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Animated Film Classics

These are some of the best animated films you will ever see. This list contains no CGI. This list also contains a heavy amount of Studio Ghibli. If anyone would like to add to the list, let me know.

Fantastic Planet - 1973

This is my favorite animated film of all time. I can't even put anything else up to it in comparison. I don't really remember how I stumbled upon this amazing work of art but I think it was around 2009 when I was into Alejandro Jodorowsky a lot. In fact, I do believe I discovered this film after looking up something on one of Jodorowsky's films now that I think about it. It looked interesting so I bought it and when I watched it for the first time, it blew me away. I was completely sober yet I felt like I was on LSD. There are so many memorable moments in this film and iconic scenes that should be acknowledged within the animated film scene even today. There are moments that just make me lose myself and forget where I am. Questions like "how did someone even think of drawing something like this let alone bring it to life?" and "this shading seems impossible for this year, what?". I highly recommend this film to anyone.
2The Paris Sisters
The Paris Sisters Sing Everything Under the Sun!!!

The Triplets of Belleville - 2003

This movie is a trip! I rented it once from Blockbuster and watched it 3 times in a row. The animation is unbelievable and the story is absurd. A Woman's grandson is training for the Tour de France and is kidnapped. What she has to do to rescue him is brilliant. This is a very entrancing film and watching it stoned is something on another level of viewing, for me anyways. I haven't met anyone who has seen this film or even heard of it and I try and tell everyone about it. Excellent film.
3Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name

Princess Mononoke - 1997

One of my best friends recommended this to me about 15 years ago and I neglected it for years after. I finally got the chance to watch this in circa 2006 and it became my favorite animated film for a long time. This film also introduced me to Studio Ghibli and if it wasn't for Princess Mononoke I wouldn't have discovered a plethora of excellent films from Ghibli. Superb animation intertwined with an epic story make this a classic. FYI - do NOT watch the audio dubbed version, it is very bad. This film should be viewed only in its original state, with subtitles if you prefer.

Fantasia - 1940

When I think of masterpiece in animation, this film comes to mind. The amount of work put into this is scary and to even think about how many hours spent with the animation and music score combined with over 1,000 artists is unreal. The classical aspect of this alone is brilliant and to see it come to life in the 40's would have been something special, especially at the dawn of World War II. While they were fighting, they were drawing. I love it. I watch this from time to time and it is a very satisfying adventure.
Union Black

The Lion King - 1994

I watched this in the theater when it came out and it had a huge impact on me at the fragile age of 16. I went back the next day to see it again and it was even better the second time around. At the time, this animation was ahead of the game. Nothing compared to this on the big screen and nothing did for years after. A great story and tear-jerking moments make this an undeniable classic for sure. I haven't seen this in a long time so I might revisit it very soon. Great for the Family.

Spirited Away - 2001

How could I foget this masterpiece? 2001 was a great year for music and film, we can't deny that at all and it was also the birth of something special, something like nothing that has ever been captured in animation before. Spirited Away. This was the second film I watched from the Ghibli masters and after the first viewing, I was elated. Out of all the Studio Ghibli films I have probably seen this the most, yes even over Princess Mononoke. This is probably their best effort and a landmark in the animated filmography which is Ghibli. Nothing they have produced since can hold a candle up to this and I like it that way. This film set standards and inspired a lot of anime creations over the years that followed. Not a stepping stone, a foundation. This is a classic and everyone should watch this at least once.
7Elvis Costello
Armed Forces

Dumbo - 1941

My childhood has this film embedded in it for sure. I used to love this as a kid and watched it whenever it was on. This is another film with a great story equipped with lessons for life. There is one very unforgettable scene in this film where it gets crazy psychedelic and it used to put me into a trance. No clue how they animated that scene still to this day, maybe they were on some 1940's natural stuff or maybe they just used their imagination...I'm rolling with both.
8Earth, Wind and Fire
Greatest Hits

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - 1984

Another classic from Ghibli. Well, it was created before Studio Ghibli was thought of but it will remain with them as far as I am concerned. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius. Period. His work has done wonders for all of humanity and without him, none of the greatest animated films would have even seen the light of day. The first time I watched this I was extremely happy. A great film and unreal animation for the time of its release. Highly recommended.

The Sword In The Stone - 1963

I was obsessed with this film as a child. I loved it so much my Mom used to rent it for me almost every weekend. This is such a fun film and not too shabby animation, although a step down from the 40's Disney haul. I haven't seen this in ages but I still remember a lot of sequences and the memorable taking of the sword. This is a great Family film and it's very fun.
10Tangerine Dream
Legend - OST

The Last Unicorn - 1982

Another great work of art in animation. I used to watch this all the time and I still watch it from time to time as an adult. It is a great movie with a fascinating premise. Unicorns aren't real, but to me they are when I watch this. Granted, the animation isn't top notch, the film still comes through with a variety of great scenes in animation. Recommended to anyone who loves unicorns.
11Amon Amarth
Versus the World

All Dogs Go To Heaven - 1989

Probably one of the first times I shed some tears over a movie. This movie was great when I first watched it, in fact, it was my favorite movie for a while. It was good and bad at the same time. I felt like humans didn't really care too much and the dogs were doing all the work, always faithful and loyal, and then gone. But there's a heaven for them all! It's the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't had the opportunity to see this for quite some time but I should revisit it very soon. Great movie and excellent animation and voice overs. Must watch.
The Albatross

The Fox And The Hound - 1981

I didn't know what the word compassion meant when I was 7 when I saw this film, but let me tell you, it was niagra falls 'neath my eyelids every single goddamn time. Why did I watch it more than once? I felt compelled to watch it again...and again and again hoping it would somehow change, but alas, it didn't. I am glad for that. This is a drama animation. Yes, drama. It's a great animation overall when peering into the sheer abstract of it in its entirety, but as a kid...it made me feel something I have never felt before. Such beauty in sadness yet such painful heartache. This is profound in the aspect of loss. It also embraces the qualities of kindness and understanding to animals and humans. This is a goddamn classic and nothing could or ever will come close to the measure of emotion while watching this film. It's still a good watch though!
13Gentle Giant
In a Glass House

The Iron Giant - 1999

Man this film really hit me hard as a teen. I wasn't expecting it to be like it was actually, I thought is was going to be forgotten. Well, it's been several years and I remembered it so it had some impact on my life for sure. I haven't seen it in a long time but from what I remember, it was fucking awesome.
14Tiny Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies - 1988

This is the third film I watched from Ghibli and it was a bad experience. It was bad because I had an audio dubbed version which should be banished from Earth altogether. I watched it again a few months later when I bought the boxed set and wow what a difference. This movie is the epitome of empathy. There are some tear-jerk moments here and I am not ashamed at all. It is a good thing. The animation here is top tier and the world Isao Takahata created is impeccable. Easily in my top 20 favorite animated movies ever made. Such a gem.
Everything Under The Sun

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya - 2013

What did I just watch? A masterpiece. That's what. I can't remember what type of animation they used here but it is unique and brings that rare viewing pleasure to the viewer strictly because of this. This film has been under the radar for awhile but it needs more recognition for sure. The fluent segues between scenes and flawless background sounds as well as voicing make this film a very peculiar watch. The endind is something special, for sure.
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