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01.11.19 top 25 albums 201801.11.19 2017

top 25 albums 2018

My personal favorite albums of 2018
1Jack White
Boarding House Reach

When will people get that musicians evolving and experimenting is a good thing? Like are u not the same dude who said that rock was dead, but all you want fom jack is same old white stripes song, really?
Anywho, fantastic album, easliy most exciting an adventerous project jack has released since the white stripes. Instead of pumping out another safe blues-rock album Jack explores new musical avenues. Funk is very prominent on the album inspiribg a lot of groove-focused tracks that blends Jacks blues-rock sound with electronica and even hip hop( Jack even has a rap verse). From disonant background vocals to bongo drums, this album is not afraid to experiment. But Jack’s incredible vocals brings it all together, along with his trusty guitar that hads plenty of distorted fuzzy moments to shine.

Fav Tracks: corporation, ice station zebra, over and over
2Parquet Courts
Wide Awake

Most #WOKE album oty. I Mean finally some politically enganging punk amiright? Great art-punk album with tip top funky and great grooves. The instrumentation is tight and creative, backing some fantasticly clever and and interesting lyricism that doesn’t shy away from adressing difficult subjects.

Fav Tracks: Violence, Wide Awake, Tenderness
3Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)

I know I know, its an old-ass album, but goddamit they re-recorded it and i only discovered it this year, fight me!! Somehow manages to be extremely earwormy yet lyrically relatable and sincere at the same time. Packs an emotional gutpunch.

Fav Tracks: Beach Life-In-Death, sober to death, bodys
4Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

Perfect combination of kanye’s ever-genious experimental sample based production, and Cudi’s emotional and soulful style. Fantastic introspective verses on here from both rappers over som layered vibes. But when they turn on the heat, they turn it ALL the way up.

Fav Tracks: 4th dimenison, free, cudi montage
5Janelle Monae
Dirty Computer

Wait, when did prince get reincarnated as a young black woman?!? Whatever happened, it’s funky, sexy and way more cleverly put together than what most of Monae’s pop contemporaries are releasing. Straight up 80’s throwback ear-candy.

Fav Tracks: Take a byte, make me feel, don’t judge me
6Twenty One Pilots

The album does explores a loose concept, although more thematically connected than storywise, the tracks on here are twenty one pilots at there best, exploring and melding genres way more succesfully than on blurryface. A creativevly focused, anthemic and just all-around great album

Fav Tracks: levitate, neon gravestones, pet cheetah
Joy as an Act of Resistance

FUUUCK YEEEEAH!!!! Great nasty punk album from this british band, that features catchy anthems, as well as gritty, agressive tracks that are as cleverly written as they are hard-hitting.

Fav Tracks: collossus, samaritens, great
8Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus show introspection, vunerability, depth and emotion, as she tells beautiful stories of life, death, love and loss. Sung with a beautiful, sensitive voice capable of shifting to produce moments of great climactic emotion helped by a well placed fuzzy loud guitar

Fav tracks: night shift, the shell, pillar of truth
9Sons of Kemet
Your Queen Is a Reptile

Ok ok ok ok, i’m not some fancy head-up-his-arse retarded jazz guy, and i dont claim to know much about the genre, but if this isn’t just a great fun exciting album then i don’t know what is. Plus i love the rap verses thrown in there.

Fav tracks: ada eastman, yaa asentewaa, harriet tubmanni
10Judas Priest

Who saw this coming, i mean it was basically just a well established fact that OG metal bands like JP only release trashy music in the 2010s. Yet here we are, what a comeback, not wildly innovative or unpredictable, but i doesn’t need to be as long as the somgs are this great firery and full of that good ol’ thrash-metal soul

Fav tracks: firepower, evil never dies, flametheower
11Father John Misty
God's Favorite Customer

No doubt one of the best singer/songwriters of our time, josh tilman creates another melancholy sarcastic and nevertheless beutiful record, trading social commentary for introspection, perfectly picking himself apart with each song.

Fav Tracks: hangout at the gallows, dissapointing diamonds, gods favourite customer

Though not as consistent as their mind-blowing saturation trilogy, iridesence shows capable and experimental production aswell as som amazing verses, and some suprisingly forgettable ones. But the highs are oh so high, energetic and in your face, that it makes up for some sub-par cuts.
Aldo Joba is bae.

Fav tracks: weight, j’ouvert, i tonya
13The Crack Pipes
Fake Eyelashes

It’s criminal that this garage-rock band is as overlooked as they are. Super fun concepts and a rugged old-school rock&roll vibe makes this one of the years most enjoyable records.

Fav Tracks: bang bang bangs, (I’m a) Moon man Baby, Sha-zam
Hill Climber

Vulfpeck are back with there most fun and funky album to date. Old school vibes, sweet melodies and intricate grooves are all over this album.

Fav Tracks: Darwin Derby, Lonely town, it gets funkier IV
Little Dark Age

MGMT strike a perfect balance between their eery dark and experimental style and the catchy pop melodies and hooks that originally made them famous. Finally, they match the standards of their debut.

Fav Tracks: little dark age, Tslamp, when you die
16Denzel Curry

The trap style may innicially make you want to vommit, but besided a couple of braindead “trap banger” type songs, this album really shows that there is much more to denzel. Darkly emotional, clever lyrics matched with soulful hooks and an energy that sets curry apart from his stylistic contemporaries.
17U.S. Girls
In A Poem Unlimited

Interesting, out-there lyrical themes that touch on everything from domestic abuse in the form of a disco song, to a critique of obama’s presidency. The genre blending and produktion is great on this album ranging from synth pop to blues to dico all put together to create a psychadelic-pop sound.
( denne er nok liiidt for feministisk til dig Ruben)

Fav Tracks: Rage of plastics, M.A.H., Pearly gates

Crazy creative instrumention that festures layered samples of things like cars and waterbubbles. This hive-mind band matches sweet glitch-pop with deadpan lead vocals. Just lighthearted, fun and creative indie-pop

Fav Tracks: Its all good, Something for your M.I.N.D, Everybody wants to be famous
19Hermit and the Recluse
Orpheus vs. The Sirens

Slow tempo lyrically focused hip-hop with excellent spacey produktion that allows ka’s lyrics to remain in the forefront. The #BARS🔥 are clever and there are too many quotables packed in to every invh of this record. And all of this while weaving the concept of greek mytholigy into the songs in such a brilliant way.

Fav Tracks: Sirens, Golden fleece, The punishment of Sisyphus

This Danish punk band, lays back on the extreme noisiness of the past and embraces catchier more blues-driven songwriting. Their sloppy playing style is pushed to the limmit when the experiment with tempo with mostly succesful results. They even introduce a weird yet fun Punky showtune style on a couple of tracks.

Fav Tracks
21Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

A very jaunting album for fans that might have expected AM part 2. Instead the monkeys serve up a slow piano driven sound that plays drearily behind Alex Turner drunkenly crooning about a hotel on the moon. At its best its a great concept with an engaging style, at its worst a complete mess.

Fav Tracks: Tranquility base, four out of five, the ultracheese
22Lukas Graham
3 (The Purple Album)

With a newfound mature perspective on love and life lukas trades in the stadium anthems for a more soulful somber reflection on life. Although some of the ideas could have been better realised or more creative, lukas comes through with some beautiful songs and ever-great vocals that match well with the soulfulness.

Fav Tracks: promise, stick around, unhappy
23Pusha T

Although it may be short, Pusha hits hard on this record. Great produktion from Kanye that backs up some lyrically sharp and to the point tunes. Fun and fiery, and even festures a good Rick Ross verse ( something very rare). The album also started the Drake beef that Pusha T won by a landslide btw.

Fav Tracks: The games we play, come back baby, hard piano
24Red Sun Rising

Large catchy hooks and a hard rock edge that makes them stand out. Thread makes use of loud melodic anthemic songwriting that hits home mist of the time. Not hat original but fun nonetheless.

Fav Tracks: Left for dead, El Lazo, Evil like you
25Anderson .Paak

Some questionable tracks on here about blowjobs and Trumps “buckwild lovechild”. But when Paak embraces his new synth-induced hip-hop style his charisma, vibe and energy are undeniably infectious.

Fav Tracks: tints, Who R U, Anywhere
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