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11.14.08 I'm Bored So I Thought I'd Update My To07.21.08 My 'perfect' Albums.

I'm Bored So I Thought I'd Update My Top 30 List

I made one before but as Biggie sez; things done changed
1My Bloody Valentine

Beautiful, other-worldly and fucks with your brain. I have no other albums with tracks for literally all moods. Whether I'm happy, sad, angry - at least one song fits the criteria for what I want to hear. Absolutely perfect.
Best song: 'Sometimes', a breathtaking and melancholic little beauty, with an incredible outro that leaves me absolutely stunned and speechless every time. Pretty much my favourite song of all time.
2 Dinosaur Jr.
You're Living All Over Me

Insane and yet so down to earth, the most perfect rock album I've ever heard with all great tracks. Of course, the rest of the band does their part greatly and are not to be overlooked - but, it's Mascis' albums really, isn't it? His masterful guitar solos for people who don't like solos and his unique voice where he sings his heart out even though he can barely sing at all. Still as perfect as always.
Best song: 'Poledo', different to the rest, it's not a rocker - it's an insane mindfuck. Starts out making you think "this is a pretty insane song", it's at first an eerie track that doesn't obey the laws of rhythm and sounds like it was recorded in the 1940s. Then all of a sudden there's this insane static with a blood curdling scream in the background - this lasts for about 2-3 seconds, and then it gets REALLY weird, eerie as fuck, terrifying, the voice and the music is breathtaking, it sounds like the first half gone terribly wrong, then comes this ambient but unsettling tone, sounds like the soundtrack to something along the lines of "we are experiencing technical problems, please bare with us" but like, on acid? Shiiiit. Certainly an experience in total darkness.
OK Computer

"Waste not, want not."
"And other cliches."
"But a cliche is full of truth, otherwise it wouldn't be a cliche."
"Which is in itself a cliche."
So yeah, I'm yet another fish on Radiohead's hook, their bait being "OK Computer", well actually, I totally love everything "Bends" onwards but this one hits me closest to the heart. It's now got a bit of a reputation as being normal in comparison to the 00s material, but I think that's people overreacting about how insane "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" are, this one still feels other-worldly to me.
Best song: 'No Surprises', a lush, sweet and hurtingly pretty song with lovely music and a brilliant vocal performance from Thom. When it gets at its most intense and passionate, it stuns me every time.

Don't get me wrong, I dig Portishead's trip-hop material, especially "Dummy" which is an album I rate very highly - but, they just don't compare to this brave change in sound. This sounds like it was tailor made to suit my tastes; a beautiful voice and intense music with a brilliant atmosphere, something that I don't see praised nearly enough about this album is the drums (or beats), I dig the clearly electronic to it, it's one of the things you notice when kind of blazed and listening to it loud, it's like in parts of 'The Rip', there's a little drum section there that gives me energy. Everything is done so well, but if you will insist it's their worst to date, then go ahead.
Best song: 'Machine Gun', a plain scary track, a thrilling drum loop that lives up to the name, this creepy but beautiful voice and a keyboard outro that gives me chills.
5The Streets
Original Pirate Material

Hip-Hop is actually my favourite genre overall, and though this could be described as "hip-hop for skinny white boys (which I am) for don't like hip-hop", this still stands as #1 for me. Skinner is no remarkable rapper flow wise, but his delivery is so lovable and his lyrics are absolutely awesome. Beats are fantastic, though they won't be winning any awards for it. Just such an engaging album, that's fantastically easy to relate to lyrically, and with so much to love about it, extremely underrated. Shame Mike went on a speedy decline after this, but the following album is a great one, though it does make you wonder why you're not just listening to OPM.
Best song: there are no definite stand-outs on "Original Pirate Material", but at a push I'd say 'Stay Positive' - a genius and criminally overlooked closing track, with fantastic heartfelt lyrics and great beats.
6The Stooges
Fun House

I guess I'm not really one for older music, I listen to plenty but tend to believe sometimes that it's been done better since, especially for rock music; stuff like "Sticky Fingers", it has a few undeniable gems but in the end almost unremarkable and not one I repeat, despite being fairly loveable. 'Fun House' is a big, big exception - I listen to this and find it hard to believe it was made in 1970. I mean, seriously? The sheer energy of this release has not been bettered in rock music, Iggy screams his fucking head off in every track, giving one of the best frontman performances of all time, while the band play stunningly furious and passionate rock music, and seem to progress throughout the album, getting madder and madder until they are finally 100% unleashed at the closer 'L.A. Blues'
Best song: 'Dirt', one of the slower tracks but one that is sickeningly awesome and furious. An ace bassline with Iggy spitting verses in an almost disgusted manner and the occasional sleazy shred of the guitar. One of the best smoking songs ever made.
Kid A

I suppose it couldn't be avoided. Radiohead put away their guitars and amps and try something completely new. A wonderful electronic album with beautiful atmosphere and feel. Soothing yet unsettling.
Best track: 'Idioteque', Radiohead meets big beat, this incredible beat sweeps you away as you dance all your energy away, Thom's voice is frantic and hurt. I don't know what the lyrics are about but they are effective no matter what.
8Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Hipster hipster hipster. Now that's out of the way, this album is a massive fucking journey. Passionate, extremely passionate tunes with one of the most powerful vocalists to reach my ears. Mangum's voice is this unique wail that is overwhelming and exciting, it makes you feel connected with the strange lyrics. To prove Jeff is not the only great thing about the record, there's some great instrumental tracks too.
Best song: 'Oh Comely', this one is a proper adventure, an incredible and engaging 7 minute slice of genius, the verses are wonderful and Mangum pulls off one of the greatest vocal performances I've ever heard.
9Leonard Cohen
Songs Of Leonard Cohen

This one hit me like a wet sponge. WHAM. An instant classic for me, Cohen has sung some of the most beautiful songs ever created with this massive melancholic and depressive feel yet still upbeat in some places. Leonard's monotone-ish but effective voice takes us away while his guitar patters on nice and sweetly.
Best song: 'One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong', if only for the yell at the end. It's a brilliant track, but that chilling yell. That fucking yell, man, it's life changing. One of the best ways to end an album.

So we're back with hip-hop and I have to pick the obvious one. This one just manages to get me so excited; excellent beats, awesome flow and delivery, great lyrics (most of the time, I'll admit "switching styles like a faggot" or "I'm not bisexual, I'm an intellectual" were mistakes but I can overlook them), it's the full package. Though he soon became mediocre, this one is truly phenomenal.
Best track: 'N.Y. State Of Mind', I always know I'm in for a great listen when after that intro, one of the best and most infectious beats ever hits and it is truly excellent. Nas pulls it all off flawlessly.
11Arcade Fire

A choice I'm a little burnt out on as of late but still one I have massive, massive affection for. 10 brilliant indie pop songs with elements of classical in there. It's a bit of genius for sure with some exceptional and effective music and vocals.
Best song: 'In The Backseat', an unbelievably beautiful track - this sweet, troubled, nervous voice and how it builds until she is yelling her heart out. It's one of the best closing tracks of all time.
12 Public Enemy
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Dated? Well, yeah a bit. But why is that such a bad thing? It is dated in the way that such music will not be made today, it is a musical time-capsule. Old school beats with incredible production that was inspirational to hip-hop in '88, an awesome rapper in Chuck D, who spits awesome lyrics, consistency, yet big changes in all makes for one of the most pure enjoyable albums of all time.
Best song: 'Prophets Of Rage', a bit of a random choice but is wildly fun, first that ace sample and then a mad dancable moment with awesome turntablism. It's next to the word 'fun' in "The Dictionary: cannsawxcore's musical edition"
In Rainbows

Yeah, yeah, alright. I'm a disgusting fanboy. This might be a backward step in a way, this might even be generic Radiohead - and considering their discography this is unremarkable...maybe...maybe not. It's basically just a collection masterfully produced typical Radiohead songs. And as a big Radiohead fan, this suits me just fine, I don't care that they're not forward-thinking.
Best track: 'Nude', perhaps - a fascinating and wonderous intro which makes you feel like you're floating, with wonderful vocals throughout, awesome bass and great lyrics. Quite depressing yet rather uplifting too.
14 The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico

Random, messy, experimental music made by a bunch of miserable junkies shouldn't be so good, should it? Whether it's wonderful, twinkly pop like 'Sunday Morning', a classic rock n roll track like 'I'm Waiting For The Man' or a mindfuck like 'Heroin' or 'Venus In Furs' it remains incredible throughout. Nico's voice isn't something I'd usually enjoy but with the VU she's pretty great, though 'I'll Be Your Mirror' never was a favourite.
Best song: 'Heroin', as I explained before; a total mindfuck. Lou's voice is troubled but not so much in his delivery, which is normal, it's more the lyrics which makes it all seem so tragic. It's obviously about a nasty H habit but is handled in a way that seems to perfectly balance the fun of it and how terrible it is. The music towards the end is as intense as anything I've ever heard before and almost makes you feel like you're on heroin, despite being seemingly aimless guitar bashing.
15Bad Brains
Bad Brains

An album with two very different styles incorporated in. It splits some listeners, by I feel that every hardcore punk blinder is fantastic, and as is every awesome reggae track. As good as Marley's "Exodus" is, I heard nothing that is superior to one of the Brains' reggae efforts and their hardcore ferocity is equalled by no other. Though it's a hardcore punk album first, it's literally the best of two genres
Best song: 'Attitude', one of the best plain ol' FUCK YOU songs ever made, this face-melting riff, lightning speed drumming that doesn't let up, great vocals and surprisingly - great bass too. Takes you for a ride, despite being quite (suitably) short.
16Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Jello Biafra is just one of the great frontman, even on the last DK album where the music was fairly mediocre, Jello helped it out and made it enjoyable. So imagine what he can do when the music is amazing! A unique guitar style infests this awesome punk rock and Jello is incredible throughout.
Best song: 'Lets Lynch The Landlord', a slower track but one that's irresistable, a surprisingly danceable track with its drumming style but still truly punk as fuck. Anthem.
17Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey

The Bad Seeds are my second favourite band (1. Radiohead, 3. Dinosaur Jr), for Nick Cave's amazing voice and how they can pull off all styles with few mistakes, and this is certainly the most consistent effort by them. Lots of different styles tackled but mostly intense, dark as fuck material.
Best song: I'd like to say 'Watching Alice' as it is a perfect song that recieves too little attention but I'll go with the obvious choice of 'The Mercy Seat' - an unbelievable song, backed with violins with industrial style production, it is a 7 minute epic tale of a man waiting for death row. The latter half of the song is basically the same verse but changing two words every time, I love to yell along with it but have yet to find lyrics that get it completely right. Still, it is one of the most powerful songs ever made, probably a top 5 song of all time for me.
18 David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

It ain't easy to find an album that is as much fun as this. There's a couple of throwaways but those still remain enjoyable, and the goods here are so very fucking good. It has quite an epic feel to some songs while firmly keeping it rock n roll.
Best song: 'Five Years', this to OPEN it? Wow, a brilliantly powerful song with amazing lyrics and a passionate vocal performance, it keeps building and building up until Bowie is fully unleashes and reveals his heart to you.
19Boards Of Canada
Music Has The Right To Children

Stunning whichever way you look at it; beats, production, atmosphere. It pulls it all off flawlessly and very track is a joy. Best straight up electronic album ever made.
Best song: 'Pete Standing Alone', an insane beat, sounds like you're shaking a can of spray paint but to an extremely infectious rhythm. This song makes me spazz out.
20The Wedding Present

Passionate and frustrated indie rock with an angry twist, David is a class vocalist and his voice bleeds passion here while the band thrash on suitably. Their old jangle pop stuff was nice but this darker change in sound with Albini production tops it in every way.
Best song: 'Dalliance', an extremely effective track, it seems to progress and develop on and on, getting more and more angry and the music gets more and more powerful.
21 DJ Shadow

What a production. Made 100% from samples, not one original note here and it's a masterpiece. Fucking hell, that's a DJ. Massively fun with awesome drums in all cases.
Best song: 'The Number Song', so much fun, the drumming and how it all kicks in after the first countdown is brilliant.
22Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
From Her To Eternity

Dark, grim madness that just doesn't give in. Nick Cave is really unleashed on this one, his voice at its most angry and deepest. The music is crazy on fuck, and the lyrics are just grim grim grim despair more grim.
Best song: 'Cabin Fever!', an awesome track with mental but loveable and Nick burning the rules of being a frontman and just goes mad.
23Dinosaur Jr.

More normal than the perfect album it follows but I've said before, that Dinosaur Jr. were in a lose/lose/lose situation after an album like YLAOM; "You can make something weirder and it's "pretentious", make something similar and it's "lazy", and the path they chose; make something more subtle and it's "disappointing".", but this album is 100% awesome throughout though I have trouble identifying each song. Last night while blazing I noticed that the bass is actually fun on this too.
Best song: 'Don't', yeah I always dig the much disliked experiments a little more than the rest, alright? This song is one noisy mindfuck, it's just extreme noise with mad feedback, occassionally Mascis' guitar is audible but usually all you can hear is noise and Lou Barlow screaming (the word 'screaming' doesn't really do it justice) "Why don't you like me!?". It's insane. Mindblowingly complex yet simple, powerful and effective. A welcome but rather random break from the grungey stuff it followed.
Marquee Moon

Tom Verlaine; like J Mascis is a great frontman and guitarist who makes the band what it is and it is loveable. So much fun, Tom has quite a coky and laid back voice but still clearly with lots of effort involved.
Best song: 'Prove It', that's right I didn't choose the title track, I'm not sure why this is my favourite, it's just very personal, I can't explain really. This song is extremely entertaining with great verses and a class chorus. What can I say?
25Joy Division

It's a tough choice between this and "Unknown Pleasures" but in the end I choose this, a fantastic, downbeat album but not necessarily depressing, don't believe the hype calling it the most depressing music ever made. In some places it's actually quite happy but with melancholic vocals, such as...
Best song: 'A Means To An End', this song has a beat of similar speed to 'Idioteque', a drumbeat based song with Ian's unique voice that comes out sounding like downbeat dance music.
26Deltron 3030
Deltron 3030

Del tha Funkee Homosapien on Deltron 3030 is one of the best albums for a rapper, you'll hear. His flow is remarkable, a seemingly effortless delivery with a stunning flow and great lyrics too. The beats are a ton of fun and the whole thing is just a wonderful full package.
Best song: '3030', a 7 minute brilliant intro, Del's flow and delivery is perhaps the best on any hip-hop song ever made before, being so irresistable
27A Tribe Called Quest
The Low End Theory

Well this one's just a gem, irresistable hip-hop group with great flows all around, and on top of this - awesome jazzy and funky samples.
Best song: 'Excursions', a brilliant track with an awesome jazzy sample in it, it 'Represent's everything I love about hip-hop
28Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

This is pretty much every one's favourite hip-hop album but I rank some ahead of it, if only for the skits which are quite of annoying. I used to really hate the skits but I'm tolerating or skipping them now. But anyway, the music is phenomenal, the Wu Tang has way too many of the all time greatest rappers, they have more than their fair share of the greats - it almost isn't fair (ODB, Ghost, Method, GZA and more), but it sure makes for a pleasing result.
Best song: 'Bring Da Ruckus', a classic really, sums up the whole record, whether referencing it as a way of explaining listening to the album (eg: "I brought the motherfuckin' ruckus yesterday") or quoting the sample at the start to yer mates. The song is love in so many ways.
29Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
The Good Son

After just being mental on albums, we see a gentler side to Nick Cave on this album. He begins to trade insane for beautiful, and it's just as great. Softer but still truly excellent.
Best song: 'Lucy', one of the best ways to end an album I've ever heard, a wonderful track but like Cohen's 'One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong'; it is the best because of the way it leaves you, after the beautiful love song, it all stops and this stunning hidden looped noise comes through, it is gentle and delicate but repetitive and oh so effective, then comes in this ridiculously effective harmonica, it sounds so lonely, agh, and so fucking brilliant... This is the only song to make me cry, I've shed a couple of tears to music before but this is the only one where I straight up cried. The most beautiful and heartwrenching song ever made.
The Shape Of Punk To Come

A modern hardcore punk album with elements of jazz and electronic music, which is a pretty odd deion at first but most hear it. Dennis has an awesome scream and the music is awesome. I used to listen to exclusively punk a few years ago and this is the one album that has stayed as a 5 star favourite over the years for me. Brilliant.
Best song: 'The Deadly Rhythm', JAZZ INFLUENCE, maybe you can't hear it at first - listen to the drumming, definately jazz influenced. Jazzy drumming on top of hardcore punk with screamo vocals is quite the phenomenal combo but it really really works. The whole song is a blast. If I had a penny for every time I hurt myself jumping around to this song; I'd jump around to the song every day to earn some cash.
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