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1 sputnikmusic

MY FELLOW BIGGLE BOYS. this is jeffery bigglestein back from the dead. call me jeffery jesusstein cause ive risen from the grave after pontiousseason tried to execute me silently. clearly some mod raged and banned the jefferybigglestein account wiping everything. sowing was it you if it was why did you betray me. also i cant believe it was the MBDTF review that set them off the edge. anyways dont worry about the reviews i have them all saved. now if i was a troll i would just spam repost them but i really dont care enough to do that.
2 sputnikmusic

im too busy to start making a bunch of alts to spam the site. this is going to likely be one of my final posts on sputnikmusic so i figured you're all entitled to the truth. i mean youre all entitled to nothing but i am generous and based. I will be working with a few people to make a documentary which will be uploaded to youtube sometime in the next month. There we will cover the origins of the bigglestein account and some common misconceptions about it. there were a lot of fan theories about me and nobody was really correct. so check out the bigglestein documentary when its published. hopefully before the year ends it depends on how lazy my friends are.
3 sputnikmusic

obviously there are going to be some questions so for the impateient here are some answers. i wont be answering everything you gotta watch the documentary for that.

Q: Are you an alt

A: no

Q: then how did you find the site

A: i am IRL friends with a person who was a pretty active user (and still is to an extent). i asked him which website has the most toxic community, he said sputnik music. made an account later that day.

Q: how much free time do you have

A: not much to be honest. the nice thing about working IT from home is that most the time i am sitting around waiting for a call. but in that free time when im not helping any clients i cant exactly up and leave my pc to hang with friends or exercise (probably my two favorite passtimes). so i can write a review on sput, when i get a request i can switch tabs and work. when im not on sput im hanging with friends, working out, school, job, etc.
4 sputnikmusic

Q: do you actually hate king crimson

A: i mean i dont really enjoy it. bigglestein's opinions are just my opinions cranked to 11. its very easy to exaggerate when you already believe what youre writing.

Q: whats your favorite review you've written

A: the deaftones review was great for the title alone. the noname and king crimson reviews also pissed people off. also the yeezus review. but my favorite was the godspeedyou!blackemperor review.

Q: what was your intentions/goals on sputnikmusic

A: you gotta watch the documentary for that one. but i will say i completed every goal i had which is why i wont be as active from now on.

Q: anything else you want to add

A: i have had a lot of people say i revived some sort of interest in sput. im glad i was able to make that happen. keep an eye on and the documentary coming soon.
5 sputnikmusic

stay legendary and stay unbiased. CHANGE THE WORLD and it was a great ride. Thank you everyone you guys introduced me to a lot of music i still listen to today. such as V:C:D, talking heads, e40, big moe, american football, etc. Also the crazy little sub plots like, the bigglestein comics, the great war, the BTS invasion, the strike, etc. To all my biggle boys we had a good run on top and i hope you use the lessons i tought you to keep this website great and active. This is based and a fact - JefferyBigglestein
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