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1Mark Morton

Definitely a good album. This album is like a "what if" version of Lamb of God - how they probably would sound like in different genres, with different vocalists, and so on. Each song has a different amount of LOG-iness in it, with some sounding more like Morton's original band and some very different. Cross Off, for example, is basically a perfect mix of both LOG and LP and has all the great qualities of each band. Interestingly, one of the least LOG-like songs is Imaginary Days, sung by Morton himself.
Some are better and some are worse, and I definitely prefer the ones that sound more like LOG - but it's still a very good album overall.
2Dream Theater
Distance Over Time

This album is not bad - well, not astonishingly bad - it's just so mind-numbingly mediocre. None of the songs here is even remotely memorable.
Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terror.

By this point Gloryahammer have completely mastered the art of EPIC. Fantastic album, it really did manage to live up to the hype.
Crimson Riders

A really fun, short little album. At times heavy and at times melodic, it makes to pack a lot of different musical emotions into 9 short, bite-sized songs, which is pretty damn impressive. Really cool album, really cool band.
The Great War

Well it sure is another Sabaton album. Musically it's more of the same stuff they made pretty much since their inception, and this time it's about WW1. Nothing exceptional here, and definitely nothing new, but I like Sabaton, so I like this album.
6Alter Bridge
Walk The Sky

Well it sure is another Alter Bridge album. I've talked so many times about how frustrated I am with Alter Bridge, and their stubbornness on staying in their comfort zone without ever even thinking about bringing something new to the table, even though they're all amazingly talented musicians. This one's no different, sadly.
Even though there's nothing new or interesting here, it is one of their best records in my opinion. It's a little more on the lighter side and most of the songs are fun overall. It didn't overstay its welcome even with 14(!) tracks. When the music is as formulaic and repetitive as Alter Bridge's, some albums are bound to be better than the others, and this one's definitely on the better side.
The Atlantic

Very good album, I liked it a lot.

Really solid melodic death metal album all the way through. Probably their best one (or at least one of them). Great stuff.
The Wings Of War

Like all Overkill albums since Ironbound, it's a good album, but at this point the novelty is gone and it mostly feels like a rerun of the same (great) album.

A wonderful album, I expected nothing less. Great combination of melodic and technical death metal.

Another very solid Avantasia album. While nothing you wouldn't expect from the band, it's still an epic and emotionally powerful album, both in terms of the melodies and vocal performences. Everyone sounds great.
12Cult of Luna
A Dawn to Fear

Fantastic piece of post-rock with just the right blend of softness, aggression and sorrow.
Heart Like A Grave

Another amazing work of art from the Finnish masters of melodic death metal. This time it's a more straightforward album with (relatively) shorter and heavier songs. There's not much new to say about this one: everything that makes Insomnium so incredible is present here in full force, and everything that makes all of their other albums such a delight can also be said about this one.
14Amon Amarth

Well it sure is another Amon Amarth album. Like every one of their albums, it's heavy and cool I guess but not very interesting and not at all memorable.
Wolf To Man

This one's pretty similar to their last release, 2017's The Venomous, and I like it for the same reasons exactly: it's fun, it's consistent, and it's effective. It doesn't seem like Nightrage are interested in reinventing the wheel or making a timeless masterpiece - these guys just want to have fun playing the music they love, and I love them for it. I don't really care about its obvious shortcomings - I just like what I hear and appreciate the album for everything it does right. Good stuff!

Phenomenal album. This album is a brutal and emotional journey and I loved every second of it.
17Atlas Pain
Tales of a Pathfinder

Absolutely loved this one. It's such grand, theatrical and epic piece, fluidly juggling between genres, from folk and power metal to melodic death metal. It's fun, it's epic, and overall just a delight to come back to every time - definitely one of the best.
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