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All Clutch Albums RaNKeD & Reviewed

A look At the entire discography of the prolific and talented band.



By no means your typical stoner anthem, "Spacegrass" covers topics like Hubble’s happenstance discovery while measuring the redshifts of several distant galaxies that the universe was actually ever-xpanding, to Jupiter’s Cycolpean Eye and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

All this is accomplished at a snails pace, teasing the listener and still managing to draw headbanging from the crowds.

Big News I

Animal Farm

A riff-filled spin into some of the nation’s most twisted conspiracy theories & facts, Such as the Jimmy Carter clone(s), tales of the Majestic 12 (MJ-12), and the intricate web of secret societies like Scroll & Key and Skull & Bones
Book of Bad Decisions


In Walks Barbarella

This song carries on from Psychic Warfare’s third track “Firebirds!”. The strange woman Neil meets in that song is now named as Barbarella, and he recounts the tale to his kid.
Psychic Warfare


X-Ray Visions

According to an interview with Neil Fallon, “X-Ray Visions” is inspired by the writings of Philip K. Dick.
The song, the first single from Psychic Warfare is, in Fallon’s words, “a tale about an unnamed protagonist who is forced to seek refuge in a flop house motel. He is hiding from several nefarious psychic forces, the worst of which is his own sleep-deprived paranoia.”
This song is also the closest thing to a title track for this album, referencing the themes and the title of “psychic warfare” directly.

Behold the Colossus

The song is a fantasy piece about old monsters, creatures and other beings that used to roam the earth in legends and tales, but have now slipped from the minds of men.
However, they are not gone as humanity would want to believe – they are merely dormant, and will soon rise again to retake the land they once ruled through fear…
In Greek mythology, a Gorgon is a mythical creature portrayed in ancient Greek literature. While descriptions of Gorgons vary across Greek literature and occur in the earliest examples of Greek literature, the term commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes, as well as a horrifying visage that turned those who beheld her to stone. Traditionally, while two of the Gorgons were immortal, Stheno and Euryale, their sister Medusa was not and she was slain by the demigod and hero Perseus.

A Quick Death in Texas

“A Quick Death in Texas,” according to Clutch songwriter and lead vocalist Neil Fallon, was the final song written on Psychic Warfare. The song, according to him, was written while the band was in Texas working in the recording studio, recording the rest of the album. The song was influenced by the Texas born and beloved band, ZZ Top, and guitarist Billy Gibbons is namedropped in the lyrics.
Fallon also explains that he spent time in a rustic cabin in Germany, and that this experience brought him to the realization that he is “an East-Coast Suburbanite”and that this primitive way of life was not for him.


The character in this song is the same as “X-Ray Visions”. After escaping the psychic warfare testing facility, the character stops off in Needles, California. The female hitchhiker that the narrator picks up is fascinated with fast cars and firearms. This is a reference to a car Neil’s parents had in his childhood, a Datsun 710. A far cry from a Pontiac Firebird, the Datsun 710 is a small, Japanese hatchback.

“Son of Virginia”

“Son of Virginia” deals with the manifestation of tragedy
within generations of a particular family.
Though it theoretically could be about the Civil
War, the lyrics paint a broad enough picture that reasonably any particularly terrible thing, be it a death or illness, could be interpreted as “that old blind dog”. More importantly, the incorporation of the initial tragedy, seeing the blind dog, into part of the family’s history illustrates the ripple effect through major events throughout the ensuing years and decades. While this pain is certainly
ingrained within the people in this song, they still search for the “True Son of Virginia” to relieve them of their burden. Yet in the last stanza, when the he does come to relinquish them, the realization that overcoming this burden means having to rediscover what it means to exist on this planet are too heavy for some.
Earth Rocker
Blast Tyrant

“ The Regulator”

This song tells the story of a spurned lover who murders his ex-lover because she has left him for another (richer) man. In the beginning of the song he wishes to be lost along the way so that he will not commit the crime. Midway through- he is wishing that she took extra security measures so that there would be a chance he would not have murdered her. In the end, he is making the ‘long walk’ towards death/redemption, that one can infer is the walk from his cell to his execution.

"Army of Bono"

Bono refers to the lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, who in addition to his fame as a rock singer is also well-known for his championing of philanthropic causes, especially in impoverished nations.
When the United States commenced war on Afghanistan in 2001, all television stations in the USA stopped broadcasting whatever they were and instead, televised George W. Bush making the announcement that this is what the US Military was doing. Clutch refers to this speech as “mindless banter”, implying that the war in Afghanistan is unnecessary and refers to the ex-president as a “talking head”, implying that he is merely a puppet.

“The Mob Goes Wild”

This song is criticizing an incompetent government that does shady things and doesn’t care about the public’s concerns. It does so by satirizing the government through their standpoint. This opening line is a metaphor for the government “fucking over the people” and not caring about the innocent bystanders (other citizens, citizens from other countries) who may have a negative view on the US’s policies.
Robot Hive/Exodus

“10001110101” is a binary representation of the decimal number 1141. 10001110101” is a binary representation of the decimal number 1141. Interesting to note that, in 1141 AD, there was a total solar eclipse. A dramatic total eclipse plunged the Sun into darkness for 2 minutes and 30 seconds at maximum, creating an amazing spectacle for observers in a path up to 87 km wide.
Interesting to note that, in 1141 AD, the Battle of Lincoln, England, saw the overthrow of King Stephen by Empress Matilda. However, this might just be a coincidence and not the intent of the binary number.

It’s listed on the disc as 100,011,10101 – this is binary for 4, 3, 21. Looks like a countdown.
Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased
The Elephant Riders
Strange Cousins From The West

“50,000 Unstoppable Watts”
Typical wattage of a ham radio.
Pure Rock Fury
From Beale Street to Oblivion


Electric Worry
By no means your typical stoner anthem, "Spacegrass" covers topics like Hubble’s happenstance discovery while measuring the redshifts of several distant galaxies that the universe was actually ever-xpanding, to Jupiter’s Cycolpean Eye and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

As Neil Fallon describes on :
“This song is one part cover song, one part original. Half of each verse is taken from Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “Fred’s Worried Life Blues.” The rest is our own concoction. When we wrote the upbeat part of the song, I couldn’t hear the typical blues sentiment. Instead, it kind of became a motivational speaker slapping himself out of a stupor. The chorus “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Vamanos! Vamanos!” has nothing to do with guns. It got its start long ago when Tim, and I can’t recall why, said, “Vamanos! Bang! Bang!” Add a bit of John Lee Hooker and there you go. The ripping harp solo is none other that Five Horse Johnson”s Eric Oblander.”
Jam Room
Transnational Speedway League
Pitchfork & Lost Needles
16 Clutch
La Curandera
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