man that i used to be
these shadows of you and me
now i understand what that means
56Mitochondrial Sun
Mitochondrial Sun

Sorry For the Late Reply

it's just stuff
for a self-claimed anti-consumerist
you sure didn't leave me
with a lot of it
54Zach Bryan

and they’ll never understand that boy and his kind
'cuz all they comprehend is a fucking dollar sign
53Matt Berninger
Serpentine Prison

if only you would come around the distant axis
i would do whatever you wanted me to
i feel like i'm as far as i can get from you
52Half Waif
The Caretaker

drunk with the heat
kickin' up dust
sweat on the sheets
in the arms of summer
i’ll be the one that you want
51Childish Gambino

when you feel alone
know you are not alone
50Andrew Judah
Impossible Staircase

little by little you’re slipping away
don’t speak so loud when you got nothing to say
49Tyler Childers
Long Violent History

now, what would you get if you heard my opinion
conjecturin' on matters that i ain't never dreamed
in all my born days as a white boy from hickman
based on the way that the world's been to mе?

it's called me belligеrent, it's took me for ignorant
but it ain't never once made me scared just to be
could you imagine just constantly worryin'
kickin' and fightin', beggin' to breathe?

she wept bitterly
she wept bitterly
she wept bitterly
Cycle of Suffering

remnants of the past resound
never too late to burn those bridges down
46R.A.P. Ferreira
purple moonlight pages

it was gonna be a big summer, you know, a big summer
every one since then too, "a big summer"
"gonna be a big summer"
yet somehow that's never the case, is it?
it's the sprawl of autumn, isn't it?
45The Mountain Goats
Getting Into Knives

the terms are vicious
time is tight
no one gets
too much light
Four Dimensional Flesh

praying to a god who only deals in peace
won't help you to do what's to be done
43The Smith Street Band
Don't Waste Your Anger

maybe this is the thing that i never get through
42Shell of a Shell
Away Team

seems like it’s harder now, waiting it all out
41Four Year Strong
Brain Pain

always expecting the worst
i'm pleading my case with a mouth full of dirt
i'm hoping to bury you with every word
that's left unspoken
On Circles

get lost in the place where i let you all down
The Fallen Crimson

38Get Dead
Dancing with the Curse

so sick of the apologies
the thoughts and the prayers
the profits from the misery
37Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist

gangland shit
fuck around, get gangland hit
36Bruce Springsteen
Letter to You

i can feel the blood shiver in my bones
Black Line

learn to lose hope and still move on
Women In Music, Pt. III

a little moonlight coming through the blinds
33Perfume Genius
Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

i thought the sea would make some pattern known
and swim us safely home
but there's no secret
just an undertow
32Kota The Friend

i don't want no fuckin' piece, i'm takin' everything
i ain't perfect but i hope you take the best of me
31Rina Sawayama

won’t you break the chain with me?
30Dan Deacon
Mystic Familiar

i want to swim, swim, swim past the shore, shore, shore
i want to go way down, past the brave, brave souls
had to sink down when they couldn’t swim anymore, anymore, anymore
29Lydia Loveless

love is not enough
i wonder if it ever was
No Dawn for Men

“I’m not mad that Nazis make metal. I’m mad that Nazis breathe air.” – Maggie Killjoy
27Dance Gavin Dance

nobody’s perfect, but everyone’s searching
26Blaqk Audio
Beneath the Black Palms

when i scream for you, you're never listening
when i dance with you, you never look
when i dream awake and scream that i love you
when i do, i get a dirty look
25Jeff Rosenstock

you know you're the only person that i wanted to like me
you're the only person that i wanted to like me
all these other motherfucking dipshits can bite me
‘cuz you're the only person that i wanted to like me
24Beach Bunny

i can never get to you
you always seem closer in the rearview
23Aesop Rock
Spirit World Field Guide

i'm in the alley pacing, i'm skirting curtain call
i make my hospital corners in a circle of salt
Saint Cloud

love you ‘til the day i die
i guess it don’t matter why
21Touche Amore

so let’s embrace the twilight
while burning out the limelight
20Jerry Joseph
The Beautiful Madness

what could be finer than to fly away?
i don’t know what i mean to say
19Black Thought
Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Abel

i mean every word while you think it’s just a verse
18Fiona Apple
Fetch The Bolt Cutters

that fancy wine won’t put this fire out
17The Weeknd
After Hours

without you, i can’t sleep
‘cuz my heart belongs to you
16U.S. Girls
Heavy Light

the quiver to the bomb
didn't take long
15Violet Cold
Noir Kid

14Honey Harper

walking around in that strawberry light
knowing for sure that you're going to be fine
drown in the tears of your own bitter life
13Spanish Love Songs
Brave Faces Everyone

we don’t have to fix everything at once
you were never broken, life’s just very long
brave faces, everyone
12Palm Reader

freedom found in the feeling of gaining ground
when all you’ve known has become so stagnant
The Avalanche

this is a cold for which i could not brave
to the bone, to the heart
to be taken to my grave
and i foolishly thought you'd thaw eventually
10Unleash The Archers

no longer will i ignore the man i’m meant to be
The Good Sweat

i’m not sure who is at the helm but
i can dance as loud as i want to
i can sing as hard as i feel
Stare Into Death and Be Still

the last rites have been spoken
isolation swallows everything
idle as it burns to ember
7Tired Lion
Breakfast for Pathetics

lie to me
tell me i'm pretty
tell me i'm skinny
tell me i'm winning
6Run the Jewels

you ever notice that the worst of us have all the chips?
it really kinda takes the sheen off people gettin' rich
5Katie Pruitt

and i’m warnin’ you, don't get too close
she’s a time bomb that's tickin' until she explodes
and she's haunting the halls of your head like a ghost
even still, that won’t change how you feel, i suppose
4Protest the Hero

and those who pass me by cannot decide
whether i’m animal or human
under the black mass

and, well, it’s feeling pretty bad to me
but i don’t think it goes on endlessly
2The Chicks

my wildfire’s comin’
1Hot Mulligan
You'll Be Fine

drive across the country
you're looking out your window
you're staring at the mountains
i know i'm gonna lose you soon

leave, you'll be fine, just forget all about me
see, i've got nothing left, i gave it all to you
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