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My life in records

While waiting for the nest episode of ''Stuff I bought'', I decided to make a list representing records from each period of my life or albums that represent some milestone. I know some of the albums are corny or simply bad, but these albums do show a certain journey through life and a musical evolution.
1The Beatles

Age 0-6
My Dad had various Beatles mix tapes and LPs (with emphasis on the early records). I know this album wasn’t out when I was that age, but it’s a good representation of what I listened to back then from the Beatles Catalogue. My Dad didn’t like the Rolling Stones, so now I too prefer the Beatles over them.
2Bill Haley
Rock Around The Clock

Age 0-6
Another set of compilations that my Dad had consisted of 4 or 5 volumes of ‘’Rock ‘n’ roll’s gratest hits’’. I can’t really remember what was on those records, but I do remember very clearly Bill Halley and ‘’rock around the clock’’. So you could say that I had rather a good base for further musical endeavors.
3Elvis Presley
Elvis: 30 #1 Hits

Age 0-6
The same situation as with The Beatles. I know this album wasn’t out then, of course, but amongst other things in my Dad’s collection, Elvis also played a big part, therefore I can do nothing else then put him on the list.

Age 7
I was introduced to this album when I was on a language camp organized by my Dad. Many older kids there, and although Reload is rather shite in comparison to their other albums, it is a good gateway Metallica album. I was presented with ‘’Kill em’ all’’ shortly after, so I had the right guidance, and I was a diehard fan for many years.
5Blind Guardian
Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Age 8
I was shown this album when it came out. I remember the compressed artwork (because it was cassette), the battle sounds when you hit play... I described what this album means to me in the list of 10 top albums, so I don't feel the need to go much deeper in describing it, but this definitely was another breakthrough to me.
6ZZ Top

Age 10
I had this copied on one side of a 90 minute cassette tape, on the other side was ‘’Wish you were here’’ by Pink Floyd… I remember cleaning my guitar up on a Friday, drinking cherry coke and playing Recycler at full blast. To me, this is blues rock at it’s finest.
7System of a Down

Age 11
Once or twice a month, if I was behaving good, I could go down with Mum to my favourite electrical-music store and choose a CD. When Toxicity came out, I bought it. I remember sitting at a mate's birthday party, on a Friday evening, thinking ''soon I'll be back home, listening to Toxicity''... That just shows what a unsociable turd I was at times :D
Reinventing the Steel

Age 10
When this came out, it was my first experience with Pantera. I copied it (yes, now I have the original of all my copied albums) from my friends older brother and enjoyed it day in day out.
9Fear Factory

Age 13
When I was 13 I met one of my Dad’s ex-students. About 10 years older than me, he borrowed me some tapes to copy. Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power, Way Beyond Driven (back catalogue for me, as I only knew them from Reinventing), Fear Factory and something else I can’t remember. Pantera made an enormous impression, but the cold industrial doings of FF was something new to me, and left a lasting impression. I don’t really listen to FF that often now, but every time I hear those riffs and that vocal, I’m instantly thrown back to those times

Age 14
Continuing the string of stranger than the usual musical inspirations from back then, I was also introduced to Primus, at the beginning to individual songs, not full albums. Laqcuer Head, Wynonan’s big brown beaver… I managed to grasp a new, more humoristic approach to music thanks to these bands.
11Ozzy Osbourne

Still within the realms of secondary school and the music that was all around me then, I must admit that I was in a big Ozzy-phase then. I’m still a fan of Ozzy, whatever others may think of him. For some strange reason I started off with Ozzmosis (I think it was on a discount at my electronic-music shop). I remember walking around with a discman, listening to the album multiple times. I remember the string intro of Perry Mason, my favorite piece from the album.

Age 14
I keep having this album resonating in my head when I think about those times. My older collegues listened to Tool- I knew it from the badges on their back sacks. I kept asking them ‘’what is Tool?’’ and eventually I bought ‘’Undertow’’. Lately I revived this album for myself and I must admit that I had pretty good taste back then!
13Black Label Society
The Blessed Hellride

Age 15
When I was 15 I heard the blessed hellride on my Dad’s revived language camps (from a friend the same age as me) and suddenly it came to me that this is all I was looking for in music! Proper riffs, BREWtal singing, a bit of blues… this started a love that lasts till this day. It also signed perfectly into the beer-culture I slowly started to appreciate back then.

Age 15
On the same camp that I got to know BLS, I became accustomed with a rather new invention which was metalcore (and NWOAHM). At the time it seemed like the perfect revival of Trash, and we were all very stoked. My friend (the one from BLS) bout Killswitch Engage’s album, and I decided to buy Ascendancy by Trivium. For many years this was a favorite metal album of mine. I liked the whole atmosphere, described in magazines such as Metal Hammer, talking about this new (relatively new) bands, like Mastodon, Trivium…
Famous Monsters

Age 16
Now this is when I started high school. I looked like a full-blown metal head by then, but it was also a time of diversifying and checking out other music- I was by no means hermetic, although I did look like it. I was quite obsessed by The Misfits logo back then, I mean the skull. I had it on shirts, my back sack etc. I did of course listen to the music, but much less than one would think from simply looking at me. I had quite a serious girlfriend (for my age) back then and she was into punk big time. I remember blasting ‘’dig up her bones’’, drinking cheap wine and making out with her. Good times, if not slightly chaotic.

Age 16
As I mentioned, I tended to have an opened mind about music throughout my life. If I liked some music, I liked it- it just so happened that 95% of the music I liked was rock and metal. But once I heard on the radio a piece of Ratatat. I managed to wait till it came on again, a few days later, and I had a tape ready in the machine. I hit ‘’record’’, and managed to catch a substantial part of the song. I then played around with it using two tapes, and managed to construct a song out of the samples- I was that desperate. Later in I heard on the radio that the band was called Ratatat. I found their record in my favorite store and listened to it on many an evening. These were times were, yes, I was a metalhead, but most of my friends weren’t and I tended to go to clubs with them. Clubs playing normal music, not techno-frenzied clubs, but still clubs with electro, house and all that. And for some reason, when I came back from a night out, this record seemed to fit ideally to my mood.
17Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses

Age 17
I discovered ToN for myself when I heard ‘’prophets of doom’’ on TV. Of course I heard ToN earlier in my life, but did not seem to entirely understand their dark sense of humor and quickly gave up on them. But ‘’prophets of doom’’ showed me exactly what this was all about. At this time I went for 2 years to England, to finish my high school. I was back every few weeks for 1-2 weeks, but I missed my friends and felt slightly estranged, although I dare say I managed to fit in pretty well. Anyway, I bought ‘’Bloody Kisses’’ in the record store and I remember listening to it every evening in the Autumn, English weather… Now ToN is one of my all-time favorite bands, but every time I hear ‘’Black no. 1’’, I am immediately transformed back to England.
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Age 17
As I mentioned, I was coming back from England every few weeks, and hanging out with all my friends on the break. Going to concerts, roaming the city etc, all that stuff. When I came back at night, or in the evenings, I used to sit in front of the PC, eat nuts and listen to Volbeat Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac blood, an album which I couldn’t believe was recorded- it was a mix of Elvis and metal, what could be better than that?

Age 19
This album was my proper introduction to stoner/ desert music. I remember driving my tatty car through the city on a hot april morning, blasting this from the windows.
Blackwater Park

Age 19-22
A very strange and sad time for me then. For some reason I took a break from music. My Mother died. I was drinking faaar too much. I finished school when I was just 19, so there I was, holidays of 2009, no job, no real idea for life, renting a flat with my friends, drinking my brains out. I remember the feeling of being very very lost in life. The only album I can recall from that period was listening to Opeth, specifically ‘’Blackwater park’’ which I copied a few years earlier from the guy that showed me Pantera’s reinventing. Very sad times, but this one album seemed to help me from time to time.
Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild

Age 23
This is where I came back full time. I stopped drinking when I was 21 (after 3 years of sobriety I relearned to use alcohol responsibly), went to study on weekends at the age of 20 (2 months after my Mother’s death), started working in the field I was planning to study in when I was 19.5. By 23 I managed to regain control of my life. I opened a company at the beginning of 2013 (it lasted only 1 year, but whatever), and I remember that when I was working out (I started a few years earlier, even before I started properly drinking) I listened to CKY and chosen songs of Kottonmouth Kings. Helped me regain strength and confidence. I listened to a mix of their songs, made my own playlist, so, once again, I need to use a ‘’the best of’’ album here.
In Waves

Age 23
I know Trivium appears a second time in this list, but I just had to mention this album. I listened to it when I was getting ready to my Bachelor exam and when I was writing my Bachelor thesis. I passed, so the album is definitely a pleasant memory for me. It was September 2013 and I was slowly getting ready for more changes.
Earth Rocker

Age 23-24
At that time I listened to a lot of the stuff from earlier from this list, but I also discovered Clutch for myself. Started from Earth Rocker, which was brand new at the time, and I just listened to it on constant replay. I still love this album. It was a very positive period, what I didn’t know then, the beginning of the end of darkness and loneliness (because even if you’re surrounded by friends and have a partner, you can feel extremely lonely and estranged). I got my bachelor degree, I got a new job in my field after we decided to close the company, everything was going just fine. I partied rarely, sometimes I dabbled a bit with certain stimulants, but responsibly and rarely. This album kind of represents a new start in life for me.
24Life of Agony
River Runs Red

Age 24- 25
I changed jobs again, after starting a relationship with w girl in the last company, who now is my wife. In this company I met a few guys who were into rock and metal too. So what we did was, we listened all day to full albums on you tube. One of my colleagues put ‘’river runs red’’ on, and although I ‘’kind of heard LoA before, I listened to their record for the first time in full. I really like it, and I remember going to my (then) girlfriend after work with this playing in my head.
25Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Getaway

Age 27
The hardest time in my life, due to a number of obstacles coming together. I wasn’t on the verge of depression like a couple of years before, because this time I had different people surrounding me, but most of all I managed to rearrange my head. We started planning our wedding half way through 2016 and it suddenly turned out I don’t have a substantial amount of documents needed. Getting them was one hell of an adventure, seemed impossible to do, it took me 7 months, and I made it literally one week before the wedding. My Dad died at the end of January 2017, and as I was technically an orphan, I had to deal with the estate and all the legal stuff. Additionally, in April I found out by chance I have one year less than I thought to get my master thesis in- I didn’t even properly start it then. I had time to September to get it in. These three factors applied so much pressure that I really got rather down. The Getaway is one of the albums that helped me with my Father’s death.
26Queens of the Stone Age

Age 27
The next album which helped me through this time in my life was Villains. I quite liked QUTSA earlier, but I wasn’t such a fan to be shocked or appalled by the new direction they took. From the first time I heard the album, I knew I wanted it- I just didn’t listen to it as to a QUOTSA record. As ‘’The Getaway’’ helped me with my Father’s death, this album here helped me with the frenzy of getting my Master thesis in to the mad professor that I chose, who pushed me to the limits, rejecting every version I wrote, not only due to factual errors, but also editorial ones. I managed this obstacle to.
27Jeff Beck
Loud Hailer

Age 27
This is yet another album which really just gave me loads of support through the whole year. Stunning music, another album that I just heard, and immediately bought the same day. It really reassured me that it is thanks to music that we can jump over the boulders of life.
28Black Label Society
Grimmest Hits

Age 27
This album came out during that sad year, and, just like the ones prior in the list, it helped me with understanding many things. Despite the fact that not all the lyrics are state-of-the-art philosophical mumblings (or maybe thanks to that), Zakk really managed to cheer me up when I was having thoughts about just leaving all these cases open.
29Ed Sheeran

Age 27
Now this is a shocker, even to me. I don’t like Ed sheeran. I really really don’t like him, although I do regard some of his lyrics as funny or even amusing. But my wife quite likes him, so seeing that his album ‘’Divide’’ was on -50% sale, I bought it for her, just before the Christmas holidays. And here’s the thing- I took 2 weeks of work, combined with Christmas and New Year. This was after all the turmoil- I got my Masters (my Dad’s dream, which he never witnessed), got all the legal and estate stuff out of the way, got married after all in June… As a bonus, I managed to get my Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser licence, which is pretty hard where I live. So I closed myself in our flat with my wife and my dog, enjoyed shitty Christmas movies on the TV and listened to Ed Sheeran while drinking beer. And it’s probably because of the relief I felt then that I actually associated this album with very good times. You have to forgive me.
30Corrosion of Conformity
America's Volume Dealer

Age 28
Practically the whole year my wife was pregnant. I changed my job again, for an even better one. I listened to shitloads of music and went to concerts (my son was born one day before a Clutch concert I had a ticket to for 6 months, making it one of the best baby showers of all time), my musical hobby came back in 100%. I found comfort and peace in listening to music again in 2017, and by now I’m fully addicted again. I haven’t felt such a connection with music since my early teens. There isn’t really one album that stands out in that year, because I listened to so much music, but I think both the year and this album need at least an honorary mention. I was hooked for 2-3 months and this album reminds me of regaining my balance in life.

Age 29
And so we are here. I feel fulfilled and happy in my life. There was quite a bit of turmoil, fear and all that crap, but who hasn’t got episodes like that in their life. I’m very happy and very grateful for everything I have. I’m still hooked on the best album I heard this year (so far), which is Soen ‘’Lotus’’. I am slightly embarrassed that I only just discovered them now, at their 4th album, especially that it’s a band founded by the ex-drummer of one of my favorite bands, Opeth. But then again I’m also thrilled how many more bands I have no idea about and that are awesome are out there.
Delìrium Còrdia


(Album that I thought of a day after making the list- didn't come up while doing the list, so I guess it wasn't a very significant landmark like the others)

Age 14

My older colleague made me a mix tape of various metal and such acts, and among them were a few albums by Fantomas and Mike Patton, and I really loved the strangeness in them. Now all I listen to from Mike is Faith no More and Mondo Cane, come to think of it, I'll have to get back to Fantomas etc.
33The Beatles
Let It Be… Naked


(Album that I thought of a day after making the list- didn't come up while doing the list, so I guess it wasn't a very significant landmark like the others)

Age 15

Beatles again... It was the end of secondary school, I was attending my first ''domestic parties''- good times in general. About the same time that I was listening to Ozzmosis. We had a few student exchanges (one week long) with Danish kids (I got a parting gift from one family when I was there, a CD by Carpark North) and I was listening to Let It Be. I really like the record to this day, it still stands out from that period.
34Arctic Monkeys


(Album that I thought of a day after making the list- didn't come up while doing the list, so I guess it wasn't a very significant landmark like the others)

Age 25

Started the new job, where I met my future wife. Bought a new car, then my future wife moved in with me, shortly after we got a dog... at the time I bought this record, I think it was the end of 2015. I did listen to it an awful lot, especially the first half, so if any album reminds me of those times, it's this one.
Emperor of Sand


(Album that I thought of a day after making the list- didn't come up while doing the list, so I guess it wasn't a very significant landmark like the others)

Age 27

Another album that I just remembered helped me in the dull and frantic year of 2017, together with RHCP-QUOTSA- BLS, mentioned earlier. It helped me grasp the idea of dying, going away etc...
36Paradise Lost


(Album that I thought of a day after making the list- didn't come up while doing the list, so I guess it wasn't a very significant landmark like the others)

Age 27

I remember buying this when it came out, which wasn't that long ago. I was on a job hunt, it was autumn, and this music was ideal when I was driving around. Just remembered it, as I was jamming it yesterday and the not so distant memories came back.
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