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My Tiny Vinyl Collection

I rarely buy vinyl discs, it’s usually when I see a really awesome edition of something, or if I want a certain record in my collection to be in that form, or simply sometimes I get them as a gift. My collection of them is small, so I thought I’ll share what I’ve got:
1Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

This was the first Vinyl I bought. I felt a strong urge that the first record I listen to on my equipment is Black Sabbath- I have no idea why, but I must say it was a good choice.
2Black Sabbath

I got this as a gift from a good buddy for Christmas. Thick and heavy 180 gr vinyl, a really good listen.
3Various Artists
Reservoir Dogs OST

Bought this at a market nearby, a cheap food supermarket which also distributes Vinyls, books and CD’s (I suppose that’s the target market now…). Don’t really listen to soundtracks, but this one is brilliant, like most Tarantino soundtracks I guess.
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

I love this record, and for some reason I insisted on myself to get it in Vinyl. I have quite a few other Volbeat records, but I think this one is the best. Some 10 years ago It was in my top ten, now it makes it into the top 20, but I certainly go back to it often enough. The edition is a cheap version, which I bought at a very low cost from some online store.
5Mike Patton
Mondo Cane

I have a certain sentiment for Patton, and when I read about this project somewhere, I knew I must have it. It seemed original enough to be a good idea to get on Vinyl, and it turned out to be a brilliant idea, because of the cover which is terrific, with the colors and cut out planet and all that… I rarely go back to the music though
Kill 'Em All

Like with many of us, Metallica was the first band I had an obsession about, you all know how the story goes… all have all their records on cassette, quite a few on CD, but I decided to slowly collect the first 5 records on Vinyl (or maybe more one day). I really was interested how Kill Em All would sound on Vinyl, and it does indeed fulfill all expectations.
Master of Puppets

Same story as above, another classic that I wanted to hear on Vinyl. From what I remember this edition skips at moments a bit, which infuriated me enough to put it aside for the moment.
8Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
Broken Lines

A bit like the Patton project, when I see an interesting endeavor, I tend to buy it on Vinyl, not CD. In this case I saw some of my favorite musicians and some interesting ones in a somewhat bizarre supergroup, so I went for it. It’s ok, I like to come back to it from time to time.
Blast Tyrant

Big Clutch fan, yadda-yadda… For a long time I considered this their best effort, so I bought this on Vinyl, the rest of their records I have in CD format. The magic of this album is still there, but I tend to go back to their later works. The edition is awesome though, gatefold, and to have that cover in a bigger format is worth the money.
Disraeli Gears

This was also bought by me at the supermarket at a good price. I think that buying certain classics in Vinyl form is always a good idea. Especially bluesy ones.
Garden of the Titans

Opeth- another great favourite of mine. Went to this awesome record store in Barcelona, called Revolver, and just knew I had to buy something. But the choice was enormous, and I had a bluescreen error in my brain. When I saw this, my eyes dilated, my mouth watered, and I bought it, not really giving a shit about the cost.

Bought it together with the Resevoir Dogs soundtrack in the supermarket. Not really into Kiss, but I thought it could be fun to put this on from time to time.
Official Live: 101 Proof

Got this from a mate for my birthday. Had this concert on cassette when I was much younger, and always thought of it as a piece of art. Still like it on full blast.
Don't Look Back

Another classic. I was on a city break in a small town and there was this guy with boxes of CDs, cassettes and Vinyls. I looked through them, and one of the things I chose was this Boston record. It looks like it’s 40 years old, and that was the factor that persuaded me to buy it, to be honest.
15Black Label Society
Catacombs of the Black Vatican

My wife wanted to get me a gift, and, not knowing I have all records which Zakk dabbled in, bought me a BLS record. But that turned out to be a great thing, as this edition- 180 gr and orange- not only looks awesome, but when I want to listen to this record, I always choose the Vinyl over CD.
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