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Whats Your Musical "Journey"?

Whats been the trajectory of your shitty taste in music your whole life? TL:DR - We all like shit music and should stop pretending otherwise.

2003 - age 9

Heard this on MTV2 when I was 9 years old. Then my parents bought the CD for me for some unknown reason. All a sudden, I went from being the kid in class who was fat, looked like Harry Potter to the goth kid in class who was fat, and looked like Harry Potter.
2My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

2005 - age 11

I already had a penchant for wearing black and the god-forsaken mid-2000's accessories you could buy from Claires or some shit (Even though I am and always have a dude). This was like the biggest thing in all human recorded history when it hit my middle school. I wasn't even looked at weird for loving this -- every kid in the damn class did.

[this album is still pretty good tbh]
3Kanye West

2008 - age 14

So after middle school I (naturally) went to high school, and my high school was more racially mixed. That's the politically correct way of saying I was one of like 3 dozen non-white trash white kids. As such, I became very into rap music. Especially Mr. West, Lil Wayne, all those god awful late 2000's gangster rap. I even started recording rap mixtapes in my bedroom -- which ultimately scared the shit out of my parents.

I also was fat and bullied, and dropped out in senior year so yeah
Ride the Lightning

2010 - Age 15/16

Once I found the "Big 4" and mostly Metallica, I started growing my hair long (RIP my hair) and wearing combat boots. This was just the beginning though. Metal is, percentage wise and adoration wise, the biggest chunk of my life for sure. I got through the entry phase, found death metal -- prog metal -- black metal -- every imaginable subgenre. I still love metal.

But let's continue.
5The Strokes
First Impressions of Earth

2013 - Age 20

I got my HS degree, and started uni. I lost a ton of weight, bought trendy clothes, got the trendy hair cut, and kind of moved on from the metalhead years. I became obsessed with those early 2000's garage/indie rock bands, namely the Strokes, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, etc.This was a good thing. I grew a lot and it kinda was the right move.
6Morning Musume
Second Morning

2014 - Age 21

So somewhere sometime I found J-pop on Youtube and it just consumed my soul. I was studying French as a native language in uni and immediately, I mean within like weeks, dropped that and started on Japanese. The downside was non-existent, other than the obvious questions of "What the fuck is this? When did you start liking this?"
7Orange Caramel

2014 - Still 20 or 21

From that, I found K-pop and it was equally consuming, although I didn't alter my life trajectory for it. I will admit my interest in K-pop has waned A LOT in the past like 2 years. But I still think if you dig through enough of the trash, you find some pretty good groups, and some really well made pop songs.
8My Bloody Valentine

2017 - Age 23

In 2016 I moved to Japan, and my university had a cover band club. So basically you make a cover band and play for the other members. It was rad. I didn't fully join because I was busy, but I went to a meeting or two. At one, this cover band was doing My Bloody Valentine. The amps were on like 4300000, and the drone was real. But man, I was like WHAT IS THIS??? I suddenly found music I genuinely had never heard before and I found out it was shoegaze, blah blah, and that sent me into the past few years
9The Sisters of Mercy
First and Last and Always

2018 - Age 25

I came full circle. I've worn black almost everyday since I was like 13, but, hearing this, and going down the real goth rock rabbit hole has somehow tied together all this (So far). I'm confused by own timeline, and this masturbatory post will end now, but

What's your story?
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