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08.22.20 Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking 08.22.20 Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking

Breaking Benjamin Experiment: (Ranking results)

Thank you for your patience. After several listen throughs of these albums, I feel comfortable sharing my personal ranking of the Breaking Benjamin discography. Certainly some surprises here for me. Also I am so sorry, I accidentally deleted my hypothesis list. If you guys want I can re-upload it as I have this all saved on a Word file. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.
7Breaking Benjamin

Hypothesized placing: #7
As said in my hypothesis, this is a collection of subpar revisions of pre released songs. How could it not be so low? It’s pretty at times, but some tracks were not meant to be made in this style. I will admit, I think this album’s rendition of Dear Agony is pretty damn close to being as good as the original thanks especially to the choice to duet with ever-talented and underrated Lacey Sturm and also because the original version of the song honestly lends itself to being redone in a style such as this. The only other guest vocal I thought was of particularly good note was Adam Gontier on Dance with the Devil. It’s sad to me that Spencer Charnas’ appearance on this album is the worst of the listing. Burnley and Charnas just don’t mesh well here and the once intense screamed parts of the original recording now sound like parody of itself. I would fix this album by covering more appropriate songs to be done in this style and only mix in the string sections.
6Breaking Benjamin
Dark Before Dawn

Hypothesized placing: #5
Ashes of Eden is really good. That’s really all I want to say on this one. I just feel this record is very rushed. This album is a collection of B-sides and less a triumphant come back. It starts off strongish with Failure and Angels Fall, generic tracks but ones with some personality, but after that it’s just hard rock white noise until the aforementioned “really good” Ashes of Eden. I adore that track. It’s heartfelt and a legitimate emotional powerhouse. It may be one of Burnley’s best performances. This album is carried by two moderately good tracks and one outstanding ballad.
5Breaking Benjamin

Hypothesized placing: #3
A very unique outing. There is way more diversity to this album than I would have imagined. They wear their influences on their sleeve here more than on any other album I have heard. Some heavier sides of bands such as Bush and Sum-41 (Skin) on this record. Great riff work but not anything we have not heard on later releases. Burnley is still developing, not as articulate as he is on other albums and the screams, other than on Polyamorous, are much more muted. Medicate is not as good as I had remembered, still quality, just mostly carried by a really catchy chorus and not much else. Apparently Shallow Bay is the first song Burnley ever wrote for the group and frankly that’s a REALLY good start. Much lighter tones on this album. Forever is a corny closer but like come on, it’s good.
4Breaking Benjamin
We Are Not Alone

Hypothesized placing: #4
Although not a particularly deep album, it starts off strong but once you get past Firefly, I can’t tell if the quality really dips that much or if you just get sick of it. I can’t say I care for tracks like Sooner or Later and Break my Fall. As pretty as it is, Rain does absolutely nothing for me. I listened through this album twice and I do have to say it was oddly better the second time around but I think I’ll live without a third spin. This is not as fun as Saturate but I do think it is fair to say it is superior to its predecessor. Simple Design is a great little gem too.
3Breaking Benjamin

Hypothesized placing: #6
A lot more energy with this album from its predecessor. It’s the most diverse album since Saturate and Breaking Benjamin frankly feel refreshed. This feels like Breaking Benjamin at some of their best. There’s heavy hitters like Tourniquet, and beautiful, frankly elegant tracks such as The Dark of You. As good as this album is, I do not think that it produced any timeless tracks. Albums such as Dear Agony produced some wonderful alternative metal classics that I believe will stand the test of time. As competently produced and performed Ember is, what track or tracks will we see as timeless 5 years down the line? Red Cold River or Tourniquet maybe? Again, a very well made album, and after listening to Dark Before Dawn, a breath of fresh air, but I’m not sure this album has any longevity outside of a one time listen where you end up saying “hey that was pretty good” and then never listen to it again. Still, it is a damn good collection of hard rock songs.
2Breaking Benjamin

Hypothesized placing: #1
There is definitely a much darker theme to this album, this is coming from a bleak place and that works. The production value sounds a bit muddy. Topless is more of a “filler track” but I really like it. Here We Are has a pleasant guitar solo. The only track that does not fit is You Fight Me. It sounds like a Hybrid Theory throwaway. They could have come up with a better closer than a track that’s chorus is literally just “this is how it’s gonna end” over and over. Diary of Jane, Had Enough and Breath still hold up as superb hard rock songs. A lot of fluff in this album. When an album has a song called “Unknown Soldier” I think you know they ran out of ideas. You sounds like it belongs on Staind’s Dysfunction album more than here. The Outro is phenomenal. The guitar work is anxious and purposeful and segways *beautifully* to the sounds of people screaming in terror with a violin playing in the background a la Titanic.
1Breaking Benjamin
Dear Agony

Hypothesized placing: #2
Yeah, this thing is terrific. Production is great, Burnley is at his best, musicianship is top-notch. This thing is so damn good. It’s fair to say I Will Not Bow is a very overplayed song and the lyrics are generic as can be but honestly, that’s the worst I can say about this album other than maybe Into the Nothing is a bit plain. I have not listened through this full album since I was probably 16 years old and man does it still hold up. I thought I would not enjoy Give Me a Sign anymore but NOPE still as beautiful as the day I first heard it. Without You has always been my #1 most underrated Breaking Benjamin track and I still stand by that. This album is like a bowl of vanilla ice cream but made with the finest of vanilla beans and topped with the most silky and luxurious of hot fudge. Every bite is similar in taste, there’s not much in terms of texture, but that flavor is to die for.
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