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02.26.19 Tool album ranked02.12.19 Mastodon ranked (with description)

Mastodon ranked (with description)

Don’t forget that this list is just my personal experience with those album and it’s not a definitive list. Also, i’m not really Used to write review so if i’m doing something wrong constructive comments are welcome. English is not my first language so maybe there’s gonna be errors even thought I corrected it the best I can with google doc. Anyway, enjoy.

While still a solid record, this album as a problem that i see with a lot of mastodon music. It’s almost nip picking at this point because it is very hard to find flaws with mastodon’s albums. The problem is that there is lot of songs here that just feel like a collection of riffs. For some songs like « trampled under roof » or « burning man », the only riff I can remember is the opening one. Also, I always forget the song trainwreck exists. But, this album is still really solid because of the raw power some tracks like « mother puncher », « workhorse », « crusher destroyer » and « Where strides the behemoth » give. Also, there is some slower but still brutal moment on this album that I really enjoy like on: « elephant man », « ol’ nessie », « march of the fire ants » and «trilobite » (man that i love trilobite).

Favorite tracks: trilobite, workhorse, mother puncher, march of the fire ants
Least favorite tracks: trampled under roof, trainwreck, burning man
Once More 'Round the Sun

I see a lot of hate around this album and the hunter, and I can see why. Those two albums were a HUGE departure from the last ones. They were less heavy, more melody driven and catchy. But, personally, i’m all about that(even if i slightly prefer their older stuff). Some songs here are undeniably catchy, like the motherload, chimes at midnight and asleep in the deep. Yeah the two singles can get old after a few listens but I still like them. Also, some of the best mastodon choruses are on here like on halloween or ember city. The only thing that really put this album below the hunter is that it doesn’t have as much emotions in the songs. Also, I think it’s better than remission because their are less forgettable songs. In fact, aunt lisa is the only song that refuse to get in my head.

Favorite tracks: chimes at midnight, halloween, tread lightly, asleep in the deep

least favorite: aunt lisa, feast your eyes
The Hunter

This was the first album that did the “mainstream” mastodon. But has I said on OMRTS, I love that approach. This album also have a lot of catchy and melodic choruses. But, I like to think that this album experimented a lot more than OMRTS. I mean, some tracks like thickening and creature lives are really odd. I’ll say it right now, I LOVE CREATURE LIVES! I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I really like its weirdness. Also, contrary to OMRTS, there is 2 really emotive songs: The hunter and the sparrow. They are about people that have lost while making the album. When you know the story behind those two tracks, you just feel them. I think that the riffs and the choruses on songs like: stargasm, octopus has no friends, bedazzled fingernails and just surpass the ones on OMRTS. Finally, some songs still have the feel of old mastodon songs like spectrelight and black tongue.
Favorite: bedazzled fingernails, stargasm, the sparrow, creature lives
Least favorite: dry bone valley, thickening
Crack the Skye

Yeah, I know, “WHAT!!!, HOW CAN YOU PUT IT AT NUMBER 4!!”, ok, calm down, yes this album is awesome. It’s proggy, heavy, melodic, technical, catchy, everything. BUT, it’s kind of too long. After a while, all I hear is just guitar wanking. Like, the czar… the czar is a very special case for me. Have you ever had a song everyone around you just keeps telling: “omg it’s such a masterpiece!! » But you’re like: “yeah, I mean it’s alright ». Well, this is how I feel about this track. The intro is too repetitive and the song overall drags on for too long. But the album has undeniable qualities. First, the last baron is a masterpiece. Also, some of the choruses are really catchy and the riffage is really good. Finally, the emotions on this album are so powerful. Some of the songs are based on Brann’s sister who took her own live. So, this album is objectively their « best » but, I personally have problem with it.
Favorite: the last baron, quintessence, crack the skye
Least favorite: the czar
Emperor of Sand

This album is the third « arena metal » album mastodon has done and, for me, it’s the best out of the three. Firstly because it’s the first concept album since Crack the skye so the album feels less like a collection of songs. The concept is about a desert wanderer who has been cursed and it’s a metaphor about cancer. Secondly, this album still have catchy choruses like on: roots remains and steambreather. But, while the choruses are catchy, the lyrics elevate them on another level because of the emotion they bring. On this album, the lyrics are full of emotions and self reflection about death. Also, jaguar god is so good! The first part is a sad little acoustic bit that leads into a catchy and proggy part. Anyway, an incredible album that kinda blends the newer sound of mastodon with a more Crack the skye writing style.

Favorite songs: jaguar god, clandestiny, roots remains, word to the wise
Least favorite: scorpion breath, andromeda

Ok, now we enter in the godtier stuff, leviathan is the album that putted them on the map. It has some of their most well known songs on it like blood and thunder and iron tusk. Also, it’s their first concept album and it’s based on moby dick. The story is really well told while not being really explicitly said to you word by word. This album has one the best combination of heaviness, rawness, melody and poetry. The only reason why blood mountains is higher is because I think that the melody are a bit better and it’s more proggy. But man, you can feel in the music and the lyrics the desperation of captain ahab. Some of the riffs on here are one of the most « mastodon » riff ever like the main riff of blood and thunder or the noodling opening riff of aqua dementia. Finally, the album still has raw and brutal songs like on remission, for exemple island which as a really powerful screamed chorus. So yeah, awesome stuff.

Favorite songs: the whole album

Least favorite: none
Blood Mountain

Ok, so what if you take the rawness of remission, the story telling and riffage of leviathan, the prog and melody of crack the skye. You get this masterpiece. It starts of with The wolf is loose which is a fast and brutal song that showcase to you what you’re getting into by listening to this album. Fast and proggy guitar lick, awesome drum fills, growly bass and a mix of screams and cleans vocal. We see a lot more calm or acoustic bits on this album than on leviathan or remission. For example, there is the beautiful opening riff of this mortal soil(one of the best song on the album), some parts of siberian divide and pendulous skin. Pendulous skin as a whole is a big, slow, relaxing and jazzy tune. I think it’s their best acoustic songs. Some songs on here are the definition of prog metal like bladecatcher and especially capillarian crest. This song has so much complicated guitar licks, outstanding drumming.
Favorite songs; the whole album
Least favorite: none
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