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bgillesp's 2018 Albums of the Year pt. 1

First 61 are loosely ranked (3.75+), the rest is stuff that just deserves a mention. Top 101 to come soon. **Format** rating.score (description) number-of-listens
Applause of a Distant Crowd

Applause (not the greatest modern prog metal band, but at least this was a lot better than Haken's self indulgence) 1
100Lupe Fiasco

(had this been trimmed to an hour it would've been pushing for rap AOTY) 1
99Lil Wayne
Tha Carter V

(some killer bangers but even more props for the emotional tracks, a bit too long to keep interesting throughout but a great release nonetheless) 2
98Black Tusk

(heavy post hardcore from a Dewi list) 1

(super awesome concept of sound, but something is off in recording or production that leaves it a little too flat, really nice genre-bending going on though) 1
96Peter Bjorn and John
Darker Days

(just some simple but good h*ckin fun) 4
Avatar Country

(yeah they went too overboard on the antics and neglected the songwriting a bit here but I still love their sounds and there are some gems still here) 5
94Sithu Aye

(really close to a 4 because it's all quite good, but absolutely none of it felt new or innovative) 1
93Mazzy Star

(dream pop EP that's quite calming and underrated) 1
Double Negative

(really chill and fuzzy sound but beyond the sound I didn't get too much out of it) 1

(I really like the acoustic sound switch up) 1

(really nice funeral doom, but the vibe from the vox wasn't quite in my direction) 1
The Great Nothing

(a sort of Ghost style doom that rivals Prequelle pretty well) 1
88Zeal and Ardor
Stranger Fruit

(blackened blues rock?, was pretty cool but some of the songwriting choices just didn't work, these guys are onto something though) 1
87Black Milk

(nice rap album with a bunch of jazzy bass) 1
The Shadow Theory

(really nice symphonic power metal, they've still got it even if it isn't another Epica) 1
85Ghost (SWE)

(none of the awesome anthems of Meliora but still a solid release) 2
The Shadowed Road

(one of the better atmospheric black metal acts I've listened to with an improvement on their debut) 1

(I just love these vox so much) 1
82Mike Shinoda
Post Traumatic

(both album and EP, glad he's staying strong) 2ea
81The Absence
A Gift for the Obsessed

(like In Flames' early days..... almost) 1
80Meshell Ndegeocello

(some dream poppy soul music that is really quite an interesting combination, unfortunately the songwriting isn't quite as amazing but definitely isn't bad) 1
79Senses Fail
If There Is Light, It Will Find You

(t/t absolutely slays and the rest is good but not quite as much) 2
78Umphrey's McGee
It's Not Us

(both included, another one of those really close ones, some awesome songs, some not so much, still has double album syndrome in that regard even though they tried to pass it off as truly separate releases) 1/1
77GoGo Penguin
A Humdrum Star

(really pretty atmosphere that made me love the album, but I still recognize it is a bit formulaic) 1
76No Age
Snares Like A Haircut

(just short of that 4, liked it pretty consistent) 1
75A Perfect Circle
Eat the Elephant

(a little boring at times but surprisingly not in others) 1
74Thievery Corporation
Treasures from the Temple

(yeah they've done better but this is an improvement over last year and pretty enjoyable, despite and maybe because of its simplicity) 1
73Soundtrack (Film)
Black Panther

(some great songs from the better performers but some weak ones from some of the less skilled ones) 2
Hard Feelings

(one of the Rise-core bands that actually had some good music comes in with a slight sound shift that keeps them relevant and respectable) 2
71Robert Lowe
I Was Sober

(acoustic emo stuff from our own staffer Treb, great guitar work) 1
70Boring Bathtimes
Pillar of Earth

(transitioning to a heavier neofolk with much of the same atmosphere of previous releases brings a new life to this project that I really enjoyed, Sput-OTY) 1

(best thing they've done since One and a logical progression) 2
68Corrosion of Conformity
No Cross No Crown

(as close to modern day sabbath as we can get probably) 1
67Between the Buried and Me
Automata I

(both included, am I the only one who thought Coma was way better than this? they phoned it in a bit on this one but it's still pretty good, part II better than I) 2ea
66Hot Snakes
Jericho Sirens

(really short but really cool noisy punk stuff, t/t rules) 2
Erase Me

(really close to being really great, but just a bit too generic in some spots for the 4, shut up haters) 1
Time and Space

(am angery, gonna screm about it, in a fun way) 2

(unshaven and drunken [post]punk, thanks butcherboy) 2
New Levels New Devils

(still super obnoxious and cocky but also drastically more mature than anything they've put out so far, some amazing jams but it gets a little samey by the end) 2
61The Beths
Future Me Hates Me

3.75 (some female fronted pop-punk, one of the few NPR got kinda right this year) 1
Prisma tropical

3.75 (pretty little Spanish electronic dream/indie pop) 1
59Brandi Carlile
By the Way, I Forgive You

3.75 (impressive songwriting and lyrics of a strong independent country woman) 2

3.75 (better than Iron Maiden's recent output, *gasp*, blasphemous I know) 1
57Haley Heynderickx
I Need to Start a Garden

3.75 (indie folk with an almost Punk attitude and country flair, real nice) 1
Room Inside The World

3.75 (Papi-core with unique vox, not immediately evident to me what makes this blow your mind, but it is good) 2
55A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

3.75 (I loved the funky elements in this, didn't demand my attention throughout though, but that may be my own fault) 1
54Infected Mushroom
Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys

3.75 (super Mario takes some psychedelic shrooms and hits up the dance club) 1

3.75 (Potsy is gone from here, at least until recently, and gone from this band but they still do okay without him,..... just not as good) 2
52Alice in Chains
Rainier Fog

3.75 (such a freaking consistent band, nothing to blow you away but no dull moment either) 2
51Harakiri for the Sky

3.75 (they've always been limited a bit by their own sound having a repetitive quality but they work through that into something more here, especially in the back half) 1
50Omnium Gatherum
The Burning Cold

3.75 (super overblown and cheesy but it's still really good for what it is) 1
49Sun June

3.75 (super relaxing indie folk) 1
48Fragments of Unbecoming
The Everhaunting Past: Chapter IV A Splendid Retro

3.75 (nothing new but some well done melodeath for sure) 1
The First Requisite Is Life

3.75 (really didn't like this at first but it grew on me big time, thanks Sowing) 2
46Nightmares On Wax
Shape the Future

3.75 (some beautifully chill trip-hop, Citizen Kane is a killer track) 2
45They Might Be Giants
I Like Fun

3.75 (It starts off pretty rough, going a bit too far on the obnoxiously ironic humor, but it comes around to make a ridiculously fun album overall) 1
44Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

3.75 (very good sound and writing, but overbearing at times) 1
Illusive Golden Age

3.75 (just some good ol metal) 1
42Black Fast
Spectre of Ruin

3.75 (Vektor lite but not a bad replacement, thanks Dewi) 1
41Okkervil River
In The Rainbow Rain

3.8 (really fun indie folk record with all the feelz good vibezzz) 2
40Snail's House

3.8 (just some super pretty jazzy kinda stuff) 1

3.8 (super cheesy DM but it does its job really well) 1
38Tash Sultana
Flow State

3.8 (a one-person band with some incredibly interesting sounds and production, they have an interesting story and tons of potential, but the songwriting could use a little more development which leads me to really look forward to their future work) 1
37Laurel Halo
Raw Silk Uncut Wood

3.8 (I'm not normally an ambient fan but this was rather engaging if that can be said of an album like this) 1

3.8 (blackened everything) 1
35Violet Cold
Sommermorgen (Pt. I) - Innocence

3.8 (all 3 combined cuz screw the alternative, background music OTY, forreal though this is some pretty stuff) 1 each
Nearer My God

3.8 (nice and intense, but nothing all that different in my opinion) 2
Liquid Anatomy

3.8 (great songwriting, great instrumentation, cool solos, but somehow it feels a bit tired) 1
32Earl Sweatshirt
Some Rap Songs

3.8 (really hazy sound that works well for the most part but kinda comes off as tired in spots) 1
31Night Verses
From the Gallery of Sleep

3.85 (so Djent elements done at an okay level in an instrumental mathy album are cool now?, anyways, the majority of this is still real good but it overstays it's welcome and there's been better) 2

3.85 (creative RnB from a great vocalist, thanks Papi) 1
The Smoke of Atavistic Fires

3.85 (really freaking good sound and blend of folk and metal but I never could get the opener to click with me at all) 1
28Niño de Elche
Antología Del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo

3.85 (more from the new flamenco legend, great stuff but way too long) 1

3.85 (creepy yet calming funeral doom is a vibe I can hang with) 1
26The Voidz

3.85 (idk if this is anything too special but it does sound pretty unique in the realm of indie rock at least) 1
25Black Thought
Streams Of Thought, Vol. 2

3.85 (flows and beats in the first half were a little too samey, but the production was great for the whole thing and the last 2 tracks were killer all around, better than Vol. 1 which also had sameyness issues, I now realize this was an EP but I already posted that) 1
24All The Luck In The World
All the Luck in the World

3.85 (Typhoon and Ben Howard worshipers write some great material, but the energy and dynamics aren't, well, dynamic enough, holding a relatively constant level throughout that they are very good at but isn't sustainable for an entire album successfully, thanks Sowing) 2
23Seun Kuti
Black Times

3.85 (a poppier version of the afrobeat originated by his father(?) but an excellent display of funk and jazz infused pop sensibilities) 1
22Femi Kuti
One People One World

3.85 (jazzy, funky, and socially charged, tracks like the t/t and Equal Opportunity maybe to didactic in their social commentary, but when the music is allowed to reign supreme in Na Their Way Be That or Corruption Na Stealing Kuti shows his true strengths) 2
21Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

3.85 (guess ye is still competent if he has others to reign him in) 2
20Silent Planet
When the End Began

3.85 (yeah there's some genericore in here but it's super well executed throughout, these guys definitely aren't talentless) 1
19Get Well Soon
The Horror

3.85 (a bit whimsical but always tasteful, thanks Papi) 1
All Anchors No Sails

3.85 (most-fitting-album-title-OTY?, this is some nice 'n' heavy post-metal, thanks Sniff) 1
17Jeff Rosenstock

3.85 (really fun rock record with some emo/punk influence, first album dropped in 2018 and my first Rosenstock experience, but it won't be my last) 2
16the Collection

3.85 (not their best work but still some nice big group indie folk a la Typhoon) 2
15Lucy Dacus

3.85 (I don't really get the Julien Baker comparisons but this is real good) 1

3.85 (music was way better than the lyrical structure here, some killer vibes from this metalcore behemoth, too dense to want to jam it often though and that's not a plus) 2
Eye the Tide

3.85 (really nice stoner doom with the perfect vox to fit the atmosphere) 1

3.85 (metalcore of the modern days I guess) 2
11The Skull Eclipses
The Skull Eclipses

3.85 (flows are pretty one dimensional, but the lyrics are good and the production is seriously top notch) 1
10Charles Bradley
Black Velvet

3.85 (that is one soulful, soulful voice) 1
9Black Peaks
All That Divides

3.85 (in a year with a ton of generic prog metal, this does just enough differently to be worthwhile) 1
8Antarctigo Vespucci
Love in the Time of E​-​Mail

3.9 (yeah it was fun, don't listen to Sowing, jk) 1
7Kacey Musgraves
Golden Hour

3.9 (she's got a freaking beautiful voice for country, but the songwriting wasn't aoty quality for me, still very good though) 2
6Screaming Females
All At Once

3.9 (a few songs/moments were a bit worn out, but overall a really great effort) 2
5Holy Esque
Television / Sweet

3.9 (vox can be just a little off-putting but the songwriting and energy on this one is pretty fun and interesting, thanks Papi) 2
4The Onyx Collective
Lower East Suite Part Three

3.9 (jazz album that starts out slow but gets wild by the closer) 1

3.9 (I just really love Hammock) 2
They Often See Dreams About The Spring

3.9 (my first real exposure to yet another classic band on this list and I definitely enjoyed it enough to want to check out more) 2

3.9 (best since Black Waltz easily, great power death) 3
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