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Klingel's Ranking of January 2019

Just a little ranking and write up of every new release I've listened to this month. Note that the rating portraits my personal enjoyment of the Record and can differ from my objective ratings. Thoughts and Recs are welcome.
22Bring Me The Horizon

Rating: 3/10
Gerne: Alternative Rock

This was my first time with BMTH. Every moment I was tempted to bop my head a little I was quickly disrupted by awkward sound effects or cringeworthy lyrics. Some people may have fun with this record, and that’s good for them.

Rating: 3/10
Gerne: Industrial

Between the lines, this record of “Neue Deutsche Härte” pioneers Oomph! has some pretty nice social and political statements I can approve. Unfortunately, the lame instrumentation and primitive delivery couldn’t convey the message.

Rating: 4,5/10
Gerne: Post Hardcore

features a decent modern prog / djent guitar sound. Only liked it in rudiments though.
19Better Oblivion Community Center
Better Oblivion Community Center

Rating: 5/10
Gerne: Indie Rock

Album lives mainly of the interplay between the two singers. While the music is good the lyrics felt pretty pointless. Couldn’t really grab my attention.
18Legion of the Damned
Slaves Of The Shadow Realm

Rating: 5/10
Gerne: Thrash Metal

The embodiment of an average album. Ok vocals, ok riffs. There’s not much else about it.
17Flotsam and Jetsam
The End of Chaos

Rating: 5,5/10
Gerne: Thrash Metal

Overall higher quality than “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm”. Not really a fan of the vocals.
16Born of Osiris
The Simulation

Rating: 5,5/10
Gerne: Death Metal / Metalcore
Short treat for Deathcore lovers.
Orbis Majora

Rating: 6/10
Gerne: Progressive Stoner Metal
14The Twilight Sad
It Won/t Be Like This All the Time

Rating: 6/10
Gerne: Alternative Rock
13Ouzo Bazooka

Rating: 6/10
Gerne: Alternative/Stoner Rock
Highlights: It’s a Sin, Sleep Walk

The record starts strong with three catchy and fun songs. It sadly falls flat in quality after.
12Nailed To Obscurity
Black Frost

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Death/Doom Metal

A step down to the great “King Delusion”. Lacks the atmosphere and heft of its predecessor. Nonetheless, it got some enjoyable moments. If your mid 2000’s Opeth spot is itching really hard you should give this a try.
11A Swarm of the Sun
The Woods

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Post Rock

Beautiful and heart-wrenching post-rock that demands all of your attention while listening.
10Swallow the Sun
When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Doom Metal

Swallow the Sun is delivering another collection of atmospheric and melancholic doom Tracks. The shifts from soft to harsher vocals and some memorable melodies make this a great listen. Although, even if this album isn’t 5465 minutes long like the other StS records, some songs extend their welcome for 1 or 2 minutes.
Nowhere Now Here

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Instrumental Post Rock

Mono is still capable of conveying great emotion. “Breath” features vocals of bassist/pianist Tamaki and provides some fresh air in an otherwise familiar environment.
8Malibu Ken
Malibu Ken

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Hip Hop
Highlights: Acid King, Tuesday

First notable hip-hop record this year. The psychedelic instrumentals work fantastic. The flow feels a bit quirky on some songs.
7De Staat
Bubble Gum

Rating: 6,5/10
Gerne: Alternative Rock
Highlights: Phoenix, Tie Me Down

Definitely one of the most interesting and unique sounding records you will find this month. From heavy synth parts in “Phoenix” to catchy and danceable songs like “I’m out of your mind” to ... whatever “Pikachu” is. You won’t get bored with this one.
The Goat

Rating: 7/10
Gerne: Alternative Rock / Doom Metal
Highlights: Demons, Entombed

“The Ghost without the Gimmick band”. Great guitar tone, insanely catchy choruses. A promising debut; now we have to wait if Puppy is able to evolve to a more unique sound.
5Rival Sons
Feral Roots

Rating: 7,5/10
Gerne: Hard Rock
Highlights: Shooting Stars, Do Your Worst

I am a bit confused why this gets next to no recognition on this site with currently only 9 votes. Yes, the blues/classic/hard rock genre is nothing new and Rival Sons are def no inventors here either, but the overall quality of this record is just too high not to be recognized. ”Shooting Stars” may be my fav song of January with its choir and corny but uplifting lyrics.
The Atlantic

Rating: 7,5/10
Gerne: Progressive Power Metal
Highlights: Weightless, End of Silence

Next to all reviews or comments to this contain the word “mature”. Which is a kind of remarkable thing to call an album. But it actually makes sense if you listen to it. Dramatic and sentimental, yet always in a stylish way. The vox is key and brings this to another level, although the riffs are very delicate too. Still, the longer tracks, especially Track 1 could have taken some more trimming. Overall an exciting Prog Album.
Deformation of Humanity

Rating: 7,5/10
Gerne: Progressive Death Metal
Highlights: My Dear, Chambre Ardente, Deformation of Humanity

After “Malibu Ken” already the second strong contender for “Worst Cover Art of 2019”. The more surprising, how excellent the compositions are crafted. Exceptional songwriting, most notably in the longer songs.

Rating: 8/10
Gerne: Melodic Death Metal
Highlights: Arrival, Stalfagel, The Wolves are Back in Town

Soilwork remain the kings of super catchy, yet still aggressive melodeath. This record is just fun listening to, sometimes it’s as simple as that.

Rating: 8,5/10
Gerne: Hard Rock
Highlights: All and Everything, Green Eyes, Do I Need a Doctor…? … and everything else

By far the biggest surprise this month. After the first listen I was like “Meh, sounds good but nothings special, will be another 6,5 or so”. However, the record unfolded as a true grower. The remarkable achievement is the fact that you can’t make out a single weak track or moment. All 8 songs are on an equally high level. The Sax like in “Green Eyes”, delicate solos and memorable riffs like in the Iron Maiden Debut reminiscent intro of “Do I need a Doctor...?” provide enough variety and the great flow makes you want to listen again after you finished. One of the most consistent recs I heard in a long time
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