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Top 10 Metalcore Albums of All Time

Wassup Sputnikers? Tool released a new song, and they were a starter band for me to get into heavier stuff. But I'll never forget this girl Mary in Florida showing me Alexisonfire, .44 Caliber Love Letter, and that was my intro to the screaming stuff. Hated it at first, but then I came to like different stuff. I feel like metalcore is on its way out in the music scene and in my musical library. I'm getting older now, and got into this stuff at 20, 21 and now I'm 28, I just have different tastes now and I don't think anything will touch these records. I'm ALWAYS open to suggestions though so don't jump down my throat! Anyways, hope you enjoy the list and if you like metal/hardcore and haven't heard one of these albums, "Go check it out!" - J. Torrance.
11Inside Out
No Spiritual Surrender

| HONORABLE MENTION | This record stands out to me b/c of the vocal performance because it made me say, "holy shit," out loud when I first heard it. When I first discovered bands like this (Chain of Strength, Judge, Burn, etc.) I was ecstatic. But I was still looking for a vocalist with a specific intensity. All around this record is a must-listen and laid groundwork for many bands on this list. Fave track: No Spiritual Surrender
10Earth Crisis
Destroy the Machines

Another pivotal record in combining metal & hardcore elements. Matt Fox of Shai Hulud has credited this record as a 'holy shit' moment of his own saying, "it's not really metal and it's not really hardcore. It's... metalcore." Great listen, love the energy & instrumentation. Fave track: Born From Pain.

Here's a record that's a little weird to be on this list. Sputnik classifies it on their '5' review as metalcore, I'd dare to say it dips in the territory of modern thrash? If that makes sense. This band/record sounds VERY similar to Coalesce, Botch, or Converge, but it hits harder than all those guys. And yes, Converge isn't gonna be on the list, and all you Jane Doe fanboys can sing your precious praises in the comments down below, I think that record blows. XD Fave Track: Tie btw. Whacked Out & Bite the Bullet.
8Kiss It Goodbye
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

"The musical equivalent of being choke-slammed into concrete." The tagline I read, the album art I saw, and then I thought, "Alright let's see what this shit is abo...." Yup. It was exactly right. The vocal performance stands out the most and I've never felt more connected to harder styles of music than I did to this record, and nothing beats Helvetica. "I have enough FRIEEENNDDDSSS!"
7Twelve Tribes
Midwest Pandemic

If this record was sent back to 1997 or something, it would be hailed as one of the best. It is hard to point out things that are not done by the book on this record, and no offense in that regard. I just love this record. I remember seeing this video ( and I don't know how I stumbled upon it, but it blew me away. It's my go to record for working out, the riffs are there, the drumming is awesome (dat snare), and the vocals are fucking tight. Fave Track: Midwest Pandemic

Everyone will be harping on the fact that I didn't pick the record where they, "came into their own sound." When I listen to this record, I hear Counterparts. Sure, you can make comparisons of them to ABR (maybe), or any other run-of-the-mill metalcore band, but this record sticks. It loses steam toward the end a bit, but the drumming is what drives this record for me and it never gets old. Fave Track: Only Anchors
The Advent of a Miracle

Top 5 time now... Strongarm came to me in a time of my atheism. Yes, I was one of the angry ones, looking up every Dawkins & "Hitchslap," video I could find, looking down on those who were religious and replacing God with the scientific method. Then again, we all have to grow up sometime right? Well, a "personal," experience happened to me (of which I'm not getting into with you fine folks, this ain't the place) and I asked myself the question that was asked to Derek Vineyard, "Has anything you've done [with my atheism] made my life better?" And the answer was no. This record helped me return to my roots of thinking, and while I didn't convert to anything, its message was one I needed to hear. This record is an amazing listen, and it's hard to find better riffage & vocals than this baby right here. Fave Track: These Times That Try Men's Souls
4Shai Hulud
Reach Beyond the Sun

The successor to Strongarm... Shai Hulud came out with the best metalcore record in 2013, and it has stood as the best metalcore album of the decade. It's not a reinvention of the wheel, there are barely any noticeable breakdowns, and hey is that Chad Gilbert?! This record has so many amazing moments and only loses steam in the last song toward the end. Seeing Shai Hulud live playing this stuff is/was amazing and this is a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a fan of metalcore. Fave Track: Monumental Graves
3August Burns Red

Just edging out Shai Hulud we have this record. This record came at another tumultuous time in my life and has moments in it comparable to hearing Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden for the first time. The White Washed intro, Mariana's Trench right after it, the paradiddle-y snare slappin' & clappin' to start the bitch off? What could be better? Well, two albums... But still! I remember seeing the studio video of Matt Greiner playing 30 & 7 and was blown away and I bought a DW9000 double pedal because of it. Loses steam toward the end once again, but still an overall masterclass of metalcore. Don't dismiss this as a breakdown band or breakdown record, "they just know how to bring the mosh," as my friend says. Fave Track: Indonesia
2Misery Signals

Many of you will be surprised it isn't Malice. Why? Because this record is more full than Malice is. I like Five Years, The Year Summer Ended, Stinging Rain, and Worlds & Dreams. On the other hand, I feel Controller is a more complete & cohesive record, and I like every song. Simple as that. Any fan of metalcore should know Misery Signals (Poison the Well weeps in the corner...), and this record will always be a mainstay. Fave Track: Weight of the World
1Shai Hulud
Hearts Once Nourished With Hope...

Here it is. The best. I have personally reviewed this record (poorly I might add), and it will always hold near and dear to my heart, and I'm talking about the 1997 release, not the new bassier and shittier, snappy snare one. The lyrical material, the YOUNG yet intense vocal performance, the construction of the songs, it all screams what true metalcore is all about. Matt Fox (guitarist of the band) trashes this record saying he was a kid when he wrote it and that the songs are when he knew next to nothing about writing songs, but somehow it all worked out. This record turned 22 this year, and it stands the test of time. You could play ANY song off this record on a stage today as a cover song and it will bring the mosh and sound just as fresh as the stuff that's out today. While Outside The Boundaries Of A Friend, Beliefs & Obsessions, and Beyond Man don't hit as hard as the rest of the record, it still slays for all days. Fave Track: A Profound Hatred of Man
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