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keep on keeping on frens
1Old Guard/Perfect Blue

4.5 [skramz] split of the year
2Billy Turner

4.0 [dark techno] don't at me but this is really good so maybe you should
3The Necks

4.0 [ambient jazz] puts you in a trance like stage
4Bad Luck (Seattle)

4.0 [jazz] I mean the album is a 4
5Dominik Eulberg
Abendpfauenauge & Oleanderschwärmer

4.0 [house] close to nature house
6Thomas Fehlmann
Los Lagos

4.0 [techno] damn this goes hardest
Gathering of the Ancient Spirits

4.0 [ambient dub techno whatever] i don't even know anymore but this is pretty chill

4.0 [crust] WHOA, where did this come from?

4.0 [crust, sludgy] Members of Reversal of Man :O:O:OLO
10Sarah Davachi
Gave In Rest

4.0-3.5 [ambient] starts of weird ends beautifully
11Caterina Barbieri
Born Again In The Voltage

4.0-3.5 [modular synth music] it's good for real this time
12Varg and AnnaMelina
Welcoming Elegance

4.0-3.5 [ambient] pads are beautiful
Une Cartographie Idéale

4.0-3.5 [ambient] this is what heaven would sound like if such a place existed
14Abby Echiverri
Ab Initio

3.5-4.0 [industrial techno] her dark and twisted fantasy
15Graham Dunning

3.5 [IDM] very good beats yall

3.5-4.0 [ambient techno house] around the fringes of all three genres
17Ital Tek

3.5-4.0 [electronic] some ambient, some dubstep, some vaporwave even?, some idm and blablabla. It's great though.
18Caterina Barbieri​/​ELEH

3.5-4.0 [EAI] very big brain music
19The Caretaker
Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 5

3.5-4.0 [drone more or less by now] this series is getting better and better with every release
20Hiro Kone
Pure Expenditure

3.5-4.0 [electronic, techno] that last track is fire
21Chairman Kato

3.5 [house] with varying degrees of acidity
Images of Duration

3.5 [chamber music] ebb and flow ebb and flow ebb and flow ebb and flow

3.5 [post metal] with a hint of prog rock. Good album but some of the vocals kill it for me unfortunately
Двадцать Три и Три

3.5 [chillwave, dubish psywhatevs] pretty chill study music with a twist

3.5 [classical] cello music biches
Controlled Coma

3.5 [drone] album cover like a noise tape but this is dense af drone
27Bottenvikens Silverkyrka

3.5 [acid house] from the vicinity
28Ing (USA-VA)
Self Titled

3.5 [spazz pop?] with dreamy shoegaze vocals and lots of other cool things
29Mikado Koko
Spiritual Pond

3.5 [deep house] yet another japan influenced deep house record by Koko. Not as good as the other ones from this year but still pretty swee
30Innumerable Forms
Punishment in Flesh

3.5 [death doom] m/
31Weary Eyes
True North

3.5 [math rock, post rock] very good in genre, still good outside of genre
32Ennui (GA)
End of the Circle

3.5 [death doom] real Esoteric worship hours
33 Sulaco
The Price

3.5 [death metal, grind, noise rock] nice unexpected combo of genres
34Jim O'Rourke
Sleep Like It's Winter

3.5 [ambient] is there anything he cant do?

3.5 [electronic] rough around the edges but cool as a coolio in the middle
36Tom Richards
Pink Nothing

3.5 [polyrhythmic abstract electronica] "non-classical"
Who Do You Love

3.5 [post punk-ish] pretty heavy for a post punk records
38Left Hand of Darkness
Demo 2018

3.5 [blackened crust] Maybe the phattest underground band in the local scene
39Kamikaze Space Programme
Void Coefficient EP

3.5 [techno] dark and dank techno with filthy bass
40The Mountain Goats
Hex of Infinite Binding

3.5 [indie folk] new Mountain Goats yall

3.5 [experimental, noise] really works super well here.
42Soaked in Disillusion

3.5 [metalcore] noisy hardcore metalcore punk and so forth
43Dominik Eulberg
Roter Gittering & Tintenfischpilz

3.5 [deep house] house so deep even a ten meter stick cant reach the bottom of it
44The Secret
Lux Tenebris

3.5 [sludgy grindy blackmetaly] A new The Secret EP, wake up!
45Big Heart Machine
Big Heart Machine

3.5 [jazz] slick but still dirty
Planetary Boundaries

3.5 [techno] mostly techno but some ambient too
Loops, Chops, Beats, & Vibes

3.5-3.0 [instrumental hip hop, beats] you know the deal by now. But it's very well produced.

3.5-3.0 [is this vaporwave] i think it might be

3.0 [drone, doom] starts strong, ends weak
50Renick Bell
Turning Points

3.0 [dubstep, post-club] look at that album art
51April + Vista
You are Here

3.0 [soul, trip hop] Feels like unfinished sketches and it works well
52Lawrence Hart and Casually Here

3.0 [house] two songs, enjoyable
53Claus Hojensgard, Emanuele Maniscalco and Nelide Bandello

3.0 [jazz] with a Swans like album cover

3.0 [screamo] sounds very much like the latest Loma Prieta
55Vinnie Paz
The Pain Collector

3.0 [rap] he's is back once again
56Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson
Seed Triangular

3.0 [experimental] Mary likes to experiment for sure
57Mikkel Ploug and Mark Turner

3.0 [jazz] guitar and sax-jazz. It's fine but not very engaging

3.0 [instrumental hip hop] beats
60Eric Moe
Uncanny Affable Machines

3.0 [contemporary classical, experimental] it's not an easy listen
61Josh Modney

3.0 [classical, experimental] extensions anyone?
62Petrol Girls
The Future Is Dark

3.0 [punkcore] is too a genre
63Old Faith
Old Faith

3.0 [post rock] crescendocore
64Blood Claat Orange
SweeTS 3D

3.0 [experimental] savage fuckery
65Oliver Coates
Shelley's on Zenn-La

3.0 [IDM fuck not sure about this lemme look it up at RYM (Post-minimalism)] the magic from upstepping is gone
66Richard Bonnet
The Unknow Species

3.0 [jazz] guitar jazz is not my favorite jazz type but this is decent
67Pawz One and Robin Da Landlord
Sell Me A Dream: Flowstalgia

3.0 [hip-hop] throwback to the 90's. Sweet af production and decent enough lyrics
This Behavior

3.0 [house?, post punk] predicting this wont get enough attention
Wizard/Mind Grinder

3.0 [prog rock] some kind of prog rock with short songs, heavily relying on electronics and with some touches of jazz
The Long Walk

3.0 [noise rock] more noise rock of the obnoxious kind

3.0 [ambient, hip hop] some weird ambient rap remix mixtape
Primitive Species

3.0 [punk] you can almost guess by the band name what this will sound like
73George Clanton

3.0 [vaporpop] "100% electronica is one of my favorite albums of all time and this one is meandering and bland mostly with sprinkles of what made 100% so good spread thin throughout ". Good soundoff

3.0 [ambient] pretty sounds that are aight I guess but not in any way a must hear
75Dorian Concept
The Nature of Imitation

3.0 ["brainfeeder vibes"] shoutout to Wolfe
76Blueprint (USA-OH, Hip-Hop)
Two-Headed Monster

3.0 [hip-hop] eh dangerously close to 2.5 territory
77Primitive Man
Steel Casket

3.0-2.5 [noise] drony noise
78The Lion's Daughter
Future Cult

3.0-2.5 [sludge, doom psych] it's not your everyday jam for sure
79Estee Nack x Sadhugold.

3.0-2.5 [laid back rap pack] I mean it's not bad but i wont remember this come the end of the year. Well now i will cos i said i wouldn't you know how it goes but anyways.
Look, Here Comes The Dark!

2.5-3.0 [post metal] why is this longer than the average lifespan of an african elephant?
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