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Describe Your Dreams/Nightmares Thread

My second crack at this because Sputnikmusic.com likes to delete lists, it seems. Do you remember dreams vividly, somewhat, or not at all? Whether it's bizarre, breathtaking, embarrassing, terrifying, or simply sticks out to you, share some of the most memorable dreams that you've experienced
1Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams

Bonus points if it's a lucid or recurring dream
2Dream Theater
Dream Theater

Sub-topic: do dreams have any meaning beyond just simply being experienced? Do they reflect something greater in the grand scheme of your life?
3Stiff Little Fingers
Nobody's Hero


During a particularly strange dream everything was seemingly normal; I was just walking around a nondescript house aimlessly. As I walked into a room, however, I noticed that my left hand had grown a sixth finger between my middle and ring fingers. It looked off, like a parasite had rooted itself in my hand and was disguising itself as my finger. I then grabbed it with my right hand and pulled it out of it's socket, blood and tendon and all, and threw it into a trashcan. Then I woke up.
4Bad Dinner
Bad Dinner


I had a weird dream this morning after falling back asleep. Don't remember a ton of detail but my family and coworkers were all hanging out at some sort of potluck and this made me uncomfortable in some way. My old boss was there too
5Crescent Days
Pathway To Inexistence


One of the weirdest dreams I've ever had was walking down a flight of stairs in a mostly dark room, only to be given a crescent moon by a witch in a silver hat. Atmosphere in that dream was palpable and something I've not been able to describe well since it occurred several years ago. A mixture of complete relaxation and ominous vibes. V memorable!
6 Sputnikmusic
cool website :-)


I've legit had dreams about posting on Sputnik, which is always upsetting because even in my wildest imaginations I apparently can't think of a better use of my time than arguing about music with y'all
7John Williams
Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


I've had a dream where a sith lord stole my suitcase and I was chasing him through the city but couldn't find him, so I pushed a guy from his motorcycle out of anger. But he understood why and we drank a beer together.


It always started off in a location with water, mostly a swimming pool or a beach. There was always something off about the location. Most of the other characters in the dream (I didn't recognize any of them, they were just people) seemed normal but in between the normal ones there were also those that peculiarities. Like some had no face, some just stared and others were missing a limb. I remember one time there was also a young guy in a wheelchair by the swimming pool who had stumps for legs and there was an electric knife sticking out of the stump. It was all weird. I can't remember all of the details. At one point I always started running towards the water and I jumped into it. When I was swimming underwater I opened my eyes and suddenly a dog (that looked like my grandparent's dog) swam right passed me. It had no eyes, just black holes, but it looked straight at me. That's when I woke up.
In the Depths of R'lyeh


I was in a school that lead down into damp catacombs. The teachers were tearing off bits of fungus covered flesh from themselves and feeding it to the students, infecting them. I caught glimpses of the infected children meandering in the shadows, just silhouettes and yellow eyes.

Two little girls were covered in mud and lying face down next to the canal that ran through the complex. I tried to pick one of them up and she fell apart in my hands. Large chunks of her fell at my feet with a wet splatter.

The teachers and students converged in on me when they noticed that I had tried to move them.
10Zombie Apocalypse
This is a Spark of Life


I dreamt last night of a zombie apocalypse.
It mimicked my life during the early days of the coronavirus - having just moved into my own place and living alone- but it was maybe fifty million times more terrifying.

Hearing about some virus in China and brushing it off, then Seeing it on the news, then seeing the panic in the streets in preparation of it, then seeing military vehicles and police and sirens sounding 24/7, eventually seeing one attack someone in a park while some soldiers moved in to take it down, before it got out of control and we all had to go into lockdown, lifting the window sill slightly to see several of them staggering around the carpark, eventually broadcasts and telephone signals got cut off and I wasn't sure who of my family and friends were alive or dead, but I knew I had to leave my apartment soon for food. I remember at one point locking myself in the bathroom with a kitchen knife while one was throwing itself against the front door until
11Zombie Apocalypse
This is a Spark of Life


it got distracted by someone else

It ended with me driving to my uncles house in the outskirts of the city, and getting betrayed by my own relatives and tied to a lampost to distract a hoard of zombies so they could make their get away (that's counterproductive but that's dream logic)

I used to fantasize a bit about finding myself in a zombie apocalypse like it was an equalizer that would test our survival skills and give everyone a purpose (to survive), but fuck that. It's terrifying.
12Neon Blue
Neon Blue


There was a recurring event that kept appearing in my dreams a few years ago. Basically, independently from what dream I was having, I would somehow find myself in a dark bar only illuminated by soft neon light from the counter (blueish?). I was there alone. At some point it just stopped happening idk, figured it was related to my state.
13Beat Circus


As for quirky goofballs, I'll always remember a very old one from high school in which I was with my classmates in a pool that was covered by a massive circus tent. The tent started slowly falling and one of my best friends said "we gotta save everybody" and it ended
14Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley
Leaf Palm Hand


i lucid dream every once in a while, doing my reality check and watching my finger completely go through the palm of my hand will never get old
15Titty Sprinkles
Seduction: Ultra


i dream about the big-titted asian milf who taught art at my college quite often
16 Sputnikmusic
dumb music site


had a nightmare that i joined a dumb music site over a third of my lifetime ago and that i still visit it occasionally
17Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me


I remember this dream I had a couple years ago, it was by far the craziest and coolest dream I've ever had. I was trapped in a war between God and Satan. A lot of this dream took place at some facility at night. I was trying to limit the damage that this war was having on earth. I was looking for people to help in some way in this facility, I dont remember how.

Towards the end of the dream, (this was the coolest thing I've ever experienced in a dream) my surroundings dissolved into nothingness and I was suddenly floating in a colorful void in the presence of God and Satan. They were at war with each other, but took time to talk to each other in between fighting. And they talked to me too. It was extremely colorful and felt so real. Then I woke up and was like holy shit that was insane.
In Your Wildest Dreams


i had a dream of having regret sex with an ex girlfriend, and she kept refusing french because my breathe smelt like whiskey. we compromised by having her bend over and me going to town on dat ass
19In Tall Buildings


i am trying to enter a giant building that is growing in size as i approach it and the stairs to it are increasingly steep and tall until i can no longer climb, but i have to climb them, because not climbing is somehow not an option. but with each failed attempt they become steeper, larger and tilt further towards me to a point where they i'd be climbing upside down and i can no longer see the building itself
20Bob Dylan


amidst any dream i find myself walking towards something very desirable to me (changes with each dream) and suddenly realise i cannot really walk and every step i make i am dragged by some invisible force or gravity aside or further away from the goal, sometimes into ongoing traffic to my death, sometimes off a cliff or into some other peril
21Zombie Girl
Blood, Brains and Rock n Roll


When I was younger I used to have these reoccurring dreams where I was being chased by zombies. They were always in full sprint like what you'd seen in left for dead but without the guns. It usually took place inside some sort of facility type place, I associated it with my school in the dream (but it obviously was a different place). Sometimes there would be people that I recognize but we would always just scatter and I was left on my own. So I'd be running away trying to just get away from them but every time I would just trip or my leg would be stuck or something. Then they would catch me and I'd wake up.
22sad boy with a laptop
Silent Confessions


I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I ate my laptop cause I was really hungry and then it changed my voice and made it really deep and awesome but I also kinda had a stomach ache
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