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Papa's Worst of 2018

I'm right on time as always and I naively don't expect to suddenly hear anything worthy of entering the list at this point.
Empty Black

late entries to be entered here:
Empty Black

emotional likeness: the best of the overrated messes
79Bay Faction
Florida Guilt

emotional likeness: the draft demo compilation of the year
Heir to Despair

emotional likeness: *sigh* *cough*

emotional likeness: the kings of the boring part of your hipster emo friend's favourite "aah how can you not know this band?"
76Vox Low
Vox Low

emotional likeness: another one of those dark-synth, drown-voiced, dull-song-writing butchers of the good (or moderately acceptable) name of darkwave
75The Amity Affliction

emotional likeness: your producer has a bipolar disorder, probably, cause the music cannot decide, whether it's a mediocre pop bore or a mediocre metalcore bore.
Titles With The Word Fountain

emotional likeness: it's always cool to have bands release their demos… until you realise that it is a finished product
73Dimmu Borgir

emotional likeness: being caught in the crossfire of mormons and catholics, both of which want to fight each other to death over the right to ask you about Jesus.
72Black Moth Super Rainbow
Panic Blooms

emotional likeness: the fall from grace
Dance Music

emotional likeness: combining tedious song-writing with some off-putting instrumentation and passing it off as innovation or something. (shame that this is the last thing we'll hear from Scott Hutchison)
70Manic Street Preachers
Resistance Is Futile

emotional likeness: I imagine a few folk here absolutely delighted in hating this album (Doof?)

emotional likeness: the flatness in the production really hurt my ears
68Forage and Wander
Time Well Spent

emotional likeness: extensive whining

emotional likeness: nothing much to see here, just forgettable
Constant Image

emotional likeness: water

emotional likeness: all artsy flare and no substance makes Johnny a dull album
Movin On

emotional likeness: the non-mainstream mainstream pop
63Between the Buried and Me
Automata I

emotional likeness: it's good to have a maths degree, you can do music with it, apparently.
62Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

emotional likeness: a hipster loves recycling so much, he does it to his music even
61Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Sex and Food

emotional likeness: bore and snore
60Mount Eerie
Now Only

emotional likeness: cancer is a bitch, losing a loved one is a bitch, being able to play music is apparently also a bitch

emotional likeness: oh look, it's the heaviness that barely goes anywhere other than heaviness. (but at least the heaviness is nice)
58Molchat Doma

emotional likeness: Russian emo darkwave phase
The Sciences

emotional likeness: do you have to be stoned beforehand?
The House Primordial

emotional likeness: earache
55Alice in Chains
Rainier Fog

emotional likeness: the band that died with their original frontman is now deader than ever.
Sangue Cassia

emotional likeness: overlong overbearing overboredom
53Real Friends

emotional likeness: a notch above their usual level of dullness and uninspired messiness, so maybe next time we'll get a half-decent album
Life In Exile

emotional likeness: *explodes in the epicness* *reassembles, beacuse he immediately forgot what he just heard*
51of Montreal
White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood

emotional likeness: what does 'obnoxious music' stand for? … oh, alright
50Slaughterhouse (CA, USA)

emotional likeness: one of those outputs that are so lo-fi that it makes you wonder, had it had a listenable production, would it have actually been good…
Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

emotional likeness: oh I get it now. and I only needed to cut off my dick and wear celophane as a dress, pretending it better exemplifies my "personality"
48Kacey Musgraves
Golden Hour

emotional likeness: some forgettable overrated bore 2018
Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll

emotional likeness: an album that is the opposite of kindness, because it annoys you so much, preaches about rock and roll, which it has nothing to do with.

emotional likeness: man, computer generated metal has really come a long way.
45Yo La Tengo
There’s A Riot Going On

emotional likeness: still trying to ride off of that brief 1990s indie pre-britpop craze
44The Kooks
Let's Go Sunshine

emotional likeness: still trying to ride off of that brief 2000s indie post-britpop craze
43Lykke Li
So Sad So Sexy

emotional likeness: nah, just sad
42Janelle Monae
Dirty Computer

emotional likeness: those people that tell you how much they love sex, but when it comes to it, they just lay there like "do the sex with me, human person"
41Mark Kozelek
Mark Kozelek

emotional likeness: who actually thinks this guy has any musical talent?
40Sun Kil Moon
This Is My Dinner

emotional likeness: oh, there are many people actually think this guy has a talent? okay…

emotional likeness: that thing your dad thinks is old
38Echo and The Bunnymen
The Stars, The Oceans and The Moon

emotional likeness: at least they were really good live
37Kanye West

emotional likeness: yew
36Jack White
Boarding House Reach

emotional likeness: Webster Dictionary defines 'bloated' as this fucking thing.
35State Champs
Living Proof

emotional likeness: it's moldy cheese, but not the good edible mold
Hard Feelings

emotional likeness: very in-the-moment, musically and thematically… said no one ever.
33Imagine Dragons

emotional likeness: does anyone have any idea as to when and how and why they ever got big?
32Mayday Parade

emotional likeness: 3 Doors Down called. They're not mad you sound just like them, they just complained that nobody cares about them either.
31Family Fodder
Easy Listening (Not)

emotional likeness: well, they did say it was not an easy listening
30Math and Physics Club
Lived Here Before

emotional likeness: I can't really explain what made me dislike this album so much, but every time I try to put it back on, I just immediately fall asleep, so here's to the ultimate dull folk-pop album of the year.
29Trophy Eyes
The American Dream

emotional likeness: a fall from grace so hard that it makes you question, whether there's been any grace to begin with
28Deaf Havana

emotional likeness: when you apply emo song-writing on a pop-rock album devoid of any rock whatsoever
27Half Japanese
Why Not?

emotional likeness: Car Seat Headrest, 20 years later
Ahead of Two Thoughts

emotional likeness: weird for the sake of being weird
25A Perfect Circle
Eat the Elephant

emotional likeness: a disgraceful return for a far from graceful band
24Three Days Grace

emotional likeness: copy and paste what I said about Mayday Parade, but with the exception that someone actually still listens to this band… somehow. It's also universally disliked.

emotional likeness: the very process of becoming a eunuch
22Cardi B
Invasion Of Privacy

emotional likeness: I first heard of her, when I some publication (the Pitchforks of the world) said that she was the biggest thing that year and it was impossible to not have heard of her… yeah.
21Titus Andronicus
A Productive Cough

emotional likeness: a cough is a cough, no matter how productive
20Breaking Benjamin

emotional likeness: this is like watching a mediocre blockbuster movie that is destined to bomb at the box office suddenly trying to convince you it has an important message to spread.
19Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien

emotional likeness: turns out if you have low voice, sexually ambiguous preferences and half-decent synthesiser skill, you can pretend to be a darkwave post-punk act nowadays

emotional likeness: first pubes growing: the album

emotional likeness: NPC#44557-C: "Orange man bad"
16Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots (2018)

emotional likeness: just a healthy reminder that this band has never been good.
15Miles Kane
Coup de Grace

emotional likeness: there's no real snarky comment here, it's just outrageously boring and tasteless
14The Weeknd
My Dear Melancholy,

emotional likeness: obnoxious prick
13Panic! at the Disco
Pray For The Wicked

emotional likeness: obnoxious prick(s)
Push Pull

emotional likeness: just realised this thing came out this year. Man, completely forgot this band exists even.
11The Mowgli's
I Was Starting to Wonder

emotional likeness: the exemplification of 'washed out pop'
10Thirty Seconds to Mars

emotional likeness: oh hey, I suddenly believe the people who say that America is a dumpsterfire
9Titus Andronicus
Home Alone on Halloween

emotional likeness: proof that The Monitor was the worst thing that ever happened to this band. It did to them what Nirvana did to alternative rock: became a symbol of greatness and literally murdered everything else to follow it.
When Legends Rise

emotional likeness: the early 00s called, they want their laughing stock back
7Against The Current
Past Lives

emotional likeness: along the current, but, y'know, right in the middle, where you're drowned out by all the other stuff you copied
6Fall Out Boy

emotional likeness: humpty bloaty had a great fall out boy

emotional likeness: evolution is bullshit, it's all artificial design, but as it appears from this album… it's all devil.
4Gang of Four

emotional likeness: "we could have released like three classic LPs and an EP to top it off and leave as legends, but we decided to stick around for fucking ever" - the band
Am I a Girl?

emotional likeness: computer-generated focus-grouped nonsense

emotional likeness: first pubes removal: the album
1Kero Kero Bonito

emotional likeness: Bar Sachiko (and I refuse to listen to that full-length of theirs)
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