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09.01.18 the long awaited highly anticipated con01.27.17 My personal 100 favorite metal albums(1

the long awaited highly anticipated continuation

a continuation of my 100(now 161) favorite metal albums (one per band) CHECK MY TOP 100 AS WELL
61Thy catafalque
Tuno Ido Tarlat

listen to the track "neath waters"

this band is beyond good. Really the epitome of avant-garde blackish metal. I cant believe i forgot to include it originally.
60Nodes of Ranvier
Nodes of Ranvier

Good metalcore, i mean it.

this actually needs to be higher. Lost senses more innocence also good

Down makes the cut i guess.

favorite song "stone the crow"
Self Destructive Pattern

throwing in some numetal for good measure
A Dream In Static

well im at my wits end here.

that hammered dulcimer tho
Valley of the Damned

y not
Sumerian Daemons
Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion

the title says it all
53omnium gatherum
New World Shadows

finns being finns.
52sear bliss
Forsaken Symphony

okay i really enjoy this band and most have never heard of them.

Listenable brutal death witha horn section
51fates warning
A Pleasant Shade of Gray

im digging deep here

"inferno" and "undeceived" are my favorite songs

obscure, atypical brutal death unknown to most.
48Lykathea Aflame
At the Heart of Winter
46Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I
Transilvanian Hunger
44Lacuna Coil
Dead Heart In A Dead World

really used to love this band when i first got into metal, soured on them a bit, but they have talent.
The Spirit of Ukko

honestly i still cant tell if i hate or like this album but ive listened to it a lot
41The Faceless
Planetary Duality

deathcore quota
40Shadow of Intent

deathcore quota
Heliocratic Infinity

deathcore quota
38Cattle Decapitation
Monolith of Inhumanity

deathcore quota
Gallows Gallery

this band has a long history and theyre are highly atypical to say the least, i definitely need to spend more time with them, but i felt they are probably worth a mention so ill chuck em in
Dreams of Endless War

finns being finns
35Shining (SWE)
V - Halmstad

this band confounds me, sometimes it seems so gimmicky and cheesy other times it seems brilliant. worth a listen

track recomendation "neka morgondagen"
34The Gathering

if this album stopped after the first 3 tracks it might be the greatest album of all time, but to me the highs pretty much never return. Perhaps i should give it another spin and see if my outlook has changed

good times

favorite song "grottans barn"
32Suicidal Tendencies
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow If I Can't Even Smile Today?

album on here solely for brilliance of title track. not saying i dont like the other stuff, but goddamn
Dethalbum II

if youre a fan of metal and youve never seen metalocalypse do yourself a favor and do so.
30Ikuinen Kaamos
29Virgin Black
Requiem - Mezzo Forte

i apparently used to listen to a lot of fairly depressing music

my favorite VB song is definitely "and the kiss of gods mouth 1+2" off elegant and dying but this was probably thhe most complete album they realeased
Novembrine Waltz
Organic Hallucinosis

really like the first 4 albums from this band, the first 3 had a different and more typical death vocalist, this is the first with cowan on the mic i believe.

choice decap songs on other albums "humans dust" "spheres of madness" "babylons pride"
the Negation as a whole is also pretty solid no real standouts though
Cause of Death

im clearly not the biggest fan of brutal 90s american death but it probably should show up on my list at least once so here it is
A Pale Debilitating Autumn

band that one upped all the technical wankery of necrophagist and faceless clones, but they did it in 1994.

I mean this album and its follow up are fucking as challenging listens as it gets, and its maybe not one of my favorite ablums but i have spent some quality time with it so it gets an appearance here.
The Scepter of the Ancients

weird music weird vocals. Less generic than psycroptics later stuff though they also have their moments
23Decrepit Birth

guitar driven techdeath that also harkens back to early 90s american death.

"Solar impulse" and "ignite the tesla coil" are recommended songs
22God Forbid

another nwoahm band.

also another ever evolving band that had a very small sweetspot in that evolution and Determination is that sweetspot. I otherwise dont care for god forbid.
21Shadows Fall
The War Within

somehow feel like these guys had a reputation as sellouts or something (maybe im generating that out of nothing)but im fricking sorry but this band is literally responsible for some of the best riffs and solos ever, they also have no true sound a likes. They for whatever reason have seemed to fade into oblivion though. Nwoahm got replaced by deathcore pretty quick i guess.

This album and the preceeding 2 are worth a check.
A Celebration of Guilt

the debut and the best.

after this arsis became somehow both more technical and more generic.

This to my ears is a one of a kind melodeath album, Neartly every track is a standout but none more so than "the face of my innocence".

this would probably be higher but i listened to it so much i got sick of it
The Black Halo

struggling to figure out y this wasnt on my top 100. "Blood and thunder" and "megalodon" are classics, many other good tracks to be found.

First 4 Mastodon albiums are damn good the rest are solid
17Dimmu Borgir
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

not a huge dimmu fan on the whole but they have a handful of tracks i tend to return to.

"the night masquerade" "mourning palace" and "a succubus in rapture" come to mind from this album. "serpentine offering " and "kings of the carnival creation" coming to mind from other albums
16The Black Dahlia Murder

american melodic death/ maybe deathcore. Uses vocal layering and tremolo picking to great effect. heavy. good solos. good writing.

check out title track and "deathmask divine"
Cry To Me River

i have a softspot for eastern european black folk
Folkstorm of the Azure Nights

see above
Beyond the Veil

not gonna lie i havent listend to tristania in 10 years but as long as im thinking about gothic metal here u go

well this album has 1 vote on sputnik. so its not very popular, its also not very well produced, but it manages to pull emotions out of me.

gothic metal in the vein of tristania or sirenia

lilitu songs to check "intro/the seventh aeon" "firmament" "unhallowed be thy shame" "i cannot be saved"
Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn

well this album has a fairly low rating on this site, but the first 2 songs (title track and "veneratio diaboli-i am sin")are fucking great. The band is not breaking ground by any means but they embody the spirit of extreme metal. "der geistertreiber" also a song i enjoy, wery simple heavy, headbangable.
Attero Dominatus

band managing to find their own little niche in the power metal spectrum. Band lacks consistency but can manage to get your adrenaline pumping from time to time.

decent sabaton songs from the earlier albums "into the fire", "nuclear attack" price of a mile" "cliffs of gallipoli" "angels calling"

a band that in its own genre. probably trailing only black sabbath and metallica in terms of inspiration to metal and all its subgenres.
Rage for Order

the first 4 albums from this band are quite legendary
Reign in Blood

80s slayer. you know it. you love it.
6avenged sevenfold
Waking the Fallen

when the band was starting their transition into some kind of pop/prog metal but still retained some of their more punk based roots.

songs are more diverse and better written than the later stuff, probably not displaying as much musical talent though.

the ballad "i wont see you tonight pt 1" stacks up against songs like "free bird" and "stairway to heaven". Its that good i shit you not
The Shape of Punk to Come

okay sorry not metal, i clearly went through a hardcore phase. I think its close enough to metal though so sue me.

fantastic album. "New noise" is one of the best songs ever. I also enjoy "liberation frequency" and "refused are fucking dead"
4Giant Squid
The Ichthyologist

artsy sludge metal.

dig "the le brea tar pits"

band putting out consistently good material since their transition to death metal.

this and the satanist are probably my favorite 2 behemoth albums
Spirit Of The Forest

"wwoden pints", and "with trees" alone worth the price of admission
1The Crown
Deathrace King

swedish thrash gods.

"Dead mans song" is one of the more unique and phenomenal pieces of metal i have known
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