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Behemoth albums ranked

Behemoth got me into both black metal and death metal which are my two favorite genres, for that Behemoth will always be one of my favorite bands. I remember being so young when I started listening to these guys that I actually got in trouble for it haha. Tracks from “The Satanist” are the most played in my library, timeless classics they’ve become.
The Satanist

When I first heard “The Satanist”, I was still in my metalcore phase. So, its safe to say I didn’t absorb it all at once. But slowly it grew to become one of my all-time favorite albums across all genres of metal. The record marked a radical change for behemoth. For the longest time they relied on speedy, brutal tempo with Inferno carrying a lot of the weight. But for the first-time atmosphere seemed to have been the priority. With that said the album boasts one of the most convincing atmospheres I have heard to date. It makes it seem as if like the title, the album is just a passionate proclamation of Nergals devotion to Satan. But underneath is an absolute masterclass performance by every member of the band. Highlights are “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, namely the sinister opening riff, as well as “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” which is absolutely relentless and never takes a break”. “O Father O Satan O Sun” .... (check comments for continuation).
I Loved You at Your Darkest

Essentially a continuation of “The Satanist”, this record doesn’t really change…..well, anything. But that’s absolutely fine by me considering “The Satanist” is perfection. Also, it oddly doesn’t feature too many standout tracks. But again, in the case of this album that’s a positive because it fulfills the objective of the records atmosphere. To put the listener into a trance while remaining attentive. It sounds like an oxymoron but its how I feet while listening to the album. There are two tracks that I adore. “We Are the Next 1000 Years” which starts nicely before transitioning into an atmospheric black metal sound. As well as the sheer brilliance that is “Bartzabel” which features a classic Behemoth buildup into an almost clean, choir-like vocal “Come to me Bartzabel!” and then ending off with a relaxingly mesmerizing guitar solo by Orion. The song itself is actually better than almost every song on “The Satanist”

Ok so I’ve already referenced this album a shit tonne of times so here it is. For many, this is the band's magnum opus, and for good reason. In its own right, “Demigod” may very well be one of the most brutal albums ever made. A factor that elevates it above the band's other work. As stated earlier “Zos Kia Cultus” would follow it in that regard however still the margin of insanity is still great. “Demigod” will leave your ears ringing like a smoke alarm and it’ll have your neck feel as if you spent the last three weeks sleeping on a stiff prison cot. Best songs are “Demigod”, “Conquer All”, “Slaves Shall Serve”, and “Nephilim Rising”. But who am I kidding, every track will knock you around the ring. Another neat thing about this album is the muffled vocal sound that Nergal often gets into on the record. Its unintelligibility makes the record that much more brutal. Furthermore, this is the best performance by the legendary Inferno.

Not too long ago this one would’ve been number two, but a relapse into the depth of Behemoths unsettling gloom has renewed my interest in other records. However, with that being said, “Evangelion” gets points for good, memorable tracks encompassing over half the album. It boasts some of the bands best & most reputable songs like “Lucifer” which is an anomaly as its sung in the bands native language which of course makes it more badass. As well as its defining track “Ov Fire and the Void”. But the track that resonated with me the most is “Alas, Lord Is Upon Me” whose music video disturbed my young self years ago. Nevertheless, the incredible buildup riff followed by a chorus of Nergal without an instrumental backdrop, and finally a return to the same sick riff made the song my most played for a certain period. Overall, “Evangelion” is a nice mix of “Demigod” and “The Satanist”.
Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

“Zos Kia Cultus” has loads of good songs from the intro track “Horns of Baphomet” that could fit perfectly in “Demigod” to the essential Behemoth track “As Above So below”, and finally to the title track rounding out the back end of the record. “Zos Kia Cultus” is a heavyweight, probably the second most intense album by the band after its successor. The album isn’t dissimilar to its successor therefore can be considered a prequel to it literally & figuratively. Overall it is overshadowed by “Demigod” simply because the named does the same thing but better.
The Apostasy

“The Apostasy” is interesting because it seems to be a hybrid of “Demigod” and “Evangelion”. A graceful transition making use of the aforementioned records brutality but turning down the speed in favor of an atmosphere. The latter of which is hardly prevalent but shows a step in the direction of Behemoths most recent form. Coming off of “Demigod”, it may have seemed underwhelming at the time, but the band's style change has quite obviously paid off.

“Satanica” isn’t much different from its successor however it’s produced better and is just more well-rounded overall. Being slightly shorter, with almost two and a half minutes of bonus tracks, “Satanica” gets right to the point with one of the bands most well-known songs “Decade of Therion”, With Inferno’s skills on full display. It then lapses into a string of unmemorable tracks before reviving itself with the classic “Chant for Eschaton 2000” which is always a badass track. Although the EP version is slightly better. Overall however the album fails to set itself apart from other albums by the band and features too big of an absence of good tracks in the middle section of the album.

Behemoth’s discography encompasses three periods. The black metal period, fast & pummeling blackened death metal period, and then their current more atmospheric sound. “Thelema.6” for me marks the weakest of their transition period. I would’ve liked to see it slowed down a bit. The blazing speed suits “Demigod” however on this record it complicates the already chaotic song-writing on the record. It makes it hard to follow and to pick out segments that stand out over others. The only highlight would be the tracks “Christians to the Lions” and “Antichristian Phenomenon”. Both of which are hardly discernible amongst an album that’ll be finished before you realize it began. Oh, and the bonus track fuckin pissed me off. Scared the shit out of me ffs.
Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)

Behemoth’s debut is only mildly better than its follow-up. The band once again playing mediocre black metal. Listening to this record makes one understand how Behemoth didn’t capture their breakthrough in an era that saw the prevalence of dissection, Emperor, Immortal, and Marduk. Perhaps overlooked, regardless however as is “Grom” the black metal Behemoth plays in the mid 90’s is…Uninspiring compared to their later work and bands who just did black metal better.

I enjoyed all of Behemoths old back metal EP’s mainly “And the Forests Dream Eternally”. So, it’s as surprising to me as it is to you that I didn’t like this album at all. I came in fairly hyped, “I’m finally going to hear their black metal albums”, then I heard it and I was massively underwhelmed. It has a few decent riffs here & there, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as enjoyable as other black metal albums from the era. Part of the disappointment was my high hopes, but another massive turnoff was the awkwardly out of place melodic female vocals that will forever be synonymous with this album in my eyes.
Pandemonic Incantations

This album was one of those albums that was so dry that I didn’t grasp any of it during the first listen. I almost didn’t want to give it another listen. I honestly think I zoned out while watching some show on History/Discovery channel which doesn’t help the cause. But that’s what I do, I make sure to pay attention to albums otherwise I listen to it again because I want to give everything a chance. Anyhow, I think of “Pandemonic Incantations” as Behemoth lost. It’s nowhere near the most graceful transition from raw black metal to blackened death metal. I believe It’s a record Behemoth could do without.
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