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Anberlin: The Definitive Ranking

Best Song: Hello Alone
Worst Song: Godspeed

It was 2007. My High School Science teacher came to class wearing a Cities hoodie. I went home and searched for Anberlin on Myspace. They had two songs on their profile: Godspeed and Alexithymia. Godspeed was (and remains) a truely mediocre track. Fortunately, I gave them another chance, and with Alexithymia I discovered my favourite band. I remember the day my Dad finally brought Cities home for me after searching different music stores everyday during lunch for over a week. He bought the special edition and the 'making of' DVD made me love the album even more. I could have selected almost any song on this as my favourite.
Never Take Friendship Personal

Best Song: Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen
Worst Song: Audrey, Start The Revolution!

Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen is indisputably Anberlin's best song, closely followed by The Haunting. I used to always listen to new albums on my Discman, preferably during long car trips. This was how I first heard Never Take Friendship Personal and the energetic guitars which open the album.
New Surrender

Best Song: Miserabile Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)
Worst Song: Haight St

Having discovered Anberlin just after Cities was released, New Surrender was the first album which I had to wait for. For every record post-Cities, I refused to listen to any songs until I had the album in my hands and could play it in full with the lyric book in front of me. I recall the chorus of Breaking and the verses in Retrace standing out on first listen.
Blueprints for the Black Market

Best Song: Cold War Transmissions
Worst Song: We Dreamt in Heist

I can't recall when or where I first heard this, but I do remember the opening of Cadence being a highlight. Whilst this album screams immaturity, most of the tracks on here are both memorable and highly enjoyable.

Best Song: Armageddon
Worst Song: Dissenter

I was beyond excited to hear the closing track on this album. Anberlin's final song on their final album would surely be epic. I knew the track was under 5 minutes in length, but I remained confident. Would this surpass (*Fin)? The answer, it turned out, was that Harbinger would never surpass anything. Somehow, this is not even the worst track on this album which contains something, apparently deemed a 'song', titled Dissenter.
Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place

Best Song: Impossible
Worst Song: We Owe This To Ourselves

I remember walking into the record store to buy this on the morning it was released and hearing the album playing through the store's speakers. This was, of course, incredibly frustrating after having resisted the temptation to listen to anything off this; an annoyance that was only heightened by the fact I could immediately tell it was the album's final track which was playing. Indeed, it was Depraved which I first heard, and like many other tracks on here, it is incredibly atmospheric. Individually, the songs here clearly lack punch, but collectively, the album provides listeners with a true experience.

Best Song: Little Tyrants
Worst Song: Type Three

After purchasing this on release day, my Discman selfishly decided to die. An arduous night ensued, involving waiting hours for Vital to transfer to my iPod, my iPod subsequently slipping into the lining of the lounge where I was unable to retrieve it after laboriously trying for hours in vain, my Mum ingeniously suggesting we cut open the lounge, my Dad warning us not to dare, waiting another three hours for him to go to bed, and my Mum eventually getting the scissors and rescuing Vital for me. By this stage, I was drained and disheartened, but I knew it would all be worth it. I'd read the reviews. This was Cities 2.0. Except it wasn't. As one lacklustre track played after another, the overreaching electronics ruining everything, my hopes rested on Modern Age. Regrettably, I discovered this wasn't the magnum opus the reviewers proclaimed, but rather, the culmination of the three worst successive tracks on any Anberlin record.
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