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01.17.19 Aggregate Scores #1- Radiohead Albums R

Aggregate Scores #1- Radiohead Albums Ranked

This is just a fun project I thought I would do with some bands, so enjoy! This is NOT based on my own personal opinion! P.S: When I tried to upload the version with the review scores i used, it went to an error page and erased the whole thing, so I'm sorry if you were wondering where I got my average score from. But I can tell you that I used 10 for each album. Sorry if that bothers some of you!
Pablo Honey

59.09 (Mixed To Positive Reviews)

Critical Summary- Despite receiving somewhat positive reception, ‘’Pablo Honey’’ has gone down as one of Radiohead’s worst albums, due to a dated Alternative Rock sound, undercooked songwriting, and mockery from the band’s own fanbase.

72.58 (Generally Positive Reviews)

Critical Summary- Despite incorporating similar influences, and some critics even feeling it was superior to Kid A at release, Amnesiac is an album that doesn’t share the legacy of albums like The Bends, Kid A, and OK Computer. This is mainly due to the album feeling less cohesive than its predecessor, despite being recorded in the same sessions as Kid A. Nonetheless, the album has been included in many Best Albums Of 2001 lists, and even ranked as the 320th greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2012.
The King of Limbs

80.00 (Highly Positive Reviews)

Critical Summary- The King Of Limbs is a rather divisive album among fans, with some people not liking that it is only 8 tracks long, and also feeling at the same time that they were slapped together without any sense of cohesion. The album has gotten highly positive reviews from critics however, despite some feeling it is less innovative than other albums in Radiohead’s discography. The album strays further from a guitar driven rock sound, instead focusing on moody electronica. The album is looked back on fondly by critics, even if most people agree that it is not a significant part of the band’s evolution, and that it is not a sound they would perfect later down the road, with many people citing the live version of the album as infinitely superior.
Kid A

90.98% (Critically Acclaimed)

Critical Summary- Replacing their guitar driven sound for a more Electronica influenced direction, Kid A takes other influences from Krautrock, Jazz, and 20th Century Classical Music. All this is combined into what some critics have called the greatest album of the 2000’s. While it originally was dismissed by some as pretentious, it later garnered the acclaim many feel it deserves, being named by Rolling Stone magazine as the 67th greatest album of all time in 2012.
A Moon Shaped Pool

91.60% (Critically Acclaimed)

Critical Summary- Consistently Ranked as one of the best albums of 2016, A Moon Shaped Pool stands as yet another masterpiece for the band, getting positive reviews all across the board by both major publications, and some of the more famous Youtube music critics such as The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano. The album has proved even after being around for 31 years, the band still has the ability to make some of the best music of the year, every year they release an album.
Hail to the Thief

93.31% (Critically Acclaimed)

Critical Summary- Serving as a combination of the electronic sound on albums like Kid A and Amnesiac, and the more guitar driven sound on albums like The Bends, Hail To The Thief gets a higher score than both Kid A and Amnesiac, due to being less polarizing at release. The album includes more political lyrics, which target subjects like The War On Drugs, and the resurgence of Conservatism in the United States. Despite the fact that the band has criticized the album for being disjointed and homogenous, Hail To The Thief is an album that cemented Radiohead as one of, if not the most critically acclaimed band of the 2000’s.
In Rainbows

94.11% (Critically Acclaimed)

Critical Summary- Featuring more personal lyrics from frontman Thom Yorke, as well as incorporating elements of Art Pop, In Rainbows has been hailed as one of Radiohead’s best albums and yet another masterpiece. The album is one of the reasons that many music writers cite Radiohead as the band that defined the 2000’s. In Rainbows has been placed on very many Best Albums Of 2007 lists, being named Album Of The Year by Mojo and PopMatters, and being ranked as the 336th greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.
The Bends

95.00% (Critically Acclaimed)

Critical Summary- Acclaimed for not only straying away from the trends of Britpop at the time, but being downright revolutionary in its own right, The Bends is one of the most important albums in Radiohead’s discography. The album incorporated more abrasive guitar tones, the use of keyboards, and lyrics that were cryptic and hard-to-decipher. Due to all this and more, The Bends stands widely recognized as Radiohead’s first true masterpiece.
OK Computer

95.38% (Critically Acclaimed)

Widely cited as one of the greatest albums of all time, OK Computer is an album that depicts a world plagued with problems that have become real in the 21st century. The album is widely considered to be Radiohead’s magnum opus, featuring elements of Progressive Rock and Art Rock, abstract lyrics, and excellently layered production. The album was even deemed worthy of preservation by the U.S Library Of Congress in 2014. An album regarded by many, as one of the best, and most important albums of all time.
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