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Late 2000's Dubstep/Bass/Glitch

Inspired by Ryus' 'If you like Burial..' list. I thought I would reminisce about the glorious times when that sound was something so fresh and new to me before it became the monstrosity and dirtiest of words that it is now. I was always, and still am, a metal kid who also listened fanatically to hip hop but that was about it. I went to see the Gaslamp killer and Caspa and Rusko in a warehouse all nighter and was blown away ( I was also HIGGGHHH which might have helped) I had literally never heard anything like it. Those sounds. Old cheesy Caspa tracks where some of the heaviest things I'd ever heard (Most are awful now) It was around the time of the legendary Dubstep wars on BBC Radio and the whole scene was blowing up and there where oceans to dive into and explore. There were some great nights, some great tracks, albums and producers. Some of it has dated BADLY. Especially some of the harder, wobble stuff. Parts of that scene started blending in with the LA Beat scene guys and with the likes of Hud Mo, Rustie, Mike Slott and Lucky Me over here in the UK and that's kind of where I followed eventually. Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder crew would constantly be dropping tons of Dubstep in their sets. Stuff that wasn't pure dubstep just all became Bass music to me. I guess not knowing (or still knowing) how to categorise it but hey, who cares? It Was a GOOD times for a few years. List is some of my faves tracks from that time. Dubstep and it's fringe stuff rather than the beat scene which I am gonna do a separate list day. I suppose some of this would be called second wave dubstep. This is a list for me mainly for me to come back too for trips down memory lane. Many of these tracks aren't mindblowers especially given todays Electronic standards but they were absolute faves for a time and some ,most definitely, are still great on re-listening. List is in no particular order. I doubt anyone here apart from a 2010 Deviant gives a shit but...

I needed a number 30 and was trying not to make obvious inclusions but why not huh? See, I will talk in this list about some of heavier sounds of dubstep sounded pretty frail now on this revisit. This STILL doesn't. Still dark and fly as fk. Come on.

'Distant Lights'
Saw, Sine, Square / Voices From The Night

Cheeky one to 'begin'. Lost a bit of it's 'Oomph' but still cool.

'Saw, Sine, Square'
28Goth Trad
Two Faced / Sunbeam

One of many I heard through BBC Experimental and Mary Anne Hobbs. Japanese producer Goth Trad. I think It was like a 20 minute mix and it blew me away. Been going through that early stuff again for this list. The general wobble' sound that seemed so massive then sounds pretty flat now in all honestly although the production on a lot of these type of tracks wasn't great in general. Still fun.

'Two Faced'
27Mr. Lager
Tell Me

Man I loved this song back when. Laid back, Cool as fk. Listening still vibes. The vox aren't the best but its still pretty cool and will always have a place in my heart regardless.
Great Lengths

So this was also on the mentioned Ryus' list but I had to put it here too because I loved this album. So many jams on this album. Such a solid record still. If you ever heard a Flylo mix you will have heard a few off here and if this list was in ant general order it would be near the top.

'Elden St'

I can't remember where this dude was from but he had some great tracks. Some of his Remixes where especially sick. This is Doshys ( who was equally dope) remix of one of his is just that but you could here the difference in this type of track and production compared to say..your Malas and Youngstas and Skreams. Another good example of a cross over with general heavy bass music.

'Leek - Doshy Remix'
24Joker and Ginz
Purple City / Re-Up

Not gonna front, Joker had some BANGERS late '00's .Places would go crazy when 'Purple city' or 'Play Doe' where dropped. They're a bit cheeky now. Always reminded me of cruising around in a fly, purple, lowrider around a sparkling skyscrapers at nightime. No idea why. Fly as fk.

'Purple City'

'Play Doe' - Joker and Rustie
Contact, Love, Want, Have

Ikonika was never really consistent. Even in her Mixes it would be dope for a lil while then just hella boring. She did have the odd tune though.


Cheat Entry but I think Mono/poly is a good example of that kinda heavier, electronic bass scene that also had some influence from the Dubstep scene at the time even if not always immediately obvious in all of the music. And any excuse to put Mono/poly in my lists iI will take. Soz. I still am a sucker for this type of heavy electronic beat music.

'Red and Yellow Toys'
21Digital Mystikz
Return II Space

A quintessential dubstep track from Pioneers of UK dubstep. If you hate the genre you'd hate this song. For me, weirdly, I think my love for doom metal and the likes draws me to heavy repetitive beats. Electronic riffing.

Black Sun/2 Far Gone

Yes. This was a rager. Hyperdub were always a go to (Obviously) But I was never really into his solo stuff so much. Even the space ape stuff.

'Black Sun'
When I look At You/ A.G.S

Always makes me wanna dance and I don't dance. 'When I Look At You' was massive but is pretty poo. The B side is where it's at. Bit of a throwback track.

'Angie Got Stoned'
Heavy Arms

Early Reso was actually alright. This track especially.

'Busted Crunk'
Spliff Dub (Remixes)

Rusties 'Spliff Dub' Remix was THE tune. I played it on a beach in Cambodia and literally had locals dancing but totally confused. 'What is this music called!!!?' (By 'Play' my mate was in the toilet so I sneaked this on. Im no DJ!

'Spliff Dub Rustie Remix'
16EPROM & Eskmo
Hendt / Lands and Bones

'Hendt' was a JAM.

15James Blake
The Bells Sketch

Give me dubstep James Blake over todays James Blake, SORRY (....not sorry...)

'The Bells Sketch'
14Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason
Plimsoul / Bleep Show

Another guy with the odd stellar track and a lot of disappointments. His Brandy remix was pretty dope though aswell.

'Bleep Show'
13Kryptic Minds
One of Us

I've heard this again last few years a few times. I think it was on some shitty Matt Damon movie. Still goes though not gonna lie.

'Six Degrees'

Little Dragon remix of 'Twice' I remember Fly Lo playing 'Chainsaw Calligraphy' Which was the heaviest, stupidest track ever. They had some absolute bangers at the time though, for real.


Dream Sequence

Both halves of Vex'd went on to do some amazing but very different stuff. (Jamie Vex'd/Kuedo/Roly Porter) Jamie started with this and the wonderful Self Titles records but Kuedo has become all kinds of different bleeps since then, all great.

10Clouds (ICE)
Protecting Hands

Icelandic duo on Deep medi. Both Versions of this are great and the Isan remix on another is amazing.

'Protecting Hands Pt 2'
Isan Remix

Yeah, this EP is still Fire. Was a pretty unknown little EP I always tried to push on people. Still sounds pretty good. I think he was greek maybe??

'7th Soul'

A 2009 Staple.

The Lie

Zomby was so hit and miss and his latter career is all miss but his early stuff was fantastic. This is a bit of a dance floor tune for him considering his otherwise jagged sounds but this was always a head nodder.

'The Lie'
6Mount Kimbie
Sketch On Glass

Still LOVE this track so much.

5Ital Tek

I first heard this on a Mary-Anne Hobbs compilation but this is the only album from his early stuff I like until he became Sci-Fi/Dystopian Ital Tek which I adore.

4Darkstar (UK)

Classic, Classic tune. But a bit of a cheat. Darkstar started off Dubstep but this release was almost synth poppy. Regardless this track was everywhere around the time. On mixes by all different styles of DJ's and producers.

'Aidy's girl is a computer '

UK Legends who gave many around me a new Vortex to explore in once hearing their debut. It was so heavy, It still is.

'VIP Pop Pop'
Ephemeral Exhibits

MOST of this record is still great. I always loved this straight ahead tune towards the end of the album though. Album after this was ok but then he rode that American Dubstep wave...urgh...

'Bang Bang The Witch Is Dead'

One of the first albums that got me into electronic music. Glitched out dubstep.

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