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Action Movies that Kick Ass

Just some of the best action movies ever. If you have some you would like me to add (if I have seen them), comment or forever be forgotten! (This is a work in progress)

Payback (1999) - 10/10

This is my favorite action movie of all time. I can pretty much recite every line in the entire movie I've watched it so much. There are so many kick ass moments and quotes in this film that stuck with me over the years (especially "crampin my style"). Gregg Henry was the perfect guy for the role of Val Resnick. He was a great supporting actor here as well as Maria Bello and Lucy Liu. One of my favorite scenes here is when Porter asks Val if he has a light, to which Val responded with "no" then Porter said "well then what good are ya" and put a pillow over his head and shot him in the face. Another great scene is when Porter confronts Val while his mistress is there and she starts rubbing Val's nipples as he gets more and more terrified of Porter with a gun in his face. What a classic. "HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!"
2Die Hard
Looking Out for Number One

Die Hard (1988) - 10/10

I had this on VHS twice. The first one was ruined by excessive playing, yeah this movie was a ritual in a long gone chapter in my life. This is what started it all for Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman as well. Everyone, at one point or another in the late 80's to even the late 90's wanted to be like John McClane because of this masterpiece. This is also the first film I ever watched that made me want to smoke. Every time McClane lit up a cigarette it looked so satisfying and I was like 10! Who can forget Alan Rickman's stellar performance here as well? I loved this guy even though I wanted him to die, he did a phenomenal job with his role; such brilliance and character. When he tells Karl to "shoot the glass" in German and Karl just looks at him like "are you serious?" Then he says it again, after a scoff, in English is pure gold. The lines McClane says througout the film are priceless as well. "Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!"
Born in Blood

Predator (1987) - 9/10

At the time of its release this was a very unique film with a superb cast. You had Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Bill Duke, Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the screen dressed up like badasses and ready to kill something they know nothing about. This was on HBO constantly in the late 80's and I watched it whenever it was on. Some of the firearm scenes still kick ass today and I wonder how John McTiernan catured that so well in 87'. Some scenes in movies always stick with you, no matter how much time has passed like the scene when Mac is shaving his already shaved face with a blue razor and he snaps it off causing it to cut his cheek. "Up there....in the treeeeeeeeeees".
Destroy Erase Improve

The Terminator (1984) - 9/10

This film really did a number on me. I started to question if everyone around me was an evil cyborg trying to kill me and my loved ones. I was roughly 8 or 9 when I first saw this and it was awesome! And scary at the same time but after many many watches in my teens I started to develop an obsession with it, mostly due to Linda Hamilton's role and her performance which was impeccable. I don't know everyone on Earth personally but I am quite positive whoever casted her was Jesus Christ. Flawless. The events leading up to the end of this film always got me so damn excited! Seat jumper for sure!
"Fuck you, asshole."
5The Robocop Kraus
They Think They Are the Robocop Kraus

RoboCop (1987) - 8/10

The first time I watched this was my first real "wtf" moment I've ever had in my life. Legit. Paul Verhoeven did a fantastic job of creating character development in a dystopic scneario while delving into a lot of stop-motion animation mostly pertaining to ED-209. The scene when it falls down the stairs used to make me laugh uncontrollably! What a great scene to add and the amount of work that went into just that one scene still, to this day, makes me appreciate this film. I also couldn't believe after watching maybe 2 seasons of That 70's Show (while it was on the air) that Kurtwood Smith was the bad dude in this film. I remember watching this once circa 1999 and thought "holy shit! is that Red Forman!? whaaat!?". I never in a million years would have seen Red for the first time on that program and thought "Dude, he's the bad guy from RoboCop!". This movie kicked ass and still does. "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
6Lethal Saint
Lethal Saint

Lethal Weapon (1987) - 8/10

Mel Gibson is my idol. I love this dude and everything he does and is about. I will never forget the first time I saw the opening scene from this movie when my parents were watching it. A girl was doing cocaine and wearing a white dress, she gets all euphoric starts giggling and then jumps off of, what appeared to be, a 70 story building landing on a car below. My jaw was dropped. I wanted to see this now and when I did I loved every second of it. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover had great chemistry here bringing a little comedy within very dark and compromising situations. I love the Riggs' shoulder dislocation ordeal, it made me want to become a man. "I'm too old for this shit!"
Still Life

True Lies (1994) - 7.8/10

Any movie with Bill Paxton in it is grounds for immediate kick assery. Any film this dude is in is awesome and he is a legend. That being said, Tom Arnold carried this movie with his twitchy spaz comments and Tia Carrere was just hanging out doing her thing as per usual. This was one of the best action movies of the 90's and it set standards for other movies yet to come. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of my all time favorite actressess and she delivers nothing but style here. When I first watched this movie it was one of the best things ever. Off the wall, funny and a little bit of 90's DOS CGI made it work and it worked hard. Best line? "You're fired." Easily.
8Mad Max
White Sands

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - 10/10

This was a hard one to add mainly because I am a fanboy of all Mad Max films and only wanted to add one of a series of movies and I have seen all of them quite a bit. This movie though was groundbreaking and still is. Almost 4 years later it still seems like I was still in the theater in awe at the cinematography and acting. I don't care what anyone says this is one of the best action movies of the century. Period. Tom Hardy did work here and he didn't have to try. The scene where the dude playing guitar on the top of that insanely sctuctured vehicle is gold. Pure solid gold. Charlize Theron out plays herself in her role here and Hugh Keays Byrne as Immortan Joe proves his prowess tenfold with superb delivery. This movie will go down in history as one of the best action movies ever made. "Oh, what a day... what a lovely day!"

Cobra (1986) - 8/10

I think the first time I ever saw cool shades on a dude was in this movie. Sly sported those aviator sun glasses in a way I can't forget, also he always chewed on a wood match. That was his thing. This was also the first movie I have ever seen that had a knife with spikes sticking out from the handle. No clue what car that was but it was perfect for his role. Hands down couldn't have chosen a better vehicle. This here is a movie that displays a great sense of testosterone. Match in mouth, sweet ride, guns, and Pepsi "target" placement. Those of you who have seen this know what I'm talking about. Brian Thompson is a goddamn beast. PERFECT person for that role and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Brigitte Nielsen did a great job here, so to speak. "You're a disease, and I'm the cure."
10The Wraith
Shadow Flag

The Wraith (1986) - 6/10

My best friend had this on VHS and we used to watch it all the time in the late 80's. This movie kicks so much ass that Charlie Sheen is still playing his role. I used to think that the car in this movie was a Lotus for some reason but later on discovered it is a Dodge M4S. This movie is a movie about romance, revenge and speed. The group of racers' acting collectively is outrageuously funny and add to character development before they get owned by The Wraith. If you haven't seen this before, I highly recommend it. "Eat hot lead, crud sucker!"

Speed (1994) - 7/10

This was the first time I saw Sandra Bullock and man, she was a fox in this film! The whole "I don't know what I'm doing but I kinda do" bit she has goin on here is pure genius. This is also one of my favoreite movies with Keanu Reeves as well as Dennis Hopper. Hey, Joe Morton is in this too! Another underrated actor that deserves some credit here. The scene when the bus jumps the bridge was one of the best scenes in any action movie at the time this was in the theater and with no use of CGI, they spent a lot of time and work on just that single moment. I watched this recently and that scene still gives me goosebumps. I guess I'm a sucker for films with no CGI. This is one of the funnest and smartest action movies ever made and it still kicks ass today. "Pop quiz, hotshot"
12Beastie Boys
Licensed to Ill

Con Air (1997) - 6/10

Say what you will about this movie, it doesn't matter because it kicks major ass. I can't count how many times I've seen this gem. This is another great action film with no CGI and quite a great cast. Dave Chappelle, Danny Trejo, Monica Potter, Steve Buscemi, and so many more stars that all carried this film in their own, unique ways. Let's talk about John Malkovich. This is probably his best performance ever. Not only did he bring this movie home, everything he says is in this epic action film is flawless and well deserving of an Oscar. Although Nicolas Cage starts to lose his accent towards the end of the movie, he still did his part in doing anything to getting back to seeing his Daughter. My favorite scene is when Steve Buscemi is singing right before the plane lands in downtown Las Vegas. This is a great action movie all around. "Put the bunny....back in the box"
13Iron Maiden

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - 10/10

I love Steven Spielberg. He is responsible for making my childhood fantastic and he is one of my favorite director's of all time. I was very young when I first watched this and it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen. This is also the first time I ever saw Nazi's as well as the Swastika not only in a movie but I think, ever. One of my favorite scenes in the movie which also happens to be one of my all time favorite scenes ever is when they're all chanting while digging with picks and shovels as the sun sets. What a great captured moment by Spielberg. Who can forget the iconic scene after he replaces the gold relic with a bag of coins and has to run through all of the traps? One thing I noticed is whenever Indie smiles or laughs, something bad follows. Just Harrison Ford doing Harrison Ford. This movie kicks ass and it is one of the best movies ever made. "You want to talk to God? Let's go see him together, I've got nothing better to do"
Hate Fed Love

Executive Decision (1994) - 7/10

This is one awesome movie with an all star cast. Steven Seagal, Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, and oh hey! It's Joe Morton again! Although Steven Seagal didn't last long in the film, he did his part and did it well. I don't think it would have been a good idea to keep his character in the entire movie. It was really cool to see him in this on the first watch though, I mean it's Steven Seagal nuff said. The acting here is amazing in each scene. Again, another great movie with no CGI, that I can remember anyway. My favorite scene is toward the end when they managed to use morse code with the lights on the Jet to prevent it from being shot down. This movie kicks so much ass and it helped Halle and John get stardom. "I hope there's a good movie on this flight"

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) - 10/10

I honestly like this more than the first film for many reasons. This is probably the best all around action movie of all time. Edward Furlong did such a great job at such a young age and oh hey! It's Joe Morton yet again! I was lucky enough to see this in the theater with some of my friends and I will never forget that as long as I live. Non stop action dowsed with a little comedy with a sprinkle of Guns N' Roses make this film top tier and there hasn't been anything like it since. One of my favorite scenes here is when Arnold is on his Hog while spinning the shotgun around while cocking it with one hand. I also love the scene when he takes the gun out of the box of roses (Get it, Guns N' Roses) in slow motion as they fall to the ground. This movie kicks ass and is easily top 10 best movies ever made. "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle"
16Visions Of Atlantis
Eternal Endless Infinity

Point Break (1991) - 8/10

Everything Gary Busey has been in is pure solid gold including this kick ass classic. We all know he has been bat shit crazy since forever but that sort of essence he brings to the table in films is priceless. Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves have great chemistry here and it really made you wonder if Swayze was his real friend or not. Keanu also has the best name ever in any action movie. Johnny Utah. They couldn't have chosen a better name for that character. I love the scene when they wore the Presidents masks as they robbed the bank. Anthony Kiedis has a cameo here, sweet! One of the best scenes in the film is when Johnny jumps out of the airplane with no parachute and grabs Bodhi in mid air as they land to safety. That was a real stunt that took place with no CGI which still to this day amazes me. This is a non stop action movie and it kicks loads of ass and it is even better today than it was in the early 90's. "He's not coming back"
17Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

Waterworld (1995) - 7/10

Even though this movie bombed hard in the theater, it still remains one of my favorite action films today. Allow me to reiterate; I dislike CGI and this film has none...well maybe one small part if I remember correctly but it didn't hurt the film in any way. Dennis Hopper again! Sweet! I love this dude. Ever since Apocalypse Now he has been in my top 10 favorite actors of all time. Kevin Costner played the role of a lone wolf asshole, but then again when you have to struggle to grow tomatoes, I would be one too. One of my favorite scenes here is when he takes Helen down under water to show her the City. The amount of work put into making this is unbelievable. His boat was pure genius. Whoever thought of that deserves a medal. I love this movie and I still watch it frequently. This movie kicks ass and there will never be another like it. "Let's have an intelligent conversation here: I'll talk, and you listen"
Everything Is Fire

Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) - 9/10

William Sadler is one of my favorite actors ever. This guy has been in a plethora of films and they all kick ass, including this sequel. He plays his role so damn good that he just about stole the show! Admittedly, I watched this a lot more than Die Hard and I liked it a little bit better as a teenager. Bruce Willis brings some more comedy during insane situations here and his delivery is top notch. I love watching this around Christmas, it is one of my "go-to" movies to revisit that time of year. My favorite scene is the shootout on the skywalk. "I'm gonna kick your fuckin ass". I love Bruce Willis' face when he shoots his gun. It's almost as if he is confident yet scared at the same. Oh hey! Another movie with no CGI! I love watching real explosions and pyrotechnics in films because it provides a sense of realism while watching and this film has an abundance of that for sure. "How could the same shit happen to the same guy twice?!"
19First Blood
First Blood

First Blood (1982) - 10/10

This movie was a very crazy first watch, I was young and didn't really know what was going on half of the time. I've watched this many times since and it is one of my favorite action films ever. This is the movie that started it all for my man Sly. Granted, he went off to star in a lot of Rocky films, he still came back to make more of the series. My favorite scene is when he is covered in branches and leaves hiding and jumps out and stabs the dude against a tree. You can't mess with John, he knows the woods. The Marshals are so clueless here and I love this scenario so much it hurts. Hunting a man who has the survival skills of a Kodiak with firearms never ends well for the people with the firearms. This movie kicks ass and it is very enjoyable today. "I could have killed 'em all, I could've killed you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it! Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go!"
Hands Off the Animals

The Raid 2 (2014) - 10/10

I can't count how many people I have told about this masterpiece. This was a recommendation by someone on the sput forums here about 3 years ago and whoever it was, if you're reading, I love you. This had my heart racing like Mario Andretti on a straightaway. There are so many memorable scenes in this film it's hard to pick a favorite! But I will try. My favorite scene here is when the dude with the big hair is eating on the sidewalk and a group of people come up to him, he has a machete. He beats all of their asses, sometimes with the hilt of the machete, and chases the last dude down a dark alley and as he climbs over the gate, he finally uses his blade. As intended. Saving it for that moment. So many great scenes in this movie and it is in my top 20 of all time. Hey look! Hardly any CGI! Just straight up great cinematography. That's what I'm talkin 'bout! "Only a fool argues for the pride of a dead man"
Haunt in the Dark

Judgement Night (1993) - 7/10

Jeremy Piven is a badass. Period. I can't think of a movie he was in that I disliked. His facial expressions are pure gold and he does well on the camera. I can't imagine what it would be like to hang out with that dude, he seems very tense and full of energy. Denis Leary on the otherhand is not my favorite person in the world but he did a great job with his role here. Himself. A prick. This is a very underrated action flick with a few great actors. Cuba, Emilio, Dorff... good stuff here. I remember catching this on Cinemax a long time ago and I recorded it after the first 20 minutes. I loved this movie and I still love it today, very tense and great acting all around. This movie kicks ass. "Attention, food shoppers. We have a special over at the frozen food department, dead meat!"
22Johnny Paycheck
Modern Times

Paycheck (2003) - 6/10

Say what you will about Ben Affleck he actually did a great job with his role here. This is a great cast, Uma Thurman, Paul Giamatti, Aaron Eckhart, Colm Feore (one of the most underrated actors of all time) and Oh hey! What is happening right now? Look everyone! It's Joe Morton, yet again! Didn't plan this at all he is just a great actor and deserves everything he has. My favorite scene is towards the end when sweat from Ben's eyebrow drops down in slow motion on the blullet and he has an epiphany and the events that occurred afterwards. Great movie and it kicks some ass for sure. "Looks like Michael's got a date on the catwalks. Let's make sure he makes it"
23Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards
It's Tight Like That

Road House (1989) - 8/10

I'd be lying if I told you that Patrick Swayze wasn't a badass or extremely handsome back in the late 80's. This guy was one of my favorite actors as a teen, my role model for a few years and I loved almost everything he starred in for decades. Especially this movie. He just had this sort of way to play a badass and at the same time become a compassionate dude who just wanted the end resolve climaxing to either vengeance or romance. Jeff Healey was a great musician and a great person as well. He played a blind blues musician at the Double Deuce using a slide mostly. His awesome band was in a cage, surrounded by a large chain link fence due to all the drama at the Double Deuce. This is where Dalton comes in and sees all of the uncontrolled chaos and lays the hammer down. My favorite scene is when the chick is dancing on the table and Dalton tells his bouncer noob to get her down and her boyfriend pulls out a switchblade. "Escort this gentleman to the door"

Out For Justice (1991) - 8/10

This is my favorite Steven Seagal movie and I watch it all the time. Gino Felino is a badass cop looking for revenge on a drug dealer played by William Forsythe. This guy is a goddamn legend. Everything he does is spectacular and he also has a great sense of humor. One of the best scenes in this film is when Richie is behind a lady in a car and he gets so frustrated that she doesn't get out of his way, road rage sets in and he gets out of his car, grabs her by the hair and shoots her in the head from the window of her car. Another classic scene is when Gino walks into the bar looking for Richie and gets into a crazy fight with Dan Inosanto. Martial arts legend. This movie kicks ass and if you haven't seen it, you probably should. "Anybody seen Richie?"
25Vengeance (NL)
The Last of the Fallen Heroes

Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) - 9/10

Samuel L. Jackson is a legend. I still remember his first appearance in Coming To America where he played himself. A crazy motherfucker with a gun. I love this dude's candor. He said his first post on Twitter was "can a motherfucker say motherfucker on here?". Classic. I saw this in the theater and it was one crazy experience. The scene when Bruce Willis was walking down Harlem with a sign that said "I Hate Niggers" was probably the first time I thought John McClane was going to get killed. John thought his name was Jesus to which Samuel retorts with "Not Jesus, he said hey Zeus, as in father of Apollo? Mt. Olympus? Don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass? Zeus!" One of his best lines ever. Very few movies have a successful third installment within a series, but this one was a hit for sure and it kicks ass. "You been drinking McClane?" John -"nah, not since this mornin"
26Ghost (JPN)
Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet

Ghostbusters (1984) - 9/10

This movie was my childhood. I have probably seen this more than any other movie ever, well maybe. I love Bill Murray in this film as well as Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis. Such great chemistry from beginning to end. I'm not gonna lie here, I think the first time I ever had a super hot crush on a Woman was when Sigourney Weaver was wearing that burnt orange sparkle top dress acting like a lunatic while being possessed. Something about that scene really got to me, and I was 7! I guess I've always liked psycho, older Women. I love the scene when Peck is trying to shut down the confinement chamber with all the ghosts and the aftermath. The music and the dialogue between them all is priceless. Also, the scene of the building and the clouds coming in fast. This is a kick ass movie and it still makes my day whenever I get the chance to see it. "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"
27Quick And The Dead
The Perfect Plan In Imperfect Hands

The Quick and the Dead (1994) - 10/10

Gene Hackman is a living, walking, breathing badass. No one could have played Herod better. I first saw this film on HBO a year after its release and I loved it. I have watched this many times, probably over 30 times. I can't rememember. All I know now is this is one of my favorite movies ever. Top 10 for sure. Yes it's a yarn, it's far fetched and a bit of a whimsical at times yet this film manages makes me cry. Not niagra falls, but there are some liquids slowly coming out of my eyes at certain scenes. Leonardo DiCaprio is in this sweet! This is all about Sharon Stone though and it's all about revenge. My favorite scene is when Sharon Stone beats the crap out of the pedophile and then shoots him in the nuts during a thunderstorm. Sharon Stone is amazing and this is one of her best roles ever. Not only does this movie kick ass, it's one of the best Westerns ever. "Some people deserve to die"
Reign of Terror (Demo)

Death Wish 3 (1985) - 6/10

This is the result of what happens when a man with nothing to lose turns vigilante and does anything possible to keep the streets of New York clean. This movie is one of the best in the series, it is also the first Death Wish I watched at a young age. Charles Bronson was a born star. Nothing he did could be considered as even mediocre. The first movie I ever saw with him in it was Once Upon A Time In The West. He did a great job on that and especially this classic. Oh what's that? You have some hoodrats armed to the teeth? "Hold my beer" - Charles Bronson. One of my favorite scenes is when he wraps the bullets around his chest as a bandolier and, yes you guessed it, gets. shit. done. I have 0 empathy for the victims who died in this film. They are all pieces of trash and Paul is the garbage man taking it back to the streets where it belongs. This movie kicks my ass and everyone should watch it at least once. "Chicken's good. I like chicken"

Big Trouble in Little China (1986) - 10/10

I really wish I could start over and relive the times I watched this as a kid. Kim Cattrall was one of my first crushes. There was somthing about her I adored and she always made me feel really warm inside, especially her role in Mannequin, which was I do believe a year or two later. No clue if it was the green eyes in this film or how she presented herself, but I think it's a combination of both. I watched this movie so much I can remember almost everything scene to scene. I also believe that Square Enix used James Pax's role as Lightning for Ramuh in Final Fantasy VII. Why not? The dude did such a great job with that role he almost carried it on his back without trying. One of my favorite scenes is when Thunder explodes and it lookes like a caesar salad. It always used to crack me up. This movie kicks ass and it is one of the best movies ever made. Gracie: "I'd go with you but..." - Jack Burton: "I know, there's a problem with your face"
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