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07.09.19 Lowest rated album you've given a 5?05.13.19 Rec me Japanese metal albums
04.25.19 Worst Albums of all time challenge

Worst Albums of all time challenge

Not to rip anyone else off (I know there is one going right now) but a few friends (sput users, blou52 and Frost1620) and I have been at this for a few months. Below is what we have survived so far. If there are any we should do let me know. Surprisingly enough, I didn't hate all of these, just most of them.
1Blood on the Dance Floor
Let's Start a Riot

The album that started our self harm
2Six Feet Under
True Carnage

3Asking Alexandria
Stand Up and Scream

I know some people like this, but I am definitely not one of them. Its not even that I hate metalcore, because I don't. This is just bad metalcore.

Deserves every 1 its ever received.
5Morbid Angel
Illud Divinum Insanus

Some of the death metal songs are okay, but the industrial ones are some of the worst in the genre.
6Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season

Didn't hate this one, but I can see why many do.
7Waking the Cadaver
Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler

If the vocals on this weren't so fucking terrible it would have just been really generic brutal death metal.

If you ever needed more of a reason to hate this band........
Daudi Baldrs

I actually thought some of this was ok, but a lot of it is pretty uneventful and the fact that it sounds like it was preformed on a toy piano certainly doesn't help.
10Blood on the Dance Floor
It's Hard to Be a Diamond...

Actually finds a way to be worse than Let's Start a Riot by not being unintentionally funny. Very painful to listen to.
The Unspoken King

If this was released by a deathcore band it probably would have just been forgotten. The clean singing is easily the worst aspect of the album.

Like with a few other albums on this list, I know some people like this one, but I was not a fan. The 2.2/5 average seems accurate to me.
The Path of Totality

Nu-Metal mixed with dubstep. Need I say more?
Soundtrack to a Party

Hilariously bad at times, but mostly just cringe-worthy
15In Flames

In Flames is one of my favorite bands, but not even I can find much of anything redeemable here.
16In Flames
Siren Charms

Possibly even worse than battles. The band took more of a Nu-metal direction here and failed miserably.
17In Flames
I, the Mask

Not terrible, but not good either. Definitely an improvement. About half the album is worth hearing, the other half is Battles 2.0
18Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence

I already don't like this band, but this album makes The Cleansing look like The Sound of Perseverance.
19Bring Me The Horizon

Not really lowly rated, but we did listen to it.
20Papa Roach

Last Resort is still a pretty hard jam, the rest of the album, however, is not
Metal Magic

Awful Motely Crue worship that's pretty good for a laugh
Nippon Manju

I actually like Babymetal quite a bit, so I went into this expecting a good time. Sadly, this is just boring. Doesn't live up to its potential.
23Butcher Babies

Boring metalcore/deathcore. Not unlistenable, but not anything worth listening to.
24Coal Chamber
Coal Chamber

A really bad Korn rip-off. One of the worst Nu-Metal albums to ever garner any mainstream attention.
Dedicated to Chaos

Legendarily bad record. Queensryche try to appeal to the youth by playing pop music with lyrics about "hot spots" and youtube. A hard 1/5 if there ever was one.
Speaker of the Dead

If Limp Bizkit played deathcore........
27Machine Head

And I thought Catharsis was bad....
28Waco Jesus
The Destruction of Commercial Scum

Not bad at all, just a bit on the bland side. Okay-ish brutal death metal.
29Five Finger Death Punch
Got Your Six

At least this band's previous albums were funny, this just sucks.
30Motionless in White

Hilariously bad lyrics, painfully boring music.
Dead in My Arms

Not awful, but pretty stale, even by deathcore standards. "Lie to My Face" and "Slit Wrist Savior" are solid jams though.

If Impaled Northern Moonforest wasn't acoustic
33Bring Me The Horizon
There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It...

Another one that's not really lowly rated, but we ended up listening to their entire discography.
34Bring Me The Horizon
This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For

Not the worst thing ever, but I don't like metalcore that’s played in this style.

An absolute joke when compared to this bands back catalogue. Sub-par black metal at best.
Mark of the Blade

I actually like this band, but this album blows. Completely stale and unmemorable.
37Limp Bizkit
Three Dollar Bill Y'all

Legendarily bad band. This album has a bit of a Korn vibe unlike their later stuff, but still fails to be anything decent. A funny album at times though.
38Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

More mainstream than the debut. Songs like Rollin' are a guilty pleasure, but most of the album is pretty stale.
39Bring Me The Horizon
That's the Spirit

Pretty bland rock album. Not unlistenable, but painfully boring unless you're into this kind of stuff.
40Bring Me The Horizon

One of the worst albums of 2019. Beyond boring pop rock that makes an absolute mockery of this band's previous material.
41Bring Me The Horizon
Count Your Blessings

Aside from the overuse of chugging breakdowns, this album is actually pretty good At the Gates worshiping deathcore.

Awful groove metal. The title track is a guilty pleasure though.
43Vaginal Jesus
Affirmative Apartheid

Pretty bad, yet at the same time pretty fucking funny whether its a joke or not.
4414 Sacred Words

The concept of NS metalcore sounded hilarious but sadly this band is just too competent musically to be funny. The lyrics are a 0/5 though.
Frequency Unknown

Geoff Tate's solo "Queensryche" album that proved to the fans that the only thing wrong with Queensryche was the fact that Geoff Tate was in the band
46Der Sturmer
The Blood Calls for W.A.R.

This bands second album is ok, but this was one of the worst black metal albums I have ever heard.
47Attack Attack! (US)
Someday Came Suddenly

God awful metalcore that is an absolute chore to sit thorough.
Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

Greatest lyrics of all time. If only the music was to the same standard.
49Aryan Terrorism

Some pretty passable riffs at times but the production and the drum machine are awful. If you want to laugh look up the lyrics to the song "Crush the Lies" where Varggoth calls out all of the "poser" black metal bands like Marduk and Emperor.
Molesting The Frogeater

Borders on being harsh noise. Some of the worst goregrind I have ever heard.
51Unleashing My Demons

Another 0/5. Fucking hilarious
The Least Successful Human Cannonball

Z-grade Pantera knock-off. Really bad stuff.

Even worse than the album the preceded it. Boring to the point of tears.
54Edge of Sanity

Not really bad, just very generic. I ended up reviewing this one on here if you want to know more.

Stale album. Not much to say really. The earlier tracks are solid, but then the album devolves into hard rock cliches.
56Angry Aryans
Too White for You

RAC is probably the worst genre in the history of music, and this is no exception. Disgustingly racist and seriously lacking in the songwriting department as well.
Operation: Mindcrime II

I actually listened to this years ago and thought it sucked. I was hoping that I was wrong going in, but it turns out this was even worse than I remembered.
58Six Feet Under
Bringer of Blood

Amerika the Brutal is one of the funniest songs in the SFU catalogue, but the rest of the album is just bad and boring like most of the band's material.
59Six Feet Under
Graveyard Classics

blou52 ended up reviewing this one on here if you are interested, but to keep it short, its bad. Really bad.
60Annotations Of An Autopsy
Welcome To Sludge City

I actually like deathcore, but this is terrible. Abysmal vocals paired with extremely generic and forgettable instrumentation.
61Machine Head

Very inconsistent album. The songs range from being decent to outright abysmal and the horrendous lyrics certainly don't help. Probably the second worst album in the MH discography.

Almost exactly like the other one we jammed. Total chug fest with terrible performances all around.
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